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Recent articles by Justin:

Have We Been Measuring Housing Inflation All Wrong?

Focusing on rents on new leases, as commercial indexes do, gives a better read on price pressures than existing government gauges like CPI. → Read More

The Reason You’re Still Waiting to Order a Meal

Restaurants are doing more business than before the pandemic with fewer employees. That’s economic progress of a sort. → Read More

Are Republicans Right About America’s Crime Wave? Let’s Look at the Data

The big increase in murder rates during the pandemic is reason enough for alarm, and now other crime seems to be rising. → Read More

Apartment Builders Didn’t Get the Housing Slump Memo

Multifamily units make up the majority of a record number of homes under construction and are showing few signs of a slowdown. → Read More

Downtown San Francisco Can’t Shake Working From Home

The city has a lot of problems, but the main one is that so few people are going to the office. → Read More

What Great Resignation? Workers Are Staying Put

Median job tenure in the US was unchanged from early 2020 to early 2022, and it isn’t much different from what it was in the 1960s. → Read More

San Francisco’s Empty Train Cars Spell Trouble for Public Transit

The Bay Area experienced the nation’s sharpest decline in ridership during the pandemic, and a fiscal cliff looms. → Read More

Why Is a New York Apartment Still So Hard to Find?

The pandemic exodus from the city hasn’t led to an era of cheaper rents. → Read More

Dry Cleaners Were Disappearing Even Before the Pandemic

Starched shirts just don’t have the same appeal they once did. But there are forces greater than the virus at work here. → Read More

The 55-and-Older Labor Market Exodus Is a Statistical Mirage

People in their late 50s and early 60s haven’t stopped working, and for those over 65, workforce participation declines have been smaller than generally portrayed. → Read More

A Job Market Anomaly Begins to Correct

After diverging for awhile, business and household surveys of employment are headed in the same direction again: Up. → Read More

Biden's Economy Has the Best Growth Record Since Clinton

Then again, inflation under Biden is the worst since Carter, so there’s no cause for celebrating yet. → Read More

Inflation Is Up Everywhere, But How Much Depends on Where You Live

The Northeast isn’t feeling the pain as much as the South or Mountain West,. This could have political implications in the 2022 midterms. → Read More

What Happened When Minneapolis Ended Single-Family Zoning

The city’s path-breaking shift has brought a lot of national attention and, so far, fewer than 100 new housing units. Still, it’s a step. → Read More

How Inflation Can Be Both 0% and 8.5% at the Same Time

Consumer prices didn’t rise in July. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not rising. → Read More

Elder Millennials Have Less Time for Fun

A new report on how Americans spend their days shows  35- to 44-year-olds have fewer leisure hours than anybody else, and less than two decades ago. → Read More

China’s Economic Engine Is About to Start Shrinking

The nation’s working-age population could decline by two-thirds or more by century’s end, according to new UN projections. → Read More

China's Economic Engine Is About to Start Shrinking

The nation’s working-age population could decline by two-thirds or more by century’s end, according to new UN projections. → Read More

Inflation Is Even Worse If You Measure It the Proper Way

Making a year-over-year comparison of price increases is easy to understand but inevitably backward-looking. And right now monthly core inflation is clearly accelerating. → Read More

Where Have People Gone All-Electric? Not the Places You’d Expect

Homes free of fossil fuels are most common in Southern red states; natural gas dependence is greatest in big blue states. → Read More