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Past articles by Michele:

The Great Month-to-Month Experience I Had Thanks to a Spring Pregnancy

I got pregnant in March, so we can cue the jokes about having spring fever or the blossoming of flowers. → Read More

The Only Milestone That Really Matters

One mom shares how she stopped comparing her baby's milestones to other kids' and why she was better for it. → Read More

To the All the Working Moms Who Have Inspired Me

I remember that long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away when I was not yet a mother. I worked with several working moms and was always in awe of how they seemed to get everything done. → Read More

On Loving My C-Section Scar

How this mom talks to her kids about her scar will really warm your heart. → Read More

You're Not the Reason Your Kid's a Picky Eater, Says Mom of Twins

Having twins is proof of how two siblings can be so different from each other. And no place is that more painfully clear than at the dinner table. → Read More

I’m Kid-Free On Weekends But It’s Not as Great as It Sounds

Ever since my divorce, I’ve been without my kids most weekends, and while it can be helpful to get things done, most of the time I feel completely lost. → Read More

8 Funny Truths About Being on a Budget After Baby

Budgeting for your family isn't easy, but here are some truths about the process to help keep your sense of humor. → Read More

Surviving the Single Mom Blues

Being a single mom comes with a host of new kinds of problems to solve, but perhaps none are as alienating as having the blues. During the day, when out with the kids, there is a feeling of being indestructible. I can do this! I would think. I can be a single mom of twins in preschool and get it all done -- the cooking, the cleaning, finding time to work, running around at the playground… → Read More

Single Mom Dating: It's Weird Out There

After the pain of the divorce subsides (or you pack it away in that little space in your head that likes to reveal itself when you're watching a rom/com or some commercial that just gets to you), it might be time to date. I said "might." Dating is awful in itself. Dating when you're a single mom is a nightmare. This I know. I'm a member of the "Divorced With Two Kids Club." (You may have heard… → Read More

The Comments About My Twins That Hurt Me the Most

Just about everything about having twins is magical and wonderful... except for when people want to compare them as if they should be exactly the same and meeting milestones at the exact same moment. We fall into these comparison traps as a parent, too; but then we catch ourselves and remember that even our twins are two beings with two different everythings. If only everyone knew this, too. We… → Read More

I’ll Never Be a Second-Time Mom

I'm trying to make peace about the fact that I will never be a second-time mom. I do have the second-time mom perk of having two children, though my kids are twins and made their entry into this world at the same time. (Well, a few minutes apart.) I am blessed and so grateful for my blessings. But there is just something that makes me feel sad that I won't experience pregnancy again. I loved… → Read More

I Didn't Choose A Baby Name Until I Gave Birth

There is a lot of pressure in choosing a baby name. It's the name your child will hear for the rest of her life. We've got to get it right and this name is expected on the day you first meet your baby eye-to-eye. So we rely on instinct, feeling, that voice inside us that says, "That's the name!" Not always easy because, of course, we have another person to consult and agree and hope they don't… → Read More

My Child Free Aunt Taught Me A Lot About Parenting

When I was a kid, my aunt was like a mother to me. I had my mother and my grandmother to do all the things moms do like kiss boo boos, help me with homework, read me bedtime stories and be my safe haven when I needed someone to talk to. But I also had the incredible love of my Aunt Tena. Aunt Tena was technically my great aunt, she was my grandmother's sister. She didn't have children of her own… → Read More

The One Thing Missing From My Birth Day

Having a baby is one of those memories -- like a wedding -- where you remember the big moments but forget some of the smaller ones only because there are so many emotions and things going on. And let's face it, the more years that pass from the birth day, the more the memories become hazy. Which is exactly why birth photography is so important. No matter what kind of birth you have. Yes, no… → Read More

The Best Habit You'll Ever Have

I have a lot of bad habits -- they mostly involve chocolate and coffee. But there is a new habit I have picked up that I am very proud of: saving money! I have never been a money saver for my entire life until the last few years. I had no idea how to do it -- never thought I had enough to even try to save. But it took a divorce and the fear of OMG how will I survive financially to figure out how… → Read More

To the All the Working Moms Who Have Inspired Me

I remember that long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away when I was not yet a mother. I worked with several working moms and was always in awe of how they seemed to get everything done. When I got pregnant, it was those women whom I looked to for advice -- some I spoke with directly, others I just learned from watching from afar. The sacrifices they made, the decisions they faced, the way… → Read More

The Rudest Question to Ask a Mom of Twins

People like to ask twin moms if their babies were natural. People should never do this. Babies are natural, unless they are baby dolls or some kind of Beanie Baby. Some of those are even made out of natural fibers so take caution with that as not to offend baby doll mothers or those who create Beanie Babies. I do not know of any human mother who has birthed a baby doll or Beanie Baby, but if… → Read More

My Last Trimester Was Full of Fear

During my twin pregnancy, I got more and more excited as each month passed, and making it to the last trimester made me feel some relief. It's something we all feel (moms of multiples or not). It's that thrill of the progress, hearing the heartbeat, feeling the kicks, seeing your belly grow and grow. Knowing you are in the home stretch. It was all smiles and happiness, mostly, but also a lot of… → Read More

What Surprised Me Most About My Twin Pregnancy

When I found out I was having twins, I was in shock — and, as I soon learned, there were a lot of things I didn’t expect to happen that did. While I was incredibly happy, I was also coping with morning, noon and night sickness (which made me very cautious about eating) not to mention plenty of other weird pregnancy symptoms (like the wiry hair that mysteriously grew out of my wrist). But perhaps… → Read More

The Most Infuriating Parenting Advice I've Ever Seen on Facebook

In a perfect world, we post things on social media and the woodland creatures sing while an all-knowing fairy responds with words of support, making you instantly feel that you are not alone in this parenting thing and that everyone understands you and wants you to feel good about yourself and all your parenting choices. Of course, we all know this perfect world does not exist. In fact, it's… → Read More