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Florida, United States

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Recent articles by Frank:

New law renews power of police to ticket Florida drivers for "rhythmic bass" sound from stereo

New Florida law revives ability to ticket drivers for loud car stereos, and even impound cars for loud stereos if part of an non-permitted beach party → Read More

Attention, Florida Girl Scouts: This is no time to be kind, considerate of others

The Girl Scouts could be the next victim of Gov. Ron DeSantis' campaign to punish groups that don't conform to his political views → Read More

Gas prices in Jupiter out of this world? It's all relative. Look at Boca

Jupiter Mayor Jim Kuretski is upset at a new gas station's high prices, but they'd be the lowest in Boca Raton, and don't even mention bottled water. → Read More

Measuring costs of immigrants but not benefits not a useful analysis of Florida

State health officials ask Florida hospitals to tally the cost of unreimbursed care for undocumented immigrants. It's an act of political theater. → Read More

Politics on a plane! Giving anti-maskers section on airliner validates bad behavior

Having separate sections on planes for people who wear masks and people won't will do nothing to confront the big problem: our inability to get along. → Read More

Retirees with guns: Kings Point dog walker shot by golf-cart vigilante in condo caper

The good old days of altercations between senior citizens being fought with canes are gone. Now it's guns and a open-carry law may make make it worse. → Read More

Disruptive PBIA airline passengers get lesson in the limits of 'free speech'

A common misconception is the First Amendment protects all obnoxious, jerky behavior and speech. It doesn't, as two outspoken PBIA passengers learned. → Read More

In trying to stop crashes at Brightline crossings, train horns get silence treatment

Brightline crossing safety measures miss the sounding of train horns, which have been banned due to pressure from residents living near tracks. → Read More

DeSantis using Black kids as Critical Race Theory props is political child abuse

Why isn't anyone accusing Gov. Ron DeSantis of 'grooming' for the way his team put 'anti-CRT' signs in the hands of children too young to understand? → Read More

Florida judge's COVID mask ruling sidesteps words of former Supreme Court justice

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens' 'Chevron deference opinion' didn't impress U.S. Judge Katherine Kimball Mizelle, who ended the mask mandate. → Read More

Banning CRT from Florida math textbooks is my pi in the sky agenda

Florida officials say critical race theory has infiltrated the math textbooks used by Florida students. And so the state will ban nearly half of them. → Read More

'Fairness' in redistricting congressional seats made a mockery in Florida

Ron DeSantis and Florida lawmakers work together to take already unfair legislative district maps and make them more unrepresentative of state voters. → Read More

Less sunshine: Florida puts hiring of university presidents behind closed doors

A new law limits the period of public disclosure in the selection process of public university presidents, just as five schools are seeking them. → Read More

Flori-duh alert: Mandatory shooting classes for Florida public high school students?

State Rep. Anthony Sabatini calls for mandatory marksmanship classes for Florida's high school students on the eve of the Parkland gunman's trial. → Read More

To NFL owners in Palm Beach: Get rid of kicking, make football more entertaining

Cerabino column: NFL owners meeting in Palm Beach ought to push for eliminating kicking in football for more entertaining product. → Read More

Tips for new Florida residents to assimilate quickly with hostile local population

Too many out-of-state homebuyers, Florida survey says. Columnist suggests how new homebuyers can quickly assimilate with the native population → Read More

If you think Disney World is 'woke' on LGBT issues, that's just the half of it

Lost in fight against Florida's "don't say gay" bill is Disney's effort to address casual racism against Native Americans. → Read More

How will 'bastion of freedom' Florida react if new round of COVID, vaccines arrive?

With a new COVID variant expected to arrive from Europe, Florida's 'bastion of freedom' posturing could be tested by new vaccines and safety measures. → Read More

EPA OKs Florida pilot program using sterile male mosquitoes to control swarm

An EPA pilot program in Florida Keys and California uses sterile male mosquitoes to fight the spread of the Zika virus by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. → Read More

'Citadel of Freedom' Florida enacts ways to muzzle academic freedom at state universities

One temper tantrum masquerading as a bill would jeopardize federal funding for state universities. Another would target outspoken tenured professors. → Read More