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Past articles by Steve:

CORBIN: Contemplating what's ahead in 2022

Reflecting on 2021’s highs and lows plus contemplating what’s ahead in 2022 is reality therapy; good for the soul. → Read More

Corbin: Iowa’s 'Totalitarian Party' rules the kingdom

Iowa’s GOP should be renamed TP (Totalitarian Party). → Read More

Corbin: 15 policies, issues Americans pay attention to when voting for president

With only 22 weeks remaining until the start of the Feb. 3 presidential primary and caucus calendar with three, possibly four Republican candidates and 21 Democrats vying to be America’s → Read More

Corbin: We're now borrowing 25 cents of every dollar we spend

With the recently announced two-year federal budget deal, discretionary spending will increase $2.7 trillion over the next two years. Knowing Iowa Republican Senators Joni Ernst and Charles Grassley along with → Read More

Corbin: Short-sighted presidents often end up serving only one term

Historians have concluded as a result of short-sighted decisions, five U.S. Presidents (i.e., William Taft-Rep., Herbert Hoover-Rep., Gerald Ford-Rep., Jimmy Carter-Dem. and George H.W. Bush-Rep.) created a recessionary economic environment → Read More

Corbin: Constitution, Oath of Office should guide Congress on impeachment

In 1776, Thomas Paine advocated independence from Great Britain by stating that in a free republic “the law is king.” Paine contended “for as in absolute governments the King is → Read More

Corbin: Think twice before invoking socialism as a bad word

The closer we get to what I predict will be our most contentious election on Nov. 3, 2020, the word "socialist" will increasingly be used to label many candidates seeking → Read More

Corbin: Dem or GOP, one-party control hurts Iowa

Most Americans would agree one-party countries, like the Russian Federation or People’s Republic of China, are not the best manner in which to run a country, let alone to live → Read More

Corbin: How pro-life is the Iowa GOP? Here's a test.

“I do not believe that just because you’re opposed to abortion that that makes you pro-life. Your morality is deeply lacking if all you want is a child born but → Read More

Corbin: Trump's small lies create big problems

In card games, 'trump' is considered the suit of cards ranking above the others in a particular hand. Trump is also the surname of the 45th president of the United → Read More

Corbin: 14 reasons Trump's trade war failed

Being forced to use postulates, axioms, theorems and inductive and deductive reasoning to find "proofs" and a solution to high school Geometry problems became a great precursor and positive omen → Read More

Corbin: Time to be truthful about Trump

As each day of Donald Trump’s presidency continues, the number of false and misleading claims keeps rising. If this pattern of moral decay continues, the legacy of our 45th president → Read More

Corbin: 'Anxious minority' boosts right

Billy Graham, the most influential Christian leader of the 21st century, must be rolling over in his grave while witnessing how some white evangelical Christians have abandoned moral judgment and → Read More

Corbin: Proving 'Iowa Nice' at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the holiday where most people extend gratitude to family members and close friends for making their life better. Thanksgiving 2018 should also be a time to reflect on → Read More

Corbin: Reflect on the issues that divide us

With the 2018 election concluded (thankfully), maybe we can get back to a normal life without political banter and negative campaigning. Until, that is, the next news story reveals something → Read More

How we can restore civil debate by understanding our own biases

With today’s unparalleled divisiveness, it may be time to get an honest assessment of our biases. → Read More

Corbin: 5 issues to help Iowa decide

Voters will soon decide, in a forced-choice decision-making manner, if actions at Iowa’s Capitol under one political party, the GOP, made Iowa a better place to live or if change → Read More

Corbin: China sees no threat from policies

Of the 195 countries the United States interacts with, three countries are not fazed when President Trump rails against NATO, NAFTA, United Nations, World Trade Organization, climate accord, European Union, → Read More

Corbin: Bully rhetoric builds on itself

While growing up my parents would repeatedly remind me “you are not only judged by the company you keep but also by the words you speak. Choose both carefully.” → Read More

Corbin: Abroad, respect for us not Trump

“Our political situation becomes more and more hopeless, and every day seems even more dire than the last. I no longer have days when I think it can’t get any → Read More