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Recent articles by Jonathan:

Donald Trump Bleeds Rural America, Elizabeth Warren Plans To Save It

Few have been lied to more than rural populations about what Donald Trump is supposedly doing for them. → Read More

Stock Market Crumbles, Along With The Rest Of Society

Things are going badly in the stock market, and everywhere else. → Read More

Why Can’t Anyone Give Us A Straight Answer About Average Law School Student Loan Debt?

This data should not be that hard to collect. → Read More

Dances With Wolves In Space FINALLY Dethroned As Highest Grossing Movie By Avengers: Endgame

This is not accounting for inflation and there are all kinds of other reasons you could argue that Avatar actually made more money, but shhhhhh… → Read More

Trump’s Record Second Quarter Fundraising Total Not-So Grand Compared To Democratic Field’s

Trump’s fundraising total is impressive, but when you add up what all the Democratic candidates are generating, they are outraising him. → Read More

What Recovery? During Record Economic Expansion, Bottom 90 Percent’s Share Continues To Plummet

The purported economic recovery of the past 10 years has affected different segments of the population very unevenly. → Read More

Netflix Cash Cow ‘Stranger Things’ Roars Back For Season Three, To Audience And Stockholder Delight

While Netflix has a lot of different things going for it to account for the meteoric rise of its stock price, quality content is a major part of the streaming service puzzle. → Read More

What The Hell Is A Gigawatt? Green Energy Renewables And Virtual Power-Purchase Agreements

Although virtual power-purchase agreements can be credited for only a small portion of green energy projects overall, they are becoming more influential every year. → Read More

Goldman Sachs Follows Jamie Lannister Character Arc (Hopefully To A More Satisfying Conclusion)

Is this old repository for rich white guys maybe, just maybe, turning over a new leaf? → Read More

You’re A Millennial, Dude

If you’re a Millennial, wear that label like a badge of honor. → Read More

Donald Trump Blows As Much Taxpayer Money On Golf As Richest Pro Golfer Tiger Woods Earns Golfing

There should be some kind of official oversight regarding how much taxpayer money a president can spend on something as frivolous as weekly golf trips. → Read More

Maverick Exchange IEX Openly Taunts NYSE, Nasdaq Giants Over Fees; SEC Regulators Nod Approvingly

IEX, and the SEC, should be applauded for continuing to help promote fairer markets for all of us. → Read More

Trump Tariffs Used To Justify Pillaging Local Natural Resources, To Profit Foreign Companies

We shouldn’t be digging up natural resources to feed an artificial demand we created out of whole cloth and could do away with just as easily. → Read More

Impossible Foods’ $300 Million Haul Ahead Of IPO Good News To Former Meatpacking Laborer

Embracing the products that companies like Impossible Foods are making in the IPO world doesn’t mean we’re barreling toward an apocalyptic meatless society. → Read More

Baby Boomers Driving Off Debt Cliff With Expensive Car Loans, According To New Study

Why doesn't car loan debt have the same emotional resonance as a source of panic compared to student loan debt:? → Read More

Trump Proposed Shortening Student Debt Repayment Period Before Elizabeth Warren’s Push For Loan Forgiveness

There's one big difference: canceled debt will not be taxed as income under Warren's plan. → Read More

Kamala Harris Tax Returns Show Husband Doug Emhoff’s Biglaw Haul From DLA Piper

Less than 10 percent of this power couple’s 2018 income came from Harris’s salary as a sitting United States senator. → Read More

Elon Musk’s Not The Only Ego In The Courtroom For SEC’s Tesla Tweet Contempt Showdown

SEC personnel should think more about who they are supposed to be protecting and less about the mean things Elon Musk said about them. → Read More

SEC Shatters The Backboard At Supreme Court Despite Thomas’s Rambling Old Man Dissent

Despite the mildly infuriating dissent, the right side won, and the SEC scored a well-earned victory. → Read More

My Client Died In Front Of Me At The Courthouse And I Don’t Much Feel Like Writing About Money

Nobody expects to die at the courthouse on the way to a hearing. → Read More