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Recent articles by Rajan:

What are the top 5 non-negotiable beliefs of your religion?

We asked our panel; here's what they have to say. → Read More

What are the sexual ethics of your religion?

What sexual acts are ethical and which are unethical from your religious point of view? → Read More

What does it mean to be human?

The whole concept can be confusing and chaotic for many. Countless people are worried: What happens to us after we die? → Read More

Does my life really matter?

If I did not exist, would the world look different? → Read More

Did God create humans, or did humans invent God?

Many religious types are staunch supporters of the thought that God created humans. But there are many others who call God a fabrication. → Read More

Is it OK to keep secrets?

The universe is full of secrets — business strategies, classified information, family secrets, squirrels hiding nuts. → Read More

What if God were your best friend?

God is the true friend; all other friends are false; we are told. But some feel that calling God as friend trivializes relationship with God. → Read More

Why do many prayers go unanswered?

Defenders of prayer may say: God is not a celestial vending machine, a genie in a lamp or a short-order cook. → Read More

How should we steer through gray areas of religion?

How should we proceed when we are unable to decide between right and wrong, when issues are ill-defined and the situation is unclear? → Read More

Do we still need God when we have Google?

Advancement in artificial intelligence seems to be changing how many think about themselves and their faith. → Read More

What is the most critical current social issue?

Health care, drug addiction, affordability of a college education, federal budget deficit ... what's the biggest issue today? → Read More

Reactions to Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade

The pro-abortion camp: It's a dark day. Devastating. Horrific. The anti-abortion camp: Applause and cheers. Bye-bye to Roe’s false history. → Read More

What can faith-based communities do to end violence?

Many are convinced that world is fractured and is beyond repair. → Read More

What can religion do for global systemic challenges?

Religions do have great potential to tackle global challenges if steered appropriately. → Read More

Should there be gender roles in family and society?

We asked our panel: Should there be gender roles in family and society? Here is what they have to say. → Read More

Do we work for God, or does God work for us?

One viewpoint: God acts and works through us. Another outlook: God is the boss; we work for Him. → Read More

Why do many of us believe in something we cannot see?

It is a human trait to believe in that which we cannot see, some point out. Here are some thoughts on the issue. → Read More

Should blasphemy be protected under the First Amendment?

About 71 out of 195 countries of the world reportedly have blasphemy laws, many carrying harsh penalties for violators, including the death penalty. → Read More

Are we compassionate enough?

It is commonly felt that humans yearn for compassion. We need compassion from others. But we do not see much compassion around. → Read More

Do soulmates exist?

The concept may be known by other names — kindred spirits, matching halves, soul partners. It may be hard to define; some say it's an unexplainable bond. → Read More