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Recent articles by Peter:

Walmart has added virtual reality to its assessment of an employee’s potential

For the past few months, Walmart — the nation’s largest employer — has begun evaluating employees using an experimental tool: virtual reality. → Read More

Google’s balloon project has a new test: providing Internet access to ‘mountainous villagers’ in Kenya.

Loon — an Internet-providing balloon service owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company — will give “mountain villagers” in Kenya the opportunity to purchase 4g service. → Read More

This seafood restaurant’s latest catch: Chinese robots that greet customers and deliver food.

A newly opened Delaware seafood restaurant has a unique item on its menu: robot servers. The machines are the latest example of intelligent machines working in the restaurant industry. → Read More

Wearable technology started by tracking steps. Soon, it may allow your boss to track your performance.

A team of researchers from Dartmouth say they’ve created a mobile-sensing system — consisting of fitness bracelets, sensors and a custom app — that can measure employee performance with about 80 percent accuracy. → Read More

Florida’s latest oddity: Semi trucks with nobody inside them

Starsky Robotics has begun testing unmanned, remotely operated trucks on highways. The vehicles are being pitched as a solution for the industry's massive driver shortage. → Read More

Children battling cancer can’t always express their feelings. Now a robotic duck is doing it for them.

Known as “My Special Aflac Duck,” the robot is merging play with tools that help doctors do their jobs. → Read More

Domino’s will start delivering pizzas via an autonomous robot this fall

Domino's plans to start delivering pizzas using an autonomous, unmanned vehicle. The announcement is the latest example of technology companies using robots to deliver food. → Read More

Uber plans to start delivering McDonald’s hamburgers by drone this summer

This week Uber announced plans to begin testing the first-ever commercial application of drone food delivery in high-density urban areas, joining companies like Amazon and Google that are seeking to make make unmanned commercial deliveries using the same technology. → Read More

Amazon’s one-day delivery service depends on the work of thousands of robots

This week, Amazon unveiled a new warehouse robot named Pegasus. The suitcase-sized robot is used to sort packages at dozens of the company's sprawling distribution centers. → Read More

Bird adds new vehicle to its fleet: a two-seater electric bicycle with an LCD screen.

Bird, which operates in more than 100 cities around the globe, plans to add a seated electric vehicle that can accommodate up to two adults to its fleet. → Read More

The latest YouTube craze? Videos that show you what it’s like to live in prison.

Prison channels on YouTube have more than 2.1 million subscribers and about 342 million page views. → Read More

To restore Internet access after a massive earthquake, the Peruvian government turned to balloons

When a magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck remote parts of Peru’s Amazon region, Loon — an Internet-providing balloon service owned by Alphabet — dispatched a group of balloons to the impacted area. → Read More

Carpal tunnel, back pain and social anxiety: Inside the injury-plagued world of professional gaming.

Professional gamers compete for million in prize money. As esports grow increasingly popular, a growing number of doctors are specializing in treating the physical injuries that have followed. → Read More

E-scooter company Spin will place dozens of start-up’s solar-powered docking stations in two cities this summer

Two U.S. cities, have agreed to a 60-day pilot program installing dozens of electric docking stations on sidewalks. The stations give riders a designated place to park their devices, keeping sidewalks free of clutter. → Read More

A German startup just completed its first test of a new on-demand air taxi

Lilium, a Munich-based startup, has unveiled an electric five-seat, air taxi prototype that completed its first flight earlier this month. The aircraft is designed to take-off and land vertically. → Read More

One solution for keeping traffic stops from turning violent: A robot that separates police officers from drivers.

A California researcher has created a robot that allows police officers to conduct traffic stops without leaving the relative safety of their vehicle. → Read More

Burger King’s latest plan to reach customers: Whoppers delivered right to your car.

Now Burger King has unveiled a direct to driver delivery concept the company has labeled “The Traffic Jam Whopper.” The initiative, which is being rolled out in Mexico City, allows drivers to order food directly to their car, where it is delivered via motorcycle. → Read More

New video shows a humanoid robot crossing a balance beam with ease

Researchers from The Institute for Human & Machine Cognition have released a video showing a humanoid walking autonomously across a series of narrow blocks. Researchers are trying to create a bipedal machine that can traverse a variety of terrains with the same ease as humans. → Read More

The Technology 202: Drones in Aisle 5? Grocery stores are becoming unusual hotbeds of innovation

But the technological upheaval is not without risk. → Read More

The London Marathon’s method for reducing plastic bottles: Edible seaweed pouches

At the London Marathon, participants received a new kind of refreshment: tiny pouches filled with a sports drink and made from seaweed. The squishy pods gave race organizers a chance to cut down on the flood of plastic waste that accompanies major sporting events. → Read More