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Recent articles by Steven:

Reality TV Stars Todd And Julie Chrisley Charged With Tax Evasion

The Chrisleys said that they have done nothing wrong and they claim to have evidence and witnesses to prove their case. → Read More

Should Minors Have A Constitutional Right To Realistically Violent (But Fun) Video Games?

Would a law banning violent video games even be effective today? → Read More

The California Bar Exam Leak Is Much Ado About Nothing

The California State Bar has some explaining to do, but you really don’t need to worry about it. → Read More

President Trump Wants To Prevent New York From Giving His State Income Tax Returns To Congress

The complaint cites that the House Ways and Means Committee has no legislative purpose for seeking Trump’s state tax returns. → Read More

The Taxman Is Contacting People About Their Cryptocurrency Transactions

If you receive a letter from the IRS about your crypto trades, contact a tax professional for guidance and submit amended or delinquent returns as soon as possible. → Read More

Why Is It Hard For People To Follow Simple Money Management Rules?

The basic rules of money management are simple. But planning and managing our personal finances can be complicated because our lives are complicated. → Read More

The California State Bar Is Considering Allowing Non-Lawyers (And Skynet) To Practice Law

If non-lawyers are allowed to practice, it is very likely to affect solo and small firms the most as they tend to serve the low-income/middle-class market. → Read More

Is Imposing A Wealth Tax A Good Idea?

Is it better to encourage the wealthy to invest in the private sector or non-profits instead? And will it create any distortions in economic behavior? → Read More

From Novice To Expert: What Is Your Legal Skill Level?

What makes someone a good lawyer? And how can someone become a better lawyer? → Read More

Let’s Hope The Law School Class of 2022 Doesn’t Graduate In The Middle Of A Recession

If this happens, graduates will struggle to find jobs and their career paths might be different from the ones they envision now. → Read More

Senate Bill Could Mean Game Over For Microtransactions And Loot Boxes

It's possible that the public will do a better and faster job at fixing the problem. → Read More

Only A Small Number Of Law Schools Are At Risk Under The ABA’s New Accreditation Standard

Considering that most test takers will pass the bar exam within two years, this might not be such a big deal. → Read More

Notes From The ABA Tax Conference: IRS Hiring, Modernization, Taxing The Gig Economy, And Tax Inequality

The May tax conference had something for everyone -- from pro bono to M&A. → Read More

Tax Return Preparation Software Companies Investigated And Sued For Trying To Get People To Pay For Free Tax Returns

Many people who turned to these companies expecting free filing ended up saying another four-letter F word instead. → Read More

IRS Grants Tax Exempt Status To Satanic Temple

Is it appropriate for a government agency to decide which belief system is worthy of tax exemption? → Read More

How I Self-Studied For The Bar Exam

All you need is a plan, supplies, and the ability to do as many practice questions as you can under bar exam conditions. → Read More

Whittier Law School Will Welcome Back Former Students Who Transferred To Western State Now Facing Closure

It is comforting to know that the ABA is willing to accommodate students who are facing a difficult crisis like this. → Read More

Contract Attorneys Must Watch Their Tax Withholdings To Avoid A Nasty Surprise Bill

Contract attorneys must monitor withholdings and pay estimated taxes -- just like every solo practitioner does. → Read More

5 Professional Lifestyle Tips For The New Lawyer’s First 5 Years Of Practice

This is advice you may hear frequently, but some people have learned it the hard way. → Read More

Litigation Funding Comes Of Age: Trends And Ethics

Litigation funding has quickly become a fixed feature of the legal landscape, so it behooves lawyers and law students to learn about it. → Read More