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Past articles by Matt:

You’re Going to Miss Mitch McConnell When He’s Gone

Whether you’re a Democrat or a non-MAGA Republican, we should be very concerned about who’s going to replace the 81-year-old Republican Senate leader. → Read More

Biden’s Befuddled Response to the Ohio Train Disaster Is Unacceptable

He’s the leader of the “I feel your pain” party. Why the hell hasn’t he showed up to comfort the people of East Palestine? → Read More

Pence Is the Reagan Republican No One Wants Anymore

The former vice president was right to break ranks with Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis in recent days but it makes him out of touch with today’s GOP. → Read More

Fox News Knew Trump’s Big Lie Was BS the Whole Time

Emails and texts revealed in the Dominion lawsuit show the right-leaning network’s biggest stars and bosses never believed Trump’s election fraud lies—but spread them anyway. → Read More

The Real Reason Trump Is Calling DeSantis ‘Meatball Ron’

It’s no joke. → Read More

Marjorie Taylor Greene Tried Being Normal, but Quickly Realized It’s Just Not Her Jam

The Georgia congresswoman’s brief foray into diplomacy, sanity, and decorum didn’t take. Now she’s acting like a maniac again. → Read More

Why Trump’s Reign of Republican Terror Is Really Ending

He always seems to prove the haters wrong. Don’t count on that this time. → Read More

These Doomed Candidates Could Help Trump Survive a Primary

Running for president and losing might seem harmless. This time is different. → Read More

Kari Lake Is Choosing to Be a Loser

Two months ago she was the GOP’s rising star. Now she’s one of the last dead-enders clinging to Trumpian election fraud lies—something even Republicans are sick of hearing about. → Read More

Right-Wing Hosts Try Saving Kanye but He’s Too Far Gone

Alex Jones and others have desperately tried to throw the rapper a lifeline but he clearly doesn’t want to be rescued. → Read More

Be Thankful for America (Even if You’re a Culture Warrior)

This Thanksgiving, the left and the right should stop living in a dystopian fantasy that this country’s never been worse. We’re actually miraculously lucky. → Read More

Kari Lake Is Dangerous Enough to Get Elected President

The Arizona upstart is an election-denying MAGA culture warrior, but without Trump’s baggage or DeSantis’ prickly demeanor. → Read More

We Need to Stop Calling Far-Right Extremists ‘Conservatives’

Trump radicals are besmirching the good name of real conservatives. → Read More

How Trump Vanquished One-Time Conservative Contenders

Ben Sasse is just the latest in a long list of one-time promising conservatives who “could’ve been somebody”—if it wasn’t for Donald Trump. → Read More

Republicans Somehow Made Celebrity Worship Even Dumber

The party of Trump is now the party of Hershcel Walker, Dr. Oz, and Kanye West. → Read More

Biden's ‘Soul of America’ Speech Was Just a Democratic Campaign Ad

The president could have risen above politics and called for unity against Trump’s attacks on democracy. But midterms are coming. → Read More

Trump Won’t Turn Down the Heat—He Needs to Play the Victim

The ex-president says he’ll do whatever he can do “help the country,” but that would mean ending his lies about stolen elections and corrupt FBI agents. → Read More

I’m a Conservative, and I Don’t Know What the GOP Stands For

Free markets? Nope. Limited government. Uh-uh. Strong foreign policy? No, America first. Rule of law? LOL. → Read More

They Took Down Madison Cawthorn—and Lauren Boebert’s Next

The same group that leaked the nude video of Madison Cawthorn is hoping to take down the congresswoman from Colorado in her upcoming primary. → Read More

Steve Schmidt Was Always a Hack

The former McCain campaign manager is either an oblivious idiot or a wily deceptive grifter. → Read More