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Recent articles by Tim:

Unemployment will be low forever, but that’s not really great news

The latest jobs report is absolutely great news. Employers created half a million new jobs last month, which is extraordinary. More Americans are employed today than before the pandemic. → Read More

Media menstruation meltdown: Florida does normal thing. Liberal journalists lose their minds.

Did you hear about the latest evil thing from Ron DeSantis? (More like Ron De Satan, amirite?) → Read More

What (and where) is 'family friendly'?

What is a good place to raise children? If you are expecting your first, and you pick up the New York Times's real estate section, you might have started looking for homes in Newton or Brookline, Massachusetts. After all, the Bay State is, according to a new study, the “Best State for Raising a Family.” → Read More

Wokeism is the elite’s effort to protect their privilege: Oscars edition

When you are in the elite, there is always a threat that someone else will knock you out of the elite. That is one reason elites tend to build barriers to competition and entry. → Read More

A major new study shows that masks don't stop the spread of COVID. Will the mandaters apologize?

The COVID pandemic is in the rearview mirror. We have plenty of data about it, including studies telling us how well our countermeasures worked. → Read More

Now that it’s obvious Democrats were lying about Georgia’s election law, do their media accomplices feel duped?

Ahead of President Joe Biden third State of the Union address we take a look at how his administration has handled a record number of border crossings and unprecedented circumstances in U.S. immigration policy. Since Feb. 1, 2021, 5.2 million people have been encountered attempting to enter the U.S. without authorization. Encounters thus far are higher than in former President Barack Obama's… → Read More

'Feminist Fecundity' won't work unless it's also 'Familist Fecundity'

In the early 2010s, liberal feminists in major newspapers attacked mothers and fathers who had too many children for their “smug fecundity.” Subsequently, amid a historic baby bust, liberal feminists in major newspapers are in full reverse, peddling the idea of "Feminist Fecundity.” → Read More

Insufferable are the Woke…

The Associated Press regrets to inform you that the Little Sisters of the Poor are canceled. Martin Luther King is also done. And Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount is obviously offensive. → Read More

The Left only (sometimes) pretends to be against discrimination. Stop falling for it.

It’s time to hate the National Hockey League. → Read More

About 160M people would like to immigrate to the US. Here's what that means

Currently, Americans aren’t reproducing at the replacement rate. So, some level of immigration will be needed in order to prevent a disastrous population implosion. → Read More

Neutrality is a myth: Public schools have always been religious

From New York to D.C. to L.A., with lots of Loudoun Counties in between, large school districts are openly embracing a very specific and very radical religion. George Soros-influenced school boards and untethered left-wing teachers trained at far-left teachers' colleges have abandoned the pretense of neutrality and are explicitly proselytizing their worldview and ideology. → Read More

Every corporation’s ESG report should address depopulation risk

Climate change is a real problem. So is depopulation. Conservative columnist Ross Douthat makes the case in the New York Times that one is worse than the other. → Read More

Is inflation over? Kind of, but not really

Economics is complicated, and economic measures are varied and nuanced. That allows partisans, particularly those who are experts in economics, to argue anything they want by wrangling the right statistics. → Read More

Empty pews, full morgues

In the 1990s, media elites feared America’s apparently ascendant religiosity, particularly the “evangelicals.” In the 2000s, they cheered the decline of religiosity and the spread of secularism. In the 2010s, the cheers quieted a bit when the more astute began to see what a less religious America looked like. → Read More

When Larry Hogan saved our school year

No elected official has ever taken an action that helped me and my family as much as Larry Hogan did. → Read More

Larry Hogan eschews the pro-life label

For eight years, Maryland's Larry Hogan had a good excuse not to talk abortion: He was the Republican governor of a very liberal state with a Democratic supermajority in the legislature. → Read More

'Stranger danger' paranoia reflects a deeper fear

Fear is the tone of the day. → Read More

Halal's well that ends well

“Ritual sacrifice” and “throat slitting,” in the political context, are typically used in a metaphorical sense. When animal welfare, food safety, and free exercise of religion intersect, however, we start using them literally. → Read More

Larry Hogan is betting on a Reaganite revival

ANNAPOLIS — Walking into Maryland’s State House is stepping out of time. The brick Georgian-style building, trimmed with marble and topped with a wooden dome, is the oldest continuously operating legislative building in the nation. → Read More

Don’t be fooled — environmentalists and regulators are trying to ban gas stoves

It can be dizzying to follow any policy debate that touches on party politics and culture. On one day, major left-leaning news outlets were reporting on proposals to ban gas stoves, and liberal politicians and commentators were applauding the move. → Read More