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Recent articles by Vinay:

However Johnny Depp’s defamation case ends, Amber Heard has already lost in the court of public opinion

Based on social media reaction the consensus is clear: Johnny good, Amber bad. She might have a lower approval rating than Vladimir Putin. → Read More

Dave Chappelle was violently attacked onstage and this is an assault on all comedians

As soon as people start viewing jokes as political or social manifestos, comedy veers toward future tragedy and the power of laughter is muted. → Read More

Canada is ‘A Nation of Distracted Drivers’ and it’s only getting worse

Distracted driving now kills more Canadians than impaired driving. People no longer see their cars as cars — they’re more like mobile living rooms. → Read More

Bill O’Reilly’s airport meltdown is a preview of what travellers can expect this summer

I fear we are morphing from a viral pandemic to a rage endemic. And air travel is ground zero for a spike in unhinged disturbances. → Read More

Dr. Tucker Carlson, the Vladimir Putin of medicine, is now advising his male fans to tan their testicles

To be fair, testosterone and sperm counts and anabolic steroids in males are all in decline. Carlson is right about that. But pushing medical quackery is never the solution. → Read More

For Joe Biden to call what Vladimir Putin is doing in Ukraine ‘genocide’ is a no-brainer the media should stop debating

The free world, led by Biden, now sees Russia for what it always was under Putin: a terrorist state that poses an existential threat. → Read More

If Britney Spears really is pregnant, it’s time to get off social media

For female celebrities, social media is, to quote a Britney song, “Toxic.” This is doubly true when a female celebrity is living through monumental events in real life. → Read More

A random act of kindness means I’ll be watching the Jays in a jacket given to Dan Hill during the 1993 World Series

Vinay Menon became the third owner of The Jacket last fall. The original owner was singer Dan Hill, who was given The Jacket after performing our national anthem in Game 3 of the 1993 World Series. → Read More

As the horrors in Ukraine get harder to watch on TV, it’s crucial to not look away

For the sake of civilization, we must ensure Putin’s and Russian soldiers’ atrocities never fade into the background before Ukraine wins. → Read More

Will Smith didn’t just slap Chris Rock — he slapped everyone named Will Smith

Los Angeles Dodger Will Smith was booed this week in a case of guilt by same name. We need to rally around these innocent Will Smiths. → Read More

Kim Kardashian’s $400,000 luxury minivan is an insult to parents and minivans

Kim Kardashian had a chance to be an inspiration for parents everywhere. All she had to do was buy a normal minivan. Let other parents know they are not alone as they come to grips with the fact their lives are basically over. → Read More

Thanks to Tom Holland and Joe Jonas, tall men should be very afraid: ‘Short King Spring’ is coming

Vinay Menon wonders: Must tall men now pretend they can’t effortlessly grab a box of Cheerios from a top shelf at Sobeys? → Read More

Kim Jong Un tests a scary missile and makes his ambitions clear: He wants to be Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun’

This week’s missile test was a horror. But based on the bonkers 12-minute video blasted along with it, Kim Jong Un wants to be a movie star more than a despot. → Read More

Justin Bieber designed a new Toronto Maple Leafs jersey that will be loved by fans of the Boston Bruins

For better or worse — and it’s been worse since 1967 — the Leafs are blue and white. With his “Next Gen” jerseys, Bieber is screwing with our team colours for sport and profit. → Read More

Even Vladimir Putin knows Tucker Carlson is one of the greatest propagandists in Russian history

Tucker Carlson is an intellectual cancer, flitting between conspiracies and anti-American broadsides in a desperate attempt to prove he is more than a silver spoon brat, Vinay Menon writes. → Read More

Elon Musk gives the world a crash course in how to troll and control Vladimir Putin

This week Musk tweeted a trilingual taunt at the Russian president and incredibly, some of Putin’s thuggish BFFs are now taking the bait. → Read More

Canadian Tire is going to spend billions improving customer experience. Step 1: Realize you have customers

Whether it’s grumpy staff, stores that smell like french fries or having way too much stuff, here are some free suggestions on things that need improving. → Read More

Drake is selling his ‘Yolo Estate’ for nearly $19 million — hopefully a few bucks can go to Ukraine

At a time when the world is so bleak, clicking through luxury real estate listings is a form of escapism. → Read More

Kanye West’s disturbing new video, in which he decapitates Pete Davidson, is more proof Kim Kardashian made the right choice

“Eazy” isn’t a music video — it’s an aspirational, stylized snuff film with a beat. No wonder Kim Kardashian hit the eject button on her marriage to Ye. → Read More

An epic fail on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ suggests the movie ‘Idiocracy’ might be a prophecy

One phrase took three contestants and nine turns to solve. I’m starting to wonder if there isn’t something to recent studies that found IQ on the decline across the developed world. → Read More