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Past articles by Clive:

Clive McFarlane: Thinking through the consequences of supporting a racist leader

I am trying to understand why some view the threat of white nationalist terrorism in this country as a hoax, and I am not just referring to Tucker Carlson, → Read More

Clive McFarlane: Auburn dance teacher's dedication earns national recognition

We often marvel at the accomplishments of those who break new ground in the humanities, sciences and the arts, but we seldom reflect on the journeys of → Read More

Clive McFarlane: Public records exemption provision at odds with need for police body cams

There is much to applaud in a state bill seeking to regulate the use of police body and dash cameras and other law enforcement recording devices.The bill, → Read More

Clive McFarlane: Moral behavior in DC fading to 'the new normal'

On Wednesday, I watched the House Judiciary and Intelligence hearings, during which Special Counsel Robert Mueller was questioned on his 400-page investigative report on Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections.Mr. Mueller added nothing that his report had not already disclosed, i.e., that the Russians’ “sweeping and systemic” interference in the 2016 election was on behalf of then-candidate… → Read More

Worcester's high number of homeless students could get worse

If you want to check on the social and economic well-being of our nation and our communities, you can get a fairly accurate reading by examining our → Read More

Clive McFarlane: When racism is the measure of one's own self worth

Recently, I re-watched “Mississippi Burning,” the fictionalized version of the FBI’s investigation into the murder of three young civil rights workers (James Chaney, Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman) by the Ku Klux Klan on June 21, 1964.And while I had seen the movie before, one scene seemed more ominous than I had recalled, perhaps because I wasn’t seeing it as representing the past but the… → Read More

Clive McFarlane: The war on drugs was being waged on the wrong front

Between 2006 and 2012, large quantities of drugs poured into cities and towns around the country, leading to the deaths of 100,000 Americans during that → Read More

Clive McFarlane: Inhumane treatment of migrants at the border should alarm us all

So far in his tenure, President Donald Trump has mesmerized his base into believing that truth, facts, knowledge and transparency are anathema to America’s greatness, but his most alarming accomplishment has been the success he has had in selling hate, bigotry and inhumanity as an acceptable American political philosophy.And nowhere is this Trumpian philosophy more evident than in his… → Read More

Clive McFarlane: City may be looking to mine treasure from trash

Having a few paint containers in need of disposal, I visited the city’s website to read up on its household hazardous waste drop-off protocol, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by a number of things.I expected to see the household items classified as hazardous waste - rubber cement, airplane glue, fiberglass resins, photo chemicals, chemistry sets, furniture polish, floor and metal… → Read More

Clive McFarlane: Some dismayed by lack of concern over the country's direction

Linda Morse emailed me about a protest rally she had helped organize “to bring attention to the horrific conditions” facing migrant children the country is holding in what some have described as “concentration camps.”“Let's stand up for the defenseless children caught in the net of the most disgraceful, corrupt and unmerciful administration this country has ever had on our soil,” she… → Read More

Elizabeth Warren's playbook could be a game changer for democracy

The conventional wisdom is that Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential aspiration is a pipe dream; that her progressive policies, if she were to be the 2020 Democratic nominee, would assure President Donald Trump a second term.Yet, the Massachusetts senator’s poll numbers have been rising as she crisscrosses the nation, outlining her detailed proposals and taking selfies with supporters and… → Read More

Clive McFarlane: Plenty of work to be done if city's diversity committee ever returns

On the first week of February, the city announced its decades-delayed affirmative action plan that it said would ensure its workforce reflects the diversity of its residents.Apparently, the city’s Diversity, Inclusion and Advisory Committee must have taken the affirmative action plan to mean “mission completed” as it pertains to the committee's job of promoting diversity and inclusion in the… → Read More

Clive McFarlane: Some schools not making the grade on teaching tolerance

It seems a long time ago now, the days when my children were young and I would drive them back and forth from school and listen to them talk nonchalantly → Read More

Clive McFarlane: Words unnecessary at Worcester library groundbreaking ceremony

A groundbreaking ceremony for upcoming renovations to the main Worcester Public Library was held Wednesday in the shade of the Franklin Street side of the → Read More

Clive McFarlane: ASU student's efforts at reinvention hit snag at WPI

When Zachery Shropshire, an Arizona State University sophomore, was accepted to a WPI bioengineering summer program this year, it was the latest → Read More

Clive McFarlane: A person's word as bond is a rare currency today

Kurt Wolfe, whose father, Orville L. Krummel, served as an Army Air Corps pilot in World War II, called me earlier this year about a missing wedding ring - → Read More

Clive McFarlane: Stop attacks on state pot law's social equity program

Massachusetts marijuana law's social equity provision is an economic empowering initiative that all industries should emulate to help spur business → Read More

Clive McFarlane: Trump's policies harmful in their haphazard application

Awkward.That’s how a lot of moments will feel when your policymaking is unsound, and unsoundness is, of course, the foundation of President Donald Trump’s misguided quest to "make America great again."The release of John Walker Lindh, otherwise known the "American Taliban,” from prison Thursday is one of those awkward moments for the administration.Mr. Lindh, an American citizen, was captured as… → Read More

Clive McFarlane: School bus driver must treat their passengers with care

Being a parent means having to trust others in your community to help keep your children safe, and that trust is often given without much thought, until → Read More

Clive McFarlane: Charter schools making end run around state caps

From Alabama state legislators voting to adopt an outright ban on almost all abortions, to President Donald Trump thumbing his nose at Congress, the tyranny of the minority view in this country seems to have effectively stymied the power of the majority’s convictions.Here in Massachusetts, one of the bluest states in the union, we are witnessing a more subtle, behind the scenes example of this… → Read More