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Past articles by Tim:

Actually, Brushing Your Teeth in the Shower Is Good

If you’ve ever taken a morning shower without first brushing your teeth, maybe you’ve shared in my observation that the shower’s magic loses a bit of its oomph when your mouth still tastes like a dank, bat-filled coffee cavern. (The bats are my teeth.) → Read More

You Need to Season Your Fake Meat

When it comes to meat substitutes like those made by Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, I’ve noticed people a tendency to think of them as packaged, complete products, like frozen pizza rolls or chicken nuggets. Just cook, eat, et voila, not even the most discerning meat eater could tell they were eating—gasp—an imposter! → Read More

Stop Your Glasses From Fogging With This Kind of Mask

Wearing a protective face mask is a crappy but necessary part of life right now—and that annoyance is perhaps strongest for wearers of glasses. The mere act of breathing (something that most experts consider to be quite important) shoots hot, wet air directly upward out of the mask and onto one’s glasses, rendering them entirely useless. → Read More


Best anxiety apps and games for iPhone, Android, PC and Mac to help you relax

Just before midnight on Tuesday, when it became clear Donald Trump would actually be the president-elect, a knot entered the pit of my stomach and didn't go away. How could I show up to work the next day and write about video games when our country… → Read More

Peloton Is Offering a 90-Day Free App Trial So You Can Keep Up Your Fitness Routine

In an effort to socially distance yourself from others during the coronavirus shutdown, few would blame you if your typical workout routine fell by the wayside. After all, touching a bunch of shared equipment in a sweaty gym sure sounds like a great way to get sick. But hey, you’ve still got the internet, which means you’ve got options. → Read More

Add Cold Brew to Your Smoothie

One problem a smoothie noob might notice is that they need to add way more liquid than they initially thought. Add too little, and you end up with a fruit sludge—a tasty fruit sludge, but a sludge nonetheless. → Read More

What's the Best Lotion for Over-Washed Hands?

Are anyone else’s hands really goddamn scaly and dry lately? Flu season/coronavirus paranoia has us scrubbing up even more than usual—and that, combined with the winter weather, is leaving our poor hands crying out for moisture. → Read More

I'm Tim Mulkerin, Lifehacker Social Media Editor, and This Is How I Work

Every week, we share the shortcuts, workspaces, and productivity tips of our favorite experts. This week, we’re going behind the scenes at Lifehacker. I’m Tim Mulkerin, and this is how I work. → Read More

Are You Dying?! Ask Two Doctors Your Trickiest Health Questions at 1 PM EDT

Look, we get it. You’re busy. You’ve had that weird nagging pain in your side for a while, or maybe you have questions about your blood pressure—but you just haven’t made the time to visit the ol’ doctor. You should definitely still do that, but if you need a little help in the meantime, why not ask some doctors for advice here on Lifehacker dot com? → Read More

Are You Dying? Ask Two Doctors Your Health Questions at 1 PM EDT

It’s that time again, chickadees: Time to ask all those questions about your health that you’ve been putting off (or let’s be honest, forgetting) for months now. → Read More

Are You Messing Up Your Kids? Ask a Psychologist Your Child-Rearing Questions at 1 PM EST

Every parent wants to know if that time they blew up and yelled at their kid is going to scar them for life. Maybe that one afternoon you took them to the zoo and an orangutan made them cry is going to instill a lifelong fear of redheads. Who can say? Wouldn’t it be nice to get some advice from a professional? → Read More

Celebrate 'Avengers: Endgame' With This Google Easter Egg

Google’s getting in on the fervor around Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame—the extra big, extra ‘splodey culmination of Marvel’s cinematic universe over the last decade or so—with a fun little Easter egg. → Read More

Ask a Weed Expert Your Cannabis Queries At 1 PM EST

I tried weed for the first time recently (sorry, Mom) and the person who handed me the joint instructed me—a person who has literally never smoked and was very nervous about it—thusly: “Okay, make sure you breathe in enough to get the smoke into your lungs but don’t breathe in too much or you’ll get way too high.” Great! No pressure. → Read More

Are You Dying?! Ask Two Doctors Your Health Questions at 1 PM EST

We all die eventually, but are you dying, like, right now? It never hurts to ask a professional. → Read More

Are You Dying?! Ask Two Cardiologists Your Health Questions at 1 PM EST

Uh oh. Your head hurts. Are you coming down with a cold, or is it just the start of those pesky springtime allergies? You also got a headache today, but in the back part of your skull instead of the front part, which is where you usually get them. We know what you’re thinking: Am I dying? → Read More

Put Leftover Foreign Currency on a Starbucks Gift Card

The days of rushing through an airport like an old-timey sheriff at high noon—loose coins clink-clankin’ around in your pockets—are over, my friends. → Read More

Are You Bad With Money? Ask Gaby Dunn Your Cash Questions at 1 PM EST

Got a money question plaguing the ol’ noodle? You know, one you can’t ask an older relative about without getting a stern talking-to? We’ve got the answer: Gaby Dunn, author of Bad with Money: The Imperfect Art of Getting Your Financial Sh*t Together and host of the Bad With Money podcast, will be live with us at 1 p.m. Eastern to aid you with any and all of your money questions, including: → Read More

How to Order at Starbucks so Baristas Don't Judge You

In terms of basic and ubiquitous chains, Starbucks is about as basic and ubiquitous as it gets—and yet, its rules and rituals still manage to confound even the most seasoned of coffee drinkers. → Read More


Mic Daily: Mexico requests investigation into US use of tear gas at the border

Mic Daily is a cross section of our most vital stories of the day. → Read More


Mic Daily: Mexico now denies deal with US on immigration

Mic Daily is a cross section of our most vital stories of the day. → Read More