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Past articles by Leah:

Why Many Men Have a Harder Time Seeking Treatment for Mental Illness

We're ignoring the stigma surrounding mental health that stops many men from seeking help when they need it most — and it's literally killing them. → Read More

Eating Disorders Affect Boys Too. So, Why Aren't We Talking About It?

More than 10 million men are affected by eating disorders in the United States alone, but the signs are often harder to spot and there are different barriers to treatment for males compared to females. → Read More

I Believe Life Starts At Conception & I'm Pro-Choice

I believe that life begins at conception. Let’s just get that right on out of the way. As an infertile woman who would have given anything to be able to carry a child beneath my heart, I mourned the embryos from my failed IVF cycles as babies I’d… → Read More

Teachers Withholding Recess as Punishment Does More Harm Than Good

Recess is a critical component of a child’s healthy development, yet some teachers continue to withhold it as punishment for bad behavior. → Read More

A Letter to the Woman Pushing ‘Wellness’ Products on Me

One writer discusses how unsolicited “wellness” product pitches are deeply problematic for those with eating disorders. → Read More

What to Do If You See Someone Posting Thoughts of Suicide Online

When one social media group manager read posts from a member who was thinking about taking their own life, she turned to experts for advice. Here’s what they told her. → Read More

Want to Boost Your Baby’s Intelligence? Talk to Them – A Lot

Frequently talking to your toddler can give their developing intelligence a big boost. → Read More

Dad’s Drinking Isn’t Scrutinized as Much as Mom’s... It Should Be

“Mommy juice” culture is normalizing alcohol addiction among women, but why do we often give the drinking behavior of dads a pass? → Read More

How Parents Can Help Anxious Kids Cope by Adjusting Their Behavior

A new program is helping children with anxiety disorders by training parents how to adjust their own behavior first — and it’s working. → Read More

What Happens to Kids When Parents Play Favorites?

Whether real or perceived, parental favoritism can have lifelong effects on a child’s self-esteem, emotional well-being, and mental health. → Read More

Why Parenting Without Yelling Is Better for Kids — and You

The challenges of parenting can sometimes cause even the most patient person to raise their voice. But here’s how I learned there’s a better way to mom effectively. → Read More

I KonMari’d Facebook, and You Totally Should Too

I’m not sure when it started, but somewhere toward the end of last year I realized that Facebook was making me crazy. Every time I logged on, I found myself feeling anxious and twitchy. Peopled I’d known and respected my entire life were sharing racist and misogynistic memes. Friends I’ve had for years were mocking sexual assault victims. The news pages I was following were constantly pummeling… → Read More

How America’s Obsession with Early Success Is Hurting Late Bloomers

Here's why parents need to remember a failure to launch often isn't a failure after all. → Read More

New Tinder-Style App Aims to Help Parents of Picky Eaters

With this new app, kids can help parents identify the foods they like by separating choices into 'yucky' or 'yummy' categories — taking some stress out of mealtime. → Read More

7 Common Tanning and Sun Exposure Myths, Busted

Three board-certified dermatologists reveal seven common things we get wrong about tanning. → Read More

The Grossest Part of Motherhood

Motherhood is gross. That's something we can all probably agree on. Nothing will ever fully prepare you for the first time your child has a diaper blowout that reaches the shoulders of their onesie. Or the vomit that will happen directly in your face during that first stomach bug. There is no equipping yourself for the number of boogers you will find on various pieces of your own clothing or how… → Read More

How Sexual Assault Can Impact Your Physical Health, Even Years Later

The body's natural reaction to dealing with the trauma of sexual assault can have negative effects on a person's long-term physical health. → Read More

How Your Diet May Be Making You Unhappy Especially If You’re a Woman

New research finds diet may have a greater impact on the mood and mental wellness of women. → Read More

Regular Bedtime Healthy for Adults

It's not just for kids. Having a regular bedtime may have numerous health benefits for adults as well. → Read More

I Never Wanted an Only Child, But She’s Turning Out Pretty OK

"The good news is, at least she doesn’t act like an only child," my friend said offhandedly not too long ago. She was referencing my daughter, and I know she meant it as a compliment. But oof. I immediately took a deep breath as I decided how to respond. "What does that mean, exactly?" I finally said. "How does an only child act?" My friend paused, shot me a confused look, and said, "You know,… → Read More