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Recent articles by Peter:

Ron DeSantis vows to appeal abortion ban ruling to state supreme court: will 'withstand all legal challenges'

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will appeal a court ruling blocking an abortion ban that is set to go into effect on Friday at midnight. → Read More

US can rely on what China decries as the 'Asian NATO' for deterrence, former officials say

The QUAD dialogue between the U.S., Japan, Australia and India provides perhaps the strongest regional deterrence against China's regional ambitions in the Indo-Pacific. → Read More

Ukraine-Russia war: US, West delay in delivering weapons gives Putin edge in Donbas region

The U.S. may announce aid packages before securing and inspecting arms that it plans to send to Ukraine, delaying a process that may also require training before deployment. → Read More

Mike Pompeo: Kissinger 'wrong,' US must support, not 'pressure' Ukraine over Russia negotiations

Dr. Henry Kissinger said Ukraine should consider returning to "status quo ante" to negotiate peace with Russia, but Mike Pompeo stressed that any appeasement is a mistake. → Read More

Pope Francis: 'World War III' gives arms dealers opportunity, Ukraine invasion 'very complex' situation

Pope Francis argued that people are too quick to label one side the "good guy" and the other the "bad guy," and many miss out on the "drama" behind the war. → Read More

Nicaragua approves Russian troop access to country, defies US objection

The decree allows Cuban, Venezuelan and U.S. forces to also enter the country, but American officials have warned against allowing Russian forces into the country after its invasion of Ukraine. → Read More

Chinese state-run outlet reports, then deletes news of possible alien life: report

The 500-meter wide telescope started its mission in 2020 and in the first two years of its operation has managed to detect at least two instances of strange signals. → Read More

China's growing nuclear arsenal creates new global threat, may topple 70 year old power dynamic: Expert

A tripolar international landscape would occur once China has obtained enough nuclear weapons which may incentivize adversarial neighbors to become nuclear powers in self-defense. → Read More

Navy announces aviation 'safety pause' to review risk-management and training after a spate of crashes

The pause follows a training exercise crash in which five Marines died in the California desert, bringing the total number of Osprey crash deaths to over 40. → Read More

Putin carries poop case when he travels outside Moscow to hide possible health problems: Report

Rumors and speculation have focused on Russian President Vladimir Putin's health even before the invasion of Ukraine as he would undergo extended periods of isolation. → Read More

Biden touts Western Hemisphere 'opportunities,' democracies at summit that excluded Latin American dictators

China has invested in South and Central America as part of its Belt and Road Initiative, which has expanded Beijing's influence by flexing its economic muscle. → Read More

Retired Gen. Allen pushes back on allegations that he lobbied for Qatar during 2017 Gulf blockade

Counsel for retired Gen. John Allen condemned a "damaging ethical breach" amid an investigation into Qatar-related FARA claims against the general, who was placed on leave at the Brookings Institution. → Read More

Russia claims upper hand in Eastern Ukraine, but analysts suggest progress 'costly,' power 'declining'

Analysts debate whether Russia will take the Donbas in the next few weeks or if the lack of progress indicates that Russia's combat power will continue to decline. → Read More

Pro-Russian court in Ukraine sentences British, Moroccan fighters to death for 'mercenary' acts, 'terrorism'

British officials have previously stated that it is illegal for any British service members, including former service members, to join the fighting in Ukraine. → Read More

Military recruitment lags despite reduced targets, record incentives to boost interest

The military has to compete with a healthy job market that has wide appeal to the kind of candidates that could fill more niche roles in the various armed services. → Read More

Scalise blasts Dems for rushing to call for gun control after shootings, blames liberal DAs for rising crime

Polling indicates the majority of Americans support some increased gun control measures, but Rep. Steve Scalise argued some Americans don't understand the proposed measures. → Read More

US, South Korea conduct joint navy drills ahead of possible North Korea nuclear test

Officials in the U.S. and the Indo-Pacific region have warned that North Korea is set to conduct its first nuclear test after satellite images showed construction at a facility. → Read More

Boris Johnson faces 'no confidence' vote after polls show he would lose election held today: Report

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson would lose parliament as well as his own seat as a minister if the government held an election, new polling data showed. → Read More

Japan's increased defense budget make a difference in China deterrence, 'no serious discussion' on nukes

Japan's pledge to double the spending on its military budget would see the country jump from the ninth-largest to the third-largest budget in the world behind the U.S. and China. → Read More

Top Gun Maverick: Navy, Air Force look for recruitment boost following big opening for Tom Cruise sequel

The original "Top Gun" famously boosted Naval Aviator recruitment by about 500%, and officials believe the new sequel can have a similar effect on current recruitment efforts. → Read More