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Past articles by Colleen:

Jey’nce Poindexter: 'I'm Voting For Joe Biden To Protect Transgender Rights'

Jey’nce Poindexter is a trans woman living in Michigan and she's voting for Joe Biden to ensure equal rights and protection for the transgender community. → Read More

Former Vegan Influencers Speak Out About Backlash From Followers

Yovana Mendoza, Alyse Parker, and Alexandra Jamieson on gaining followings due to their vegan diets—and facing backlash when they started eating meat and dairy again. → Read More

6 Best Teas To Help You Sleep

If you're having trouble sleeping, establishing a calming ritual can be very helpful, including sipping a sleep tea. Try one of these six options. → Read More

20 Protein-Packed Breakfasts That Don’t Involve Eggs

Sick of omelets and egg scrambles? Try these 20 other high-protein breakfast ideas to get your morning protein fix using kefir, Greek yogurt, and whole grains. → Read More

How Much Sugar Is It Safe To Eat Per Week?

Sugar (even natural sugars like honey and maple syrup) should be eaten in moderation. But how much sugar a day can you eat? Here's what nutritionists have to say. → Read More

Is Eggnog Good For You? Nutrition, Calories

Eggnog is one of those things you drink a lot, once a year. But is it good for you? Here's the nutrition information about eggnog, and how to make it healthier. → Read More

Is The Raw Food Diet Ever A Good Idea?

What exactly is the raw food diet? Here's what you should know about this strange (and potentially unsafe) food trend. → Read More

The Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss—Hands Down

This is the best seven-day diet plan to help you lose weight, as well as reduce bloating and give you way more energy. → Read More

Can Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar On The Keto Diet Help You Lose Even More Weight?

Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian swear drinking apple cider vinegar can boost fat-burning potential while on the keto diet, but do experts agree? Here’s what to know. → Read More

‘I’m Vegan And I’ve Got More Energy Now Than I Did In College’

Tracye McQuirter has been vegan for thirty years. Here's why she decided to adopt a plant-based diet, and what she eats in a day. → Read More

8 Prebiotic Foods You Should Probably Add To Your Diet

Probiotics are great, but prebiotic foods might be even better at improving your gut health and all the other benefits that come with it. → Read More

What Is Pea Protein Powder And How Does It Differ? Nutrition, Benefits

Pea protein is everywhere, but what is it? And how is pea protein different from whey protein? Here's everything you need to know. → Read More

7 Blood Clot Symptoms To Look Out For – Signs You Have A Blood Clot

Pain, tenderness, and swelling can be warning signs of a blood clot. Here are the symptoms to look out for, and when to get treatment. → Read More

9 HIV Symptoms Every Woman Needs To Know

HIV affects a fair number of American women (more than 7,000 were diagnosed in 2016, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). And the symptoms of HIV often catch many by surprise. Here are nine HIV symptoms to watch out for. → Read More

What Are Blue-Light Blocking Glasses—And Do They Even Work?

Blue-light blocking glasses claim to help you sleep better, reduce digital eyestrain, and even protect against macular degeneration and permanent eye damage—but can they actually do any of that stuff? → Read More

12 Foods That Have More Fiber Than A Fiber Bar

These high fiber foods have more fiber in them than a traditional fiber bar. Here's how to eat them! → Read More

6 Keto Rules To Follow Even If You're Not Actually Keto

The ketogenic diet is known to be super restrictive, but following some of the basic rules can help promote healthy weight loss in anyone. Here’s what to know. → Read More

7 Supplements You Might Want To Take If You're A Vegan

Here are some important vegan supplements that people should consider taking if on a plant-based diet. → Read More

True Or False: You Can Become Lactose Intolerant As An Adult

While most people who are lactose intolerant develop it early, it is possible to become lactose intolerant as an adult. Here's why. → Read More

What 9 Nutritionists Eat When They're Really Damn Stressed

Hey, it happens to the best of us. Here's what nutritionist eat when they're stressed. → Read More