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Past articles by Stephen:

Surging number of suspected terrorists nabbed jumping U.S.-Mexico border this year

The Border Patrol has nabbed 78 people on a terrorist watch list so far this fiscal year, according to new Department of Homeland Security data. → Read More

D.C. declares ‘emergency’ over migrants being bused into city

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a public emergency Thursday over the surge of illegal immigrants arriving in her city, calling it “a crisis that is certainly not of our making” and tapping millions of dollars in aid to help house and feed the newcomers. → Read More

Feds can’t say what happened to Afghan evacuees in U.S. who were security risks, not fully vetted

The Biden administration is still allowing Afghans to reach the U.S. without checking them through a key Defense Department database that could help weed out national security risks, according to senators. → Read More

Texas Bar Foundation under investigation for allegedly encouraging, financing illegal immigration

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced an investigation Friday into the Texas Bar Foundation, saying he’s heard complaints the lawyers’ group is funneling taxpayers’ money to organizations that encourage and fund illegal immigration. → Read More

Judge Jackson makes early overtures to Republicans during confirmation hearing

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson told senators Monday that she believes the Constitution grants a “limited” role to judges, kicking off her Supreme Court confirmation hearing with an early overture to Republicans who will decide how difficult a path she has to the high court. → Read More

Judge rules Biden overreached in exempting kids from border pandemic policies

A federal judge on Friday slammed President Biden’s decision to grant an exemption to illegal immigrant children at the border by allowing them to enter while other migrants are turned back amid the pandemic. → Read More

Russell building named for segregationist senator remains; decision to change falls to Schumer

While Robert E. Lee's statue has been pulled down from the U.S. Capitol and lawmakers voted to expunge Confederate generals' names from military bases, the Senate still honors Richard B. Russell, a segregationist senator, with his name on its most prestigious office building. → Read More

High-skilled guest-worker visas used to undercut Americans: Study

One of the largest users of America’s high-skilled guest-worker program admitted in court documents that it paid the foreigners less than it paid U.S. citizens for the same kind of work, shorting them nearly $100 million in wages each year, according to a new study Thursday. → Read More

Feds ponder how much to pay illegal immigrants

As the Biden administration ponders cutting $450,000 checks to compensate illegal immigrants who suffered emotional trauma from the Trump administration's zero-tolerance border policy, figuring out exactly the right comparison with previous government payouts -- such as those made to Japanese Americans -- is fraught with complications. → Read More

Supreme Court weighs condemned killer’s demand for pastor to touch him during execution

John Henry Ramirez will almost certainly be executed by Texas for having robbed a convenience store worker of $1.25 then stabbing him 29 times, killing him. His lawyer went before the Supreme Court on Tuesday to ask the justices to rule that, when the time comes, he's allowed to have his pastor in the execution chamber. → Read More

‘As important now as it was then’: Unknown Soldier hits century mark with tributes, questions

The first Unknown Soldier almost didn't make it back to U.S. soil at all. → Read More

New fiscal year begins with lower federal deficit

The new federal fiscal year has begun with some good -- or at least less bad -- news, as Uncle Sam ran a smaller deficit in October than a year ago, according to a new estimate Monday by the Congressional Budget Office. → Read More

Taxpayers to cover cost of Afghan evacuees’ immigration applications

Homeland Security announced Monday that it will waive the usual immigration fees for Afghan evacuees who’ve been paroled into the country since the start of the airlift operation, leaving U.S. taxpayers to pick up the tab for their costs. → Read More

Biden DOJ plan to pay illegal immigrants is widely unpopular, poll shows

Two-thirds of American voters disapprove of the Biden administration’s plans to pay illegal immigrants $450,000 for “trauma” stemming from having their families separated during the Trump administration’s zero tolerance border policy, according to a new poll Monday. → Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Border Patrol agent says up to 1.2 million illegal immigrants evaded detection

As many as 1.2 million illegal immigrants may have evaded detection and sneaked into the country over the last year and more will come if they hear about plans to pay $450,000 to some migrants, a top Border Patrol union official said in a new podcast released Friday by Sen. Marsha Blackburn and provided first to The Washington Times. → Read More

Democrats block GOP attempt to derail Biden’s $450,000 payments to illegal immigrants

Republicans moved this week to block $450,000 payments to illegal immigrants who were part of family separations during the Trump administration, but they saw their first attempt quashed by Senate Democrats. → Read More

EXCLUSIVE: ‘It’s a death trap’: ICE officers file OSHA complaint over illegal immigrant COVID risks

The labor union for ICE officers has filed two workplace safety complaints over the Biden administration’s handling of illegal immigrants and COVID at the border, saying federal employees forced to process and release the migrants face conditions that amount to “a death trap.” → Read More

Thousands of Border Patrol agents at risk of being fired over vaccine mandate, Arizona AG warns

Thousands of Border Patrol agents could be fired over failing to meet President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal employees, Arizona’s attorney general warned in a new letter calling on the administration to relax its unprecedented shots-or-else approach. → Read More

Democrats draw immigrants’ ire after watering down amnesty provisions in budget bill

House Democrats dropped plans for an expansive amnesty for illegal immigrants in their new budget proposal Wednesday, and instead called for a more tentative legal status for illegal immigrants that would block them from deportation but not offer a clear path to citizenship. → Read More

Citizenship path for illegal immigrants to cost taxpayers more than $500 billion

Offering a path to citizenship to illegal immigrants and opening the doors to more legal immigrants will cost the federal government more than $500 billion over the next few decades, the Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday. → Read More