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Past articles by Steve:

7 signs you're self-sabotaging your career

Today, it’s not tough to look good and set yourself apart in the corporate environment. In fact, showing up on time —whether you work remotely, hybrid, or a full in-office week—and caring about your job is often enough to put you above the majority of your coworkers. I started my 14-year career in information technology as a software developer. By the time I retired, I served as the Director of… → Read More

I drank this instead of coffee for a week. My focus doubled

At first, it was tough. Coffee has been a part of my morning routine for many years. But for a week, all that changed. I was curious about the difference. → Read More

These 7 email phrases will be obsolete in five years

By using the word “please”, you are effectively begging your recipient to do what you asked them to do. The very notion is bizarre. → Read More

10 interview questions that are illegal to ask even during a pandemic

Questions that are off-limits include those questions designed to reveal information about a candidate that could be used to discriminate against them. → Read More

These 3 movie genres are unexpected stress reducers

The best movies to watch when stressed are those that get you away, at least mentally, from your current struggles. Here are a few you should consider. → Read More

I tried planking for 2 minutes before work every morning and something unexpected happened

Doing planks improved my mood, every single day. If I missed a day, I would feel it - not just physically, but also emotionally. I would not feel the same. → Read More

You can only ask for a raise if you've reached these 5 milestones

If you are thinking about asking for a raise, there are certain milestones that you should hit to increase the chances of your negotiations going well. → Read More

This simple work from home policy can up productivity by 13%

The pandemic has normalized the practice of working from home. It’s no longer only available for a select few, and it’s improving the work that we do. → Read More

If you want to feel happy, don’t chase money; do this instead

Yale psychology professor told CNBC that while making more money won’t automatically make us happier, making more relative to other people might. → Read More

Using these 5 words in a virtual meeting make you seem powerful

These five words are associated with successful business meetings than any other words. They often lead to “high persuasiveness” and a “desired response”. → Read More

5 things smart people always do in job interviews

Asking questions like these is not being pushy. It shows the hiring manager that you are actively engaged in this opportunity and want to move forward. → Read More

6 highly effective and easy ways to practice mindfulness

Based on our environment, job, and home life, removing distractions and taking more time for ourselves will be a unique challenge. → Read More

This is the detrimental impact retirement can have on mental health

The danger of retirement is mental, and it all stems from removing one of the biggest sources of achievement and productivity from our life: our jobs. → Read More

Here are the best ways to spend your $1,200 government stimulus check

If you’re one of the millions who will be getting a check, you might be wondering how to best use that additional tax-free cash. → Read More

This is the future of the business handshake

Is the business handshake gone for good? It’s a legitimate question, and one that I’ve thought about quite a bit. → Read More

How to not get divorced during the quarantine

You probably hear this all the time, don’t you? Schedules. Always about schedules. Well, there’s a good reason for that. → Read More

Don’t be a victim of these 3 common cyber-crimes during the Coronavirus crisis

In the United States, fake websites sell supposed cures for the Coronavirus or hard-to-find medical tools and supplies, like masks, for sky-high prices. → Read More

How to introduce yourself in an email without coming across as too formal

The language that you choose to use can make or break you. Being too informal is always a risk, but believe it or not, being too formal is equally risky. → Read More

4 ways Coronavirus will forever change the ways that we interact with one another

We will most likely all emerge on the other side of the pandemic by returning to our familiar greetings and mannerisms that are instinctual for us all. → Read More

Why you can have your best ideas during a quarantine

First, you can binge on Netflix or lament the fact that your previous lifestyle has been put on hold, or you can use this time to transform your life. → Read More