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Recent articles by Kate:

Inflation Reduction Act Passes The Senate

Senate Democrats on Sunday passed sweeping legislation containing provisions to address climate change, health care and taxes, a huge step forward on the party’s agenda after more than a year of halting negotiations. → Read More

Voters Strongly Reject Kansas Republicans’ Sneaky Bid To Take Away Right To Abortion

Kansas voters overwhelmingly shot down an amendment that would have stripped their constitution of its state Supreme Court-interpreted abortion protections… → Read More

Trying To Slice Abortions From Health Care Spits In The Face Of 50 Years Of Medical Progress

America will return to the early ‘70s, but with half a century of medical and technological advances that health care providers in certain states can no longer use. → Read More

Schumer And Manchin Unveil Deal On Climate And Drug Pricing

Schumer and Manchin unveiled a deal centered on climate investments and lowering prescription drug prices, a seemingly resurrected version of the bill Manchin killed last week. → Read More

Supreme Court Quietly Greenlights Further Chipping Away Of Executive Branch Power

In a low-key, one-page order, the Supreme Court on Thursday levied another blow against the Biden administration’s exercise of agency power. → Read More

Committee Presents Showcase Of Republican Fear On January 6

The Jan. 6 committee, in its season finale hearing, drilled down on the theme of Republican fear during the insurrection. → Read More

Sanders Goes After Manchin For ‘Intentionally Sabotaging The President’s Agenda’

Manchin’s latest torpedoing of a deal carefully negotiated within the Democratic caucus provoked Sanders’ very candid anger Sunday morning. → Read More

After Manchin Torpedoes Newest Climate Package, Biden Commits To Using Executive Action

Shortly after Manchin reportedly reneged on a deal that centered on climate and health care, Biden put out a statement committing to using executive action to help the planet. → Read More

Once Again, Manchin Gets The Legislative Deal He Wants And Promptly Blows It Up

In classic fashion, Manchin has torpedoed a deal he spent weeks negotiating with Schumer, likely ending any hope of passing climate legislation before the midterms and heightening the threat of an impending health care crisis. → Read More

As Red States Try To Seal Borders Against Abortion, Mailed Pills Zoom Around The US

Anti-abortion players are eyeing policing the procedure across state lines, while readily available abortion pills fly around the country in discrete packaging. → Read More

After The Supreme Court Trashed Roe, The Abortion Fight Shifts To State Constitutions

Since the Supreme Court ruled that the U.S. Constitution does not protect the right to abortion, furious legal scrambling is underway over whether state constitutions protect access. → Read More

Casey Supports Reforming Filibuster To Pass Abortion Protections

Sen. Casey, son of the famous anti-abortion governor whose name adorns Casey v. Planned Parenthood, will support reforming the filibuster to pass abortion protections. → Read More

Feinstein Says She Will Vote For Filibuster Reform To Pass Abortion Protections

Sen. Feinstein, an institutionalist in the Senate, said Thursday that she would vote to reform the filibuster if it’s necessary to pass abortion protections. → Read More

Kansas Republicans Scheduled Big Abortion Vote For Low-Turnout Primaries. Will It Backfire?

A hugely consequential vote that will decide the fate of abortion rights in Kansas will happen next month, during the sleepy dog days of summer on a sleepy primary ballot. → Read More

Gorsuch Takes Victory Lap In Continuing His Family Tradition Of Dismantling The EPA

Gutting the Environmental Protection Agency runs in the Gorsuch family. → Read More

Kagan Calls EPA Decision What It Really Is: Unvarnished Hostility Towards Agency Power

Kagan gets to the core of what the conservative majority’s dismantling of the EPA’s power is really about: its animosity towards agency power in general, and desire to shift that power to itself. → Read More

Kagan Turns Conservative Justices’ Recent Love Affair With History Against Them In EPA Case

Justice Elena Kagan, in a sly section of a searing dissent, uses historical antecedents to prove that Congress has always delegated broad power to agencies. → Read More

Supreme Court Shackles EPA’s Authority To Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Power Plants

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday on a high-profile case centered on the EPAs ability to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. → Read More

Justice Breyer Retires, Leaving Warnings In His Wake

Justice Stephen Breyer will step down from the bench Thursday, departing from the Supreme Court as it lurches ever more dramatically to the right. → Read More

Providers Stop Offering Abortions As Red States Pounce To Ban Procedure

With trigger laws banning abortions long waiting in the wings, abortion providers in red states are already, hours after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, being forced to stop offering the procedure. → Read More