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Places in Singapore that will make you believe you're overseas, Lifestyle, Travel News

We recently wrote a piece about places in Johor that will make you believe you're overseas, but there's no need to look across the border for a respite. In fact, here are some places in Singapore we found which might trick you into thinking you're in Bali, Japan and other destinations, without having to spend a dime on travel tickets. → Read More

This Singapore cafe sells sugar-free Mao Shan Wang gelato and desserts you can indulge on, Lifestyle, Food, Singapore News

Now you can have your cake and eat it — not just cake, but gelato, desserts, chocolates... all without guilt! The weather has been unforgiving lately, and if you're hoping to cool off with more than one serving of gelato but worry about your expanding waistline, you can cast your fears aside when you drop by Camaca, a sugar-free dessert cafe. Camaca, located at King Albert Park, was birthed out… → Read More

These household items are a total waste of space in your new HDB, Lifestyle News

Let's start by saying: our new HDB homes are so tiny. With very little space to work with, the last thing you want is to clutter your home with unnecessary items. Instead, you want to invest in things that take up minimal space and have multiple uses. We put together a list of household items that in Marie Kondo's words, don't 'spark joy' anymore, especially in our new abode, so you don't have… → Read More

Free entry to Jurong Bird Park, limited edition snow skin mooncake & other deals this week, Lifestyle News

We scour the island for the best deals to help you stretch your dollar, and keep you in the loop on the hottest shopping trends. 'Cos good things must share. FREE ENTRY TO JURONG BIRD PARK FROM SEPT 6 - 15 When was the last time you set foot in Jurong Bird Park? If it's been a while, you may want to head down for its Fly Free event. In celebration of Jurong Bird Park's 10 years of bird… → Read More

What to do when a loved one passes away? Things to prepare within the next 24 hours, Lifestyle, Singapore News

Losing a loved one to death is a painful experience to deal with; it's not something we can entirely be prepared for no matter how much we try to mentally. Sometimes, it gets even harder to bear especially for the bereaved family who is preparing the funeral. On top of planning for the funeral, here are some important things to do within the first 24 hours of the death of a loved one, and this… → Read More

1-for-1 Secret Recipe cakes, 99-cent pasta or baked rice & other deals this week, Lifestyle News

We scour the island for the best deals to help you stretch your dollar, and keep you in the loop on the hottest shopping trends. 'Cos good things must share. 1-FOR-1 STARBUCKS VENTI-SIZED DRINKS FROM AUG 26 - 29 Brighten up your week with Starbucks one-for-one Venti-sized handcrafted beverages from Aug 26 - 29. → Read More

Places in Johor that'll make you believe you're in Europe, Lifestyle, Travel News

Our neighbour Johor Bahru isn't just for shopping, eating and getting a massage. Granted, Singaporeans cross the causeway mainly for these reasons. But if you have a little more time to explore and branch out further, there's a charming side to the state, that's outside of busy Johor Bahru. Known for its beaches and rainforests, here are eight places in Johor that will make you believe you're… → Read More

I didn't wash my face (in the morning) for a week, and I don't intend to anymore, Lifestyle News

Remember the days when we were younger and didn't have to slap on a tonne of facial products and still look great? Don't even get me started on packing for a one-night staycation, much less for a holiday. I'd have to bring along my face cleanser, serum, hydrating lotion, mask and the list goes on. It gives me minor anxiety each time I have to pack for a trip because I'd have to choose which… → Read More

$1 karaoke at Manekineko, 99-cent KFC Zinger burger & other deals this week, Lifestyle, Singapore News

We scour the island for the best deals to help you stretch your dollar, and keep you in the loop on the hottest shopping trends. 'Cos good things must share. $1 KARAOKE AT MANEKINEKO FROM NOW UNTIL AUG 31 What better way to relieve stress than to belt out your favourite songs at a three-hour-long karaoke sesh. For those who have missed Manekineko's $1 (on weekdays) and $2 (on weekends) per hour,… → Read More

Singaporean artist draws handy guide to Mao Shan Wang & other popular durian varieties, Lifestyle News

Ever wondered about the differences between durian varieties and their flavour profiles? A Singapore artist, who goes by the alias Fuulin Art, has designed a cute and handy infographic about the various types of durian. Riding on the wave of the recent durian season, the infographic features eight popular cultivars and their characteristics. → Read More

No condos and country clubs, here are the new 5Cs defined by Singaporeans, Lifestyle, Singapore News

Back in the day, a person's social-economic standing was based on the quintessential '5Cs': cash, credit card, car, condominium, and country club. You were considered to be successful in life if you possessed all five Cs. But this has been superseded in recent times with people noting the shift towards the new five Cs, focused more on intangible success markers such as creativity, compassion and… → Read More

You can rent a 2-storey bungalow on the rooftop of International Plaza for $15k a month, Lifestyle, Singapore News

Bungalows are perched on top of hills in other countries. Here in Singapore, we have a bungalow atop a high-rise building in the Central Business District (CBD). What caught our attention was that this "penthouse" listed on Propertyguru is not like its regular counterparts, and is definitely unique in its own right. → Read More

10 exquisite mooncakes to gift your boss and mother-in-law that will fly them to the moon, Lifestyle, Food News

Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner and if you're looking to get into your boss' or parents-in-law's good books we've got you covered. We've picked out flavours that are fancy, premium and exquisite, which will keep them talking about it till next year. 1. BOBA LOVE & BEAN THERE MOONCAKES (BAKERZIN) This one is for the bubble tea-loving bosses out there. → Read More

54-cent chicken rice, 1-for-1 Xing Fu Tang brown sugar bubble milk & more deals this week, Lifestyle News

We scour the island for the best deals to help you stretch your dollar, and keep you in the loop on the hottest shopping trends. 'Cos good things must share. $0.54 CHICKEN RICE FOR SINGAPOREANS AGED ABOVE 54 THIS AUG 3 In celebration of the nation's 54th birthday, OK Chicken Rice in Redhill is selling chicken rice for $0.54 to Singaporeans aged above 54 this Aug 3. → Read More

Tinder couple with 10-year age gap fight daily to keep their love alive, Lifestyle, Singapore News

You never know when love will come knocking at your door. For Luke, 30, and Charmaine, 20, theirs started with a right swipe on Tinder and love blossomed after that on the fighting mat. Fast forward two years since they met, the pair are now married and co-own Stronghold, a mixed martial arts gym along Turf Club Road. SHE WAS ONLY 18 → Read More

Hire a private jet for your next holiday from Singapore for as low as $363 per flight hour, Lifestyle, Travel News

The next step up from travelling on first or business class is chartering your very own private jet. Now, you can live out the China Rich Girlfriend dream (the sequel to Crazy Rich Asians), and call for your own plane for a little shopping therapy in Paris or nearby countries. Though it comes with a price tag, imagine all the time saved from clearing the customs and not having to fuss about… → Read More

McDonald's China adds Coca-Cola chicken wings to its menu

McDonald's has been surprising us with new limited-time items on its menu, offering twists on its classic favourites. While Singapore is enjoying its Bandung Soft Serve and McSpicy Deluxe, McDonald's China has rolled out Coca-Cola Chicken Wings. → Read More

5 classic Neoprint poses we miss - and where you can still take one in Singapore , Lifestyle, Singapore News

One of the best memories of my secondary school days was going out with classmates on weekends. I'd spend all my allowance on taking Neoprint or purikura photos because back then, mobile phones weren't so smart. Those photo-sticker machines were like our modern-day Instagram to prove that the outing happened. Just like how we would Insta-Story our meetups with doodles and stickers, we did that… → Read More

We sieved out the best TikTok #lifehacks to make your life easier, Lifestyle News

When the internet brings us a clever idea that will help us be more efficient in life, like this garlic peeling hack, we strive to share them with you so you don't feel burnout from hustling too hard. TikTok has become a popular video sharing platform for people to perform tricks, show off their skills and creativity in under 15 seconds. → Read More

Rendang Mama Vegan sells Beyond Meat rendang puffs

You've heard of Impossible Burgers, but what about Impossible Epok-Epok Rendang (rendang puffs)? Vegan Malay food is definitely a first for me. It's becoming common to hear people turn vegan, and restaurants in Singapore using Impossible Foods or Beyond Meat as plant-based substitutes for meat dishes. As society becomes more conscious about the environmental impact of meat from cows and doing… → Read More