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Kara Nesvig

Apartment Therapy

Minneapolis, MN, United States

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Past articles by Kara:

6 Simple Tips to Be More Patient, According to Mental Health Experts

Patience is a virtue, they say, but it’s often easier said than done. Many people live busy, action-packed lives, hopping between work, errands, and activities at a rapid pace. Things like two-day shipping, Slack, Teams, and grocery delivery have set the expectation that everything should be delivered ASAP, that every need is urgent. → Read More

Try This Simple 3-Step Trick Next Time You’re Shopping to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

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One Thing to Never Do With Your Savings and 4 Things You Should Always Do, According to Financial Experts

You’re doing what you can to save money — you contribute to a savings account and try your best to refrain from dipping into it. But is the best thing to do with your savings really just “set it aside and forget about it?” According to these financial experts, no! Simply not spending money is half the battle, but stopping there is a common mistake. → Read More

5 Habits That Help Me Stay Organized When I'm Feeling Down

Letting things slide because you’re in a funk is normal, but to help manage your time, these simple habits from wellness experts can help you keep those tasks organized. → Read More

7 Little Ways to Buy Less Stuff, According to Finance Experts

Treating yourself has literally never been easier. With just the click of a mouse or a few taps on your phone, you can buy basically anything and have it shipped to you in a matter of days, if not hours — activating those pleasure centers with instant gratification. → Read More

6 Ways to Use Venmo Without Being a Jerk to Your Friends, According to Etiquette Experts

Venmo and other money-sharing apps like Cash App have changed the game when it comes to sending money to friends, family, and others — but that convenience can come with its fair share of sticky situations. For many, money is an uncomfortable topic, and asking a friend to pay you their half of the dinner bill or dealing with an unexpected cash request can be an awkward landscape to navigate. → Read More

9 Tips for Finding Great Deals on Facebook Marketplace, According to Experts

Furnishing a space, whether you like modern decor or prefer a more maximalist approach, is a big endeavor — and it can really add up fast, cash-wise. Perhaps you’re looking for a more sustainable method and opting for secondhand, versus waiting out supply chain delays and buying new. Whatever you’re looking for, Facebook Marketplace may be just the spot to make your decor dreams come true. → Read More

6 Lessons from Women Who Share What They Learned Living Alone for the First Time

After years of living with roommates, I moved into my first solo apartment in 2014, a 1920s-era unit in Minneapolis. I was 27 years old and ready for my own space, and the three years I spent in that apartment were some of the most formative of my life. → Read More

10 Little Ways to Boost Your Credit Score, According to Finance Experts

Your credit score doesn’t define you, but it does have lots of impact when it comes to milestones like applying for a car loan or mortgage. Your score is determined by a few different factors, including the length of credit, your payment history, and your credit ratio. Making payments on time is one of the best ways to keep your credit score in a good place, but there are other small things you… → Read More

The Bedroom of the Past Looks Nothing Like the Bedroom of the Future

The bedroom has undergone plenty of change over the past 100-plus years, but how did we get from the matching bedroom sets and coordinating curtains and bedspreads of the past to the tech-friendly, luxurious suites we see today? → Read More

The Simple, 5-Minute Habits That Therapists Say Will Reduce WFH Burnout

Even if you enjoy working from home, the WFH burnout can get real. In spring 2021, Indeed released a report sharing that 67 percent of the 1,500 U.S. workers surveyed said their burnout had worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Burnout can happen when you can’t put a commute between yourself and the office, you can’t effectively step away from your desk, or you find yourself juggling a higher… → Read More

Not Into New Year’s Resolutions? Try Setting One of These Attainable Goals Instead

Even if New Year’s resolutions aren’t your thing, you’ve probably set a few goals in your life, from professional to financial to personal. Some may have worked out better than others, but you should try to see your prior success rate as a learning opportunity rather than a failure. For true success, it’s best to focus on both where you’ve been and where you’d like to be, then set realistic… → Read More

8 Common Money Mistakes You May Be Making — and How to Fix Them

You consider yourself pretty good with money. You try to stick to a budget, don’t splurge too often on things you can’t afford, and pay your bills on time. However, even the most financially responsible people may be making mistakes with their money without realizing it. From budget oversights to not taking advantage of savings tools, these are common money mistakes you may be making — and… → Read More

The 4 Things You Should Always Do After Bringing Clothes Back from the Dry Cleaner

You’ve just picked up a handful of items from your local dry cleaner. Whether it’s a stack of sweaters, your winter coats, or a precious item like a beaded jacket or formal gown, you might be wondering: now what? Can you just pop the items in the closet and go, or should you take further steps to ensure your treasured items stay pristine?Here’s what you should do immediately after a dry cleaner… → Read More

6 Ways to Make January Days Feel Less Short, Draining, and Dreary

January can be tough. The holidays and all their hustle and bustle are over, as is the break from work. Days are dark and short but feel never-ending, and if you live somewhere with a cold climate, you know that the winter chills of January are nothing to scoff at. Another COVID-19 variant has many people spending more time at home to stay safe, which only adds to the January ennui. In short,… → Read More

6 Smart Ways to Get Prepped for Taxes Ahead of Time

Tax Day isn’t until April 15, but it comes up fast — and there’s nothing worse than the last-minute shuffle to get everything together for your CPA or TurboTax session. If you find yourself hunting for W-2s or 1099s and sending in your info just in the nick of time (or a few days late) and want to reduce that stress for 2022, you’ve got this. These tips from tax and financial experts will help… → Read More

7 Decor Tips for Making (Another, Sigh) Pandemic Winter As Cozy As Possible

Like it or not, another pandemic winter is on the horizon. If you live in a colder climate and don’t feel comfortable gathering with others indoors in a restaurant or event setting, you may be worried about yet another year spent in your space — not to mention bored with your surroundings. → Read More

10 Kitchen Tips, Habits, and Hacks I Learned From Apartment Therapy This Year

Earlier this year, I did a deep dive into the history of the kitchen, speaking with professors, kitchen enthusiasts, and designers. All agreed that the kitchen will continue being the center of household activity, even as design trends change and technology continues to adapt to our high-octane lifestyles. → Read More

Here’s How to Decompress Over the Holidays

The holiday season is full of delights: delicious food, cozy vibes, quality time with the people you love, and parties both real and virtual. But those cheery lights, pretty packages, and cute snowman cookies can bring with them a high volume of holiday-related stress, from budgeting for gifts to packed schedules and family drama to worries over how you’ll get it all done. → Read More

5 Unique Experiences to Give Instead of Gifts This Holiday Season, According to People Who Swear By Them

People who have given experience gifts weigh in on the best ones they've ever given loved ones. → Read More