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Past articles by Matt:

Biden's ‘Soul of America’ Speech Was Just a Democratic Campaign Ad

The president could have risen above politics and called for unity against Trump’s attacks on democracy. But midterms are coming. → Read More

Trump Won’t Turn Down the Heat—He Needs to Play the Victim

The ex-president says he’ll do whatever he can do “help the country,” but that would mean ending his lies about stolen elections and corrupt FBI agents. → Read More

I’m a Conservative, and I Don’t Know What the GOP Stands For

Free markets? Nope. Limited government. Uh-uh. Strong foreign policy? No, America first. Rule of law? LOL. → Read More

They Took Down Madison Cawthorn—and Lauren Boebert’s Next

The same group that leaked the nude video of Madison Cawthorn is hoping to take down the congresswoman from Colorado in her upcoming primary. → Read More

Steve Schmidt Was Always a Hack

The former McCain campaign manager is either an oblivious idiot or a wily deceptive grifter. → Read More

John Roberts Is Nuts if He Thinks Saving ‘Roe v. Wade’ Is Good for SCOTUS’ Reputation

The Bush-appointed chief justice wants to preserve the Supreme Court’s legitimacy, but he risks politicizing it even further. → Read More

Canceling Student Loan Debt Only Leaves a Broken System in Place

Democrats are delusional if they think student loan debt forgiveness is going to save them and Biden at the ballot box. → Read More

Biden and Democrats Should Be Absolutely Terrified by New Poll Numbers

Democrats already expected to be wiped out in the midterms, but Biden’s abysmal approval ratings with Hispanics show it could get so much worse. → Read More

MAGAs to Conservatives: ‘You're With Us Or You're a Groomer’

The hard right is fighting its culture war with slander and redefining the meanings of words—something they claimed to hate when the left did it. → Read More

The CDC’s Mental Report Confirms: People Need to See People

We need to talk about the devastating costs wrought by the lockdowns, especially on children's mental health. If we don’t assess our mistakes, we’re doomed to make them again. → Read More

Putin Killed Trump’s ‘America First’ Movement

In 2016, Trump wooed disaffected Republicans by bashing Bush’s wars. But Russia’s bombardment of Ukraine has changed things. → Read More

The Power of False War Propaganda Divides Families

Ukrainians with family in Russia can’t get them to believe the war is real, because Putin’s state TV has them brainwashed. Sound familiar? → Read More

Right-Wing Ultra-Nationalists Are Putin’s Useful Idiots

National conservative populists were obsessed with hard borders. Then Putin invaded a sovereign country. → Read More

Trump Can Not Get Enough of Authoritarian Strongmen

Trump’s twisted praise of Putin is just the latest in a long history of cheering on dictators and tyrants. → Read More

Democrats Are Losing the Culture Wars by Blindly Pushing Progressive Ideals

The Democrats’ dogged focus on progress may actually end up sending the party backwards. → Read More

Nobody Missed the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. Why Bring It Back?

“Nerd Prom” is a grotesque, self-congratulatory, backslapping event for the elites, by the elites. → Read More

MTG Should Be an Embarrassment, Not a GOP Superstar

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says indefensible and incredibly stupid things. And she’s the new soul of the Republican Party. → Read More

Wait, Now the Right Loves Traffic-Blocking Protesters?

Conservatives rallying behind the Canadian trucker blockade were passing laws a year ago allowing motorists to run over protesters. → Read More

These Are the Dystopia Olympics

The Beijing Games are an international disgrace and a tragedy of apathy. → Read More

Trump’s Promise to Pardon Jan. 6 Rioters Is Worse Than Watergate

By the time Nixon resigned, Republicans were ashamed and appalled by Watergate. That’s not today’s GOP. → Read More