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Recent articles by Caroline:

The Crown ends an era with an ominous Christmas

The Crown season 4's finale, like the premiere, largely centers around the two women who have defined and defied this season’s take on the monarchical system: Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana. → Read More

The Crown sings a repetitive ditty about Charles and Diana

Early into “Avalanche,” Anne make an astute observation about Charles and Diana’s marriage: He acts older than his age and she acts younger than hers, which even further widens the considerable gap in their ages and personalities. But maybe the biggest problem with Charles and Diana’s relationship is that they’re both phenomenally self-centered people. They’re each so focused on themselves that… → Read More

It’s the Queen vs. the Iron Lady in a fiery episode of The Crown

If you ever wanted to know what it would be like if Aaron Sorkin wrote The Crown, then boy do I have an episode for you! “48:1” may feature only a handful of brief walk-and-talks, but it has a certain bold, brash, blunt approach that feels more in keeping with something like The West Wing (or maybe The Newsroom) than a traditional episode of The Crown. This is an hour about words, politics, and… → Read More

Princess Margaret uncovers the human cost of The Crown

There’s something about Princess Margaret that inspires Peter Morgan to think outside the box. He uses her episodes to indulge in new tones for The Crown—like a lush 1950s romantic melodrama or a brassy 1970s tragicomedy. “The Hereditary Principle” briefly feints towards being the latter, as Margaret and her man-of-the-month Derek “Dazzle” Jennings (The Souvenir’s Tom Burke) enjoy a raucous… → Read More

The Crown sends a new generation of royals on tour

The Crown has a natural tendency towards dourness. There are times when the show seems to suggest that the Windsors have never experienced so much as a single moment of joy in their privileged, constrained lives. “Terra Nullius” proves how much value there is in mixing things up a bit. This episode contains some of the sweetness scenes in The Crown’s history, as Charles and Diana use a royal… → Read More

Years before Elsa and Anna, Tangled reinvigorated the Disney princess tradition

Tangled is the most overtly rom-com-y of the Disney princess films, with equal focus given to both of its leads and a certain effervescence to their dynamic. Rapunzel and Flynn turn out to be an excellent rom-com couple because they help each other grow. → Read More

A terrifying home invasion rocks The Crown—and real-life history

Some of the most compelling episodes of The Crown simply dramatize a historical event that feel almost too implausible to be true—like a bizarre fog that turns London into a real-life horror movie. → Read More

Kristen Stewart celebrates the Happiest Season in a pioneering queer Christmas rom-com

Mix The Family Stone with While You Were Sleeping, add a touch of My Best Friend’s Wedding, and give the whole thing a lesbian makeover, and you’ve got Happiest Season, Hulu’s much-anticipated new holiday rom-com starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis. → Read More

The Crown finally (finally!) explores Elizabeth as a mother

"Favourites" is a “better later than never” addition to The Crown, a series that’s always been curiously reluctant to explore its protagonist’s inner life, especially as it relates to motherhood. → Read More

Even a sitcom-y subplot can’t drag down a thoughtful This Is Us

“Honestly” paints a nuanced portrait of a whole bunch of different characters and relationships. Unfortunately, it also contains one of the worst “comedic” subplots in This Is Us history. → Read More

The Crown puts Lady Di’s fractured fairy tale front and center

Lady Di is a young woman coming of age at the dawn of a new decade. Unfortunately, she soon gets a harsh lesson in how little the royal family is equipped to adjust to the times. → Read More

The Crown enjoys a revealing weekend in the country

There are times when “The Balmoral Test" feels more like a darkly comedic episode of Succession than a stately British period piece. → Read More

The Crown returns with two major new famous faces

The Crown's season-four premiere doesn’t waste any time introducing us to two of the most well-known women in modern British history: Diana Spencer and Margaret Thatcher. → Read More

This Is Us tackles parenting during puberty and pandemics

This Is Us’ fifth season premiere had the massive hurdle of reintroducing the show in its new pandemic reality. This week, the series (mostly) gets back to business as usual. → Read More

In a dire decade for the genre, Queen Latifah became a new kind of rom-com star

Romances featuring plus-sized women usually fall into two categories: Either the woman is a self-assured man-eater, or her arc is about learning that what's holding her back isn’t her weight, but a lack of self-confidence. Just Wright offers a middle ground. → Read More

Holidate is a bawdy start to Netflix’s holiday rom-com slate

Like so much of Netflix’s quantity over quality output, Holidate is broad, unsubtle, and seemingly designed to be half-watched, phone in hand. Yet within that framework, it finds a unique comedic spark that keeps it zipping along. → Read More

This Is Us’ season 5 premiere embraces our new pandemic reality

With NBC's This Is Us back for season 5, we ask: Do we want our TV shows to embrace the chance to deliver COVID verisimilitude or are we longing for escapism? → Read More

Practical Magic: The rise of a spooky season classic

The audiences and the critics in 1998 didn’t know what to make of Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock as the witchy Practical Magic sisters Sally and Gillian Owens—but they've inspired quite the coven in the years since. → Read More

After We Collided slides toward R-rated camp—but not far enough

“Afternators” will no doubt be pleased with this slightly campier, R-rated continuation of the series. For everyone else, there’s not enough innovation to make After We Collided a worthwhile jumping-on point. → Read More

Dirty Dancing spoke its conscience with its hips

Dirty Dancing is a fun, frothy, sexy dance flick that made over $213 million worldwide, produced two multi-platinum soundtracks, and became the first film to sell a million copies on home video. It’s also a movie with a resounding sense of moral clarity. → Read More