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Palm Springs, CA, United States

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Past articles by Ian:

The Venus Flytrap Guys Taking a Bite Out of YouTube’s Plant Culture

Are they flora? Fauna? A pet? An insatiable man-eater? All these YouTubers know is that Venus flytraps are sure to grab you by the heartstrings and never let go → Read More

The Tasty Tale of the Pancake’s Humble Origins

Thousands of years before IHOP, ancient civilizations were serving up their own primitive form of pancakes → Read More

Is Your Jealousy Actually Just Codependency?

Let’s look through codependency signs to find out what’s normal and what’s unhealthy in a relationship → Read More

The Bizarre, Addictive Antidepressant Being Sold at Gas Stations

Known as ZaZa, Pegasus and ‘gas station heroin,’ tianeptine is easy to get your hands on and almost impossible to quit → Read More

What to Do With the Big Life Realizations You Had While Tripping

Psychedelics can help you have major realizations about your life, but how do you know whether to follow them or let them slide? → Read More

But Really, What’s the Difference Between Pancake and Waffle Batter?

They look almost identical. They taste almost identical. They have almost the same ingredients. What are we missing? → Read More

Gifts for the Person Who’s Entire Personality Is That They Have a Dog

I am this person, and I have a wealth of experience → Read More

Bug Swarms, Ranked by How Deadly They Are

Scorpions? Bees? Mosquitoes? Which army of insects is most likely to kill me? → Read More

A Handmade List of Homemade Gifts That Don’t Suck

Looking for easy homemade gifts for friends this holiday season? Homemade food gifts are a good option — here’s some ideas. → Read More

Does Infrared Anything Work?

At-home red light therapy claims to solve all sorts of problems, from acne to depression, but what is red light therapy, anyway? → Read More

What Do Service Dogs Think of Dogs Who Don’t Have Jobs?

Do they judge them for being lazy and blame them for the collapse of society, or do they simply wish to sniff their butts? → Read More

What to Do With All That Leftover Spaghetti

It’s a mystery why restaurants insist on serving you enough spaghetti for six people, but thankfully, there are plenty of things to do with those leftovers → Read More

How Many Brain Cells Am I Smoking Away With Every Bong Hit?

Anyone who smokes has wondered, does weed kill brain cells? Here’s what science tells us → Read More

Our Very Microchipped Future: Everything We’ll Be Able to Control With Our Minds

If you heard about Elon Musk implanting a microchip into a monkey, you’re probably wondering, what is neuralink? I’ll explain everything → Read More

How to Make Homemade Weed Gummies to Spite Your Overpriced Dispensary

Wish you knew how to make marijuana gummies? Here’s how to make marijuana gummies! → Read More

Can This Evil Employer Drug Test Tell I Just Did Shrooms?

It depends on how specific the test is, but in most cases, you can shroom with impunity → Read More

This Machine Just Invented 9 Million New Designer Drugs

Researchers just invented a machine that can predict the arrival of new drugs before they’re even made. → Read More

Can Coughing Enhance Your High?

Stoner lore has long advised that a good cough can heighten your buzz, but is that just smoke and mirrors? → Read More

Is It Really That Bad to Lie in Bed All Day When You’re Depressed?

Feeling down and unmotivated? It’s not your fault — your brain is likely working against you. → Read More

A Very Thicc Caloric Breakdown of Your Average Breakfast Burrito

Did you Google, ‘How many calories in a breakfast burrito?’ Cool! Here’s an answer. → Read More