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Philadelphia, PA, United States

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Past articles by Megan Ray:

How Does AI Help Secure The Supply Chain?

Artificial intelligence can help secure the supply chain in many important ways. Here's what to know about how it can make a difference. → Read More

FAST: China's Telescope Finally Operational

The largest full dish radio telescope in the world, FAST, is finally operational and ready to probe the mysteries of the universe... → Read More

Machine Vision is Key to Industry 4.0 and IoT

Machine vision gives IoT assets, including sensors and robots, new ways to survey their environment and analyze their process or task. → Read More

5 Trends Reshaping Folding Cartons

From the need to meet environmental standards, fight counterfeit products come five trends reshaping the folding carton industry. → Read More

Understanding the Relationship Between Agriculture and Climate Change

Farming contributes 10% to European greenhouse gas emissions, especially when current techniques are anything but eco-conscious. → Read More

How IoT Will Transform Cold Chain Logistics Forever

While some feel IoT is not ready for primetime, it's nevertheless poised to change cold chain logistics forever thanks to increased visibility and control. → Read More

Here’s How To Implement Manufacturing Analytics Today

Here's how to implement manufacturing analytics today, in a world where big data, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence are steadily expanding. → Read More

10 Real World Augmented Reality Examples You Need to See

These ten examples are barely scratching the surface of everything that AR can do — and will do — in the future. → Read More

Is it Time to Implement IoT in the Warehouse?

Is it time to implement IoT in the warehouse? What can supervisors and business owners do to implement this technology as part of their daily operations? → Read More

Invest In Analytics To Improve Your Production Line

Looking to improve the efficiency of your production line? You can use analytics to improve your production line - here's how. → Read More

Looking Ahead to the Lunar Gateway

No human being has set foot on the Moon since December 11th, 1972, when Apollo 17 last landed on our orbiting satellite. We've sent rovers, orbiters and landers since then, but no humans have made... → Read More

Tiny Particles, Big Ideas in Nanomanufacturing

The technology is poised to upend several industries. → Read More

What are the Benefits of GPS Tracking in the Supply Chain?

GPS and location-tracking tools afford unprecedented control, lowered costs, and greater efficiency for supply chain operations. → Read More

How Secure Are The Most Popular Mobile Payment Methods?

The most popular mobile payment methods are so widely use that many don't think twice about their security - but are they truly safe? → Read More

What's the Psychology Behind Bathroom Habits?

It's something we do every day, but most people don't usually think about it — using the bathroom. There is some psychology behind all the choices we make in that room, from which stall we choose to use to who we take with us. Let's examine the underlying psychology behind bathroom habits. → Read More

The Business Benefits of Visualizing Your Data

As your business accumulates more and more data, it becomes increasingly difficult to sift through the information for relevant insights. Even with advanced tools at your disposal, such as AI or machine learning, there’s a massive influx of information to take in. It becomes necessary to organize the evidence into larger datasets you can view … → Read More

How Will Industry 4.0 Impact Supply Chain Network?

As Industry 4.0 sweeps across the supply chain, it’s clear it will have a significant impact on everyone involved. Still, the question is how so? Industry 4.0 and Supply Chain As you’d expect from a name such as Industry 4.0, profound and revolutionary changes are coming to various industries, including manufacturing, development, and the modern … → Read More

Incorporating Smart Technology In Design Can Add More Value to Cities

Smart cities can add value not just through money saved by efficient operations but also through the added benefits for citizens and local businesses by adding great design. Let’s change the design — and build a city. The key to building truly “smart” and efficient cities of the future is improving not just infrastructure — … → Read More

Learn Why Doctors Look To Data To Increase Patient Engagement

As doctors aim to increase patient engagement in their practice, many are starting to turn to data to better understand patient needs. → Read More

Gaining Supply Chain Efficiency With Artificial Intelligence

Without taking advantage of the latest technology, supply chains become inefficient and unable to compete, and with higher consumer expectations and demands throughout the supply chain for faster turnarounds, industry requires the improvements that Artificial Intelligence can provide. → Read More