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Past articles by Hallie:

What 'Fatphobia' Really Means, and Why It's So Harmful

Weight bias is a better term than "fatphobia" for the discrimination people with overweight and obesity face in our culture. In This Article Fatphobia. Anti-fat bias. Anti-fatness. Sizeism. Weight bias. These are different terms, but they have one thing in common: They all focus on weight stigma, the discriminatory acts and beliefs targeted at people who have overweight or obesity. You may hear… → Read More

Is It Time to See a New Doctor? 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

Patient advocates break down the questions you should ask yourself about your medical care, and how to determine when you should see a new doctor. → Read More

4 Things to Do When a Doctor Doesn't Take Your Health Concern Seriously

It can be stressful when your doctor ignores you, doesn't believe you or doesn't listen. Here are four expert tips to get your doctor to take you seriously. → Read More

Want to Improve Your Heart Health? Follow This 7-Day Kickstart Plan

Here are seven things you can do this week to start improving your heart health. Use this plan to kickstart healthy habits that lower heart disease risk. → Read More

5 Tips for Handling a Loved One's Medical Needs as They Age

Learn about the responsibilities of a health care proxy, including how to get power of attorney and a checklist you can use for your loved one's doctor visits. → Read More

Falls Are Increasing in Older Adults. Here Are TK Ways to Prevent Them

Doctors and physical therapists offer their best fall prevention tips, including strength and balance exercises for older adults and how to fall-proof a home. → Read More

Why Memory Worsens as You Age, and 4 Things You Can Do About It

Doctors explain what causes age-related memory loss and what you can do to support memory as you age, including research-backed diet, exercise and sleep tips. → Read More

The 2 Best Ways to Remove Ear Wax, and 3 Methods to Avoid

Doctors explain the two best ways to remove earwax at home, with step-by-step instructions, plus the methods you should skip and when to see a doctor. → Read More

6 Reasons You Suddenly Have More Earwax Than Usual

Doctors share the causes behind excessive earwax, including infection, ear hair and irritants like ear buds, Q-tips or trapped water, and how to treat each. → Read More

Here's Exactly What to Do When a Tick Bites You

Doctors explain what to do after you've been bit by a tick, including how to remove it, what to do with it, when to call your doc and symptoms to watch for. → Read More

9 Ways to Actually Stop Mosquito Bites From Itching

Doctors explain how to get relief from itchy mosquito and bug bites, and some remedies may surprise you. Learn about ice, baking soda, honey, oatmeal and more. → Read More

6 Reasons You Should Get the COVID Vaccine Even if It Isn't 'Perfect'

The COVID-19 vaccine may come with side effects and be hard to understand, but there are six good reasons you should get it once it becomes available to you. → Read More

What Really Happens to Your Body When You Have a Stroke

Doctors explain what happens when you have a stroke, what stroke symptoms might feel like and why it's important to get help fast when you're having a stroke. → Read More

What Really Happens to Your Body When You Have a Heart Attack

Knowing what happens during a heart attack — to your brain, heart, lungs and more — can help you recognize the signs of a heart attack and get help fast. → Read More

Always Sweating in Your Sleep? Here's What Your Body's Trying to Tell You

Doctors explain why you sweat in your sleep when you're not overheated, including night sweat causes like menopause or certain medications and infections. → Read More

9 New Year's Resolutions Therapists Want You to Make

Therapists name the top mental health resolutions they'd like to see more people make in 2021 for less stress, better self-image and stronger relationships. → Read More

Why You Poop in the Morning, and 3 Other Ways Sleep and Poop Are Linked

Believe it or not, the quality of your sleep and your poop are closely tied together. Here's how, plus expert-approved tips for a better sleep-poop schedule. → Read More

What Your Snot Can Tell You About Your Health

Your mucus color can tell you a lot about what's going on in your body. Here, doctors break down what different snot shades mean, from white to orange to black. → Read More

Always Feel Like You Have to Pee? Here's What Your Body Is Trying to Tell You

A constant urge to pee could come down to your diet, but you might be dealing with a larger problem with your plumbing. Here, doctors break down the causes. → Read More

Always Burping? Here’s What Your Body’s Trying to Tell You

Why do you burp so much? Gastroenterologists break down how many times the average person burps in a day and what might cause you to burp more than that. → Read More