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Recent articles by Julian:


Don't be fooled into thinking Republicans are split over Trump (Opinion)

Julian Zelizer writes that despite recent announcements and rumors of Republicans breaking with President Donald Trump, suggestions of a schism within the party are no more than that -- rumors. → Read More


It's been five decades since 1968, and things are somehow worse

For those of us who study the 1960s or lived through those troubled times, it's hard to imagine things could be worse. But they are, writes Julian Zelizer. → Read More


What Trump is trying to achieve with 'Obamagate'

Julian Zelizer writes, "What's clear is that President Trump is attacking Obama with the goal of discrediting his opponent in 2020: Joe Biden." → Read More


'It's the economy, stupid' all over again

We now face an economic fallout that could rival the Great Depression -- a historic downturn that lasted a decade and destroyed the economic security of our country. This time, some are calling it the Trump Depression, writes Julian Zelizer. → Read More


President Trump's reelection strategy is taking shape

With most experts predicting that the virus won't disappear for at least a year, the President may have his back against the wall. But Trump isn't going to go down without a fight, and his reelection strategy is starting to take shape, writes Julian Zelizer. → Read More


Biden should let Trump self-destruct

Joe Biden seems to be inching closer to the White House by simply sitting at home, writes Julian Zelizer. President Trump is struggling to maintain his legitimacy after asking his aides on Thursday whether zapping people with light or injecting them with disinfectants could cure Covid-19. The comments prompted even Fox News anchors to tell their viewers: don't try this at home. → Read More


Biden has one VP pick that stands above the rest

Julian Zelizer argues that while there are many good possibilities from which Biden can choose, one stands out more than any other: Sen. Elizabeth Warren. → Read More


Biden needs to pivot to a Covid-19 campaign strategy

Julian Zelizer writes that without the possibility of running a ground game for at least several months, if not more, Biden and his campaign will have to face the real challenge of getting his message out to the public in the most surreal of times. → Read More


Covid-19 may inspire a new generation of doctors and scientists

Julian Zelizer writes that one glimmer of hope in this global nightmare is that the coronavirus pandemic may inspire a generation of Americans to consider pursuing careers in the medical and scientific fields, just as other crises have inspired past generations in particular ways. → Read More


How to protect the 2020 elections from the coronavirus crisis

Despite the global pandemic, we must take steps to ensure a high turnout is possible during the 2020 election, writes Julian Zelizer. → Read More


Trump's speech won't erase his bumbling response on coronavirus

Julian Zelizer writes that in President Trump's Oval Office speech on the coronavirus, he finally seemed to acknowledge the severity of the threat posed by the virus, but his words will do little to erase the fact that many citizens don't have confidence in the President after his administration's botched responses to the pandemic. → Read More


The one state Biden can't afford to lose

Julian Zelizer writes that South Carolina will be a telling primary race for the candidates. But without a doubt, the most important story on Saturday will be Joe Biden. → Read More


Reagan vs. Carter holds a crucial lesson for 2020 Dems (Opinion)

Factionalism is a difficult challenge for any party. But it need not be a barrier to victory, Julian Zelizer writes. In 2020, Democrats can look back to one of their most devastating opponents, Ronald Reagan, to see how the problem can be overcome. → Read More


The most radical 2020 candidate

For all the talk about Democrats trying to figure out whether to nominate a "radical" candidate or a "moderate" one, it's in fact the GOP that has already made its choice to veer so far from the center of American politics, writes Julian Zelizer. → Read More


After fiasco, Iowa results matter less

Julian Zelizer writes that it's doubtful Pete Buttigieg's results in Iowa will add up to much because of the chaos that ensued in the hours that followed, and the impact of a surge in Iowa --like the one Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama experienced in there respective victories -- is not the same as in years past, since it is no longer the first "big event" in campaigns. → Read More


If Dems can't pivot post-impeachment, their worst fear could become a reality

The most important step will be for Democrats to build on the main lessons of impeachment -- rather than trying to put this saga behind them. House Democrats exposed just how far the President was willing to go to abuse his power. The message seems to have sunk in with voters, writes Julian Zeliezr → Read More


Why is Bernie Sanders surging?

Julian Zelizer writes that Bernie Sanders's candidacy is built on top of a movement. It grows out of a genuine discontent in the electorate about the broken state of our politics. → Read More


This is the bar Trump's defense needs to clear

Julian Zelizer writes, "Intense partisanship within the GOP has ensured that the so-called moderate Republicans would never buckle. This lowered the bar as to what Cipollone had to accomplish. The defense team just has to do enough to give Republicans sufficient cover to acquit the President." → Read More


What's behind Dershowitz's brazen claims

Julian Zelizer writes, "Hours after President Donald Trump announced he was adding Alan Dershowitz to his impeachment legal defense team on Friday, the constitutional lawyer said, ;abuse of power, even if proved, is not an impeachable offense.'" → Read More

Don't downplay Donald Trump's toxic tweets. A president's words are never a sideshow.

Trump's Twitter feed is dangerous to our democracy. Journalists and historians should treat it just like other presidential speeches and statements. → Read More