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Aaron Kwok spends $17k a month renting house in Hong Kong for wife's parents, Entertainment News

Moka Fang has married the right man, it seems. Not only does her husband Aaron Kwok go diaper shopping and dish out Baby Shark dance moves, he provides for the entire family too. → Read More

NSF saves man's life after he suddenly collapses on bus, Singapore News

You'd never know when your first aid knowledge will come in handy. A full-time National Servicemen (NSF) put his skills to use when a fellow commuter on the bus he was riding suddenly collapsed, Lianhe Wanbao reported. The passenger had just boarded bus service 241 at Jurong West on Wednesday (Sept 11) morning when he cried out and fell down. The NSF rushed to the man's side, lying him down flat… → Read More

Malaysian driver slammed for not honking at fellow driver who fell asleep at the wheel, Malaysia News

An accident was unfolding right before his eyes. But instead of helping a fellow motorist out, a driver pulled out his mobile phone to record the moment when a white sedan crashed into a truck. Just a honk would have been enough to rouse the 'microsleeping' driver, Twitter users reasoned after watching the video clip. Microsleep happens when a person dozes off for brief moments without even… → Read More

Surprise! Family throws elderly couple a wedding party on their 54th anniversary, Singapore News

They were enjoying a day out at Sentosa, but little did this elderly couple know that their granddaughter had a surprise in store for them. When she led them to an outdoor terrace overlooking the sea on Saturday (Sept 7), Ong Soh Lim, 80, and Teo Soh Bee, 74, realised they had walked into their own wedding party. They beamed from ear to ear as family and friends greeted them with hugs. Mr and… → Read More

Tony Leung Ka-Fai bows in apology for emotional outburst on reality TV show, Entertainment News

He was game enough to cluck like a hen on reality TV, but exhaustion may have made Tony Leung Ka-Fai lose his temper while playing a game. In a recent episode of When I Grow Up, the Hong Kong film star was heard yelling "I'm not playing anymore, why are you deceiving people?" as he stormed off the set. When the cast and crew were having dinner together that evening, he surprised them by… → Read More

No joke: Monkey in Thailand 'catnaps' kitten, tries to feed it banana, Asia News

Get your dose of humorous and wacky stories that happened this week. No one can resist a kitten's charms, not even a monkey, it seems. Facebook users in Thailand have been tickled by video clips of a monkey carrying a stray cat around rooftops over the weekend. Like any good 'pet owner', the primate tried to share a banana with the feline. Kitty, however, did not take a bite and continued to… → Read More

'I don't want my kids to be afraid to go home': Vivian Lai on husband's lawsuit, Entertainment News

Vivian Lai has finally broken her silence since her husband Alain Ong was removed from his post at Pokka in 2018. Speaking to local media, she revealed that media attention over the incident has disrupted her family life. The sight of reporters stationed outside her house has started making her children afraid to return home, the actress-host said. → Read More

Thomas Ong to quit showbiz, Entertainment News

Thomas Ong fans, you won't be seeing him on TV sometime soon. The local actor-host has announced that he's bowing out of the spotlight next year. He made the decision after thinking it over for half a year, Thomas told Shin Min Daily News on Thursday (Aug 29). His swansong? A TV drama with the working title "SuperDad", slated to be aired in June 2020. "I won't be filming anymore," he said. → Read More

Woman swept away as rainwater crashes into China shopping mall , China News

One moment, she was walking in a shopping mall's atrium. In the next, the woman was swept away by a torrent of rainwater that came crashing down from above. The impact shattered glass barriers and sent her sliding metres away on the corridor of a mall in Guangdong, China. Another shopper was rendered immobile on the floor after he was knocked down by the rainwater. Stunned by the sudden turn of… → Read More

Gojek driver declines tip after woman gives birth in his car, Singapore News

Baby couldn't wait. A pregnant woman living in Punggol East was on her way to hospital after she experienced contractions in the early morning of Aug 23. But her water bag burst during the Gojek ride to KK Women's and Children's Hospital, sending her into labour. Nish Ai RystApit wrote about her delivery on Facebook, commending the Gojek driver. → Read More

Elva Hsiao makes 24-year-old boyfriend Facebook official on her 40th birthday, Entertainment News

It's official: Elva Hsiao has a new beau. As the Taiwanese singer celebrated her 40th birthday on Saturday (Aug 24), she introduced her boyfriend Justin Wong to her fans. "We have to be together because we're in love," she wrote in a Facebook post, and shared a series of wefies in which the couple struck lovey-dovey poses. Although she's just made it Facebook official, the pair had been spotted… → Read More

Parents at Chinese kindergarten shocked by girls' performance in bikinis, China News

Whose eyes were the show meant for? Parents attending a kindergarten recruitment event in Henan, China, on Wednesday (Aug 21) were shocked to see children strutting their stuff onstage in bikinis. Once a video clip of the performance was circulated on social media, netizens' questions came pouring in. Some likened the display to a kids' version of a lingerie show, while others asked why the… → Read More

Chang'e lantern in Chinatown gets 'plastic surgery' after complaints, Singapore News

Is that Chang'e or Houyi? Passersby have looked up in puzzlement at the lantern of a mythical figure that has taken centrestage in Chinatown for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival. According to Chinese legend, Chang'e flew to the moon after drinking the elixir of immortality that her husband Houyi had obtained as a reward for shooting down nine suns. She is also known as the moon goddess. The… → Read More

British woman suffers burns after microwaved eggs explode in her face, World News

All she wanted were some eggs for breakfast, but Bethany Rosser ended up with burns on her face in the morning. The 22-year-old woman from England had microwaved the eggs on Aug 6 while following instructions she found on food website Delish. She placed the eggs in a jug filled with water, added salt, and popped them into the microwave. Six minutes later, Rosser took the jug out of the appliance. → Read More

Babysitter in Malaysia dies after running into burning house to save 2 toddlers, Malaysia News

Covering her head with a wet towel, a babysitter ran into her burning house on Monday (July 29) to rescue two toddlers under her care. Although she managed to save the girls, the 59-year-old woman died from extensive burn injuries hours later. → Read More

How can dis b allow? This week in the comments section, Singapore News

Netizens are a difficult bunch to please. They have opinions on everything. And for whatever reason, on the internet, people lose all filters. What is most ironic is how netizens react strongest to posts or tweets they abhor most. They may be trolls or may sincerely mean their comments, but never a day passes when we don't appreciate this gift that keeps on giving. It makes us ask in turn: How… → Read More

Provocative Taiwanese YouTuber admits defeat a minute into match with MMA fighter, Asia News

How do Chinese martial arts hold up against mixed martial arts? One YouTube vlogger in Taiwan was taught a painful lesson when he challenged a fellow vlogger to a fight on July 27. Fully decked out in protective gear, Yu Chao-lin, better known online as Eat S*** Brother, stepped into the ring to fight MMA artist Holger Chen. As the match began, Yu yelled out "Jiuyin White Bone Claw" (a… → Read More

'Your supper, bro': Customer's message warms GrabFood rider's heart, Singapore News

These days, it's so easy to satisfy our midnight hunger pangs with the multitude of food delivery apps available. But do we spare a thought for those who work late hours to deliver our orders? Last Saturday (July 27), a Yishun resident ordered two dishes from an Indian-Muslim stall and treated his Grabfood rider to a meal. His message "Your supper, bro, enjoy" appeared to have warmed both the… → Read More

6-year-old YouTube star buys $11m building in Seoul, Asia News

She's only six years old and already the owner of a building in the most expensive district in Seoul. Meet Boram, South Korea's top YouTube star who has over 31 million subscribers. Since 2016, viewers have been tuning in to see the adorable girl review toys and take a peek into her family life. Her two YouTube channels — Boram Tube ToysReview and Boram Tube Vlog — generate an average monthly… → Read More

16-year-old girl in Taiwan slashes mum with knife over part-time job, Asia News

A woman ran for her life on Wednesday (July 24) afternoon with an attacker wielding a watermelon knife hot on her heels. The assailant was none other than her 16-year-old daughter. The attack was captured via street surveillance cameras in Taichung, Taiwan. With several slashes on her back and limbs, the 36-year-old woman cried out in pain and sought help at a nearby motorcycle repair shop. The… → Read More