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Recent articles by Karoli:

Moi: Professor of politics, defender of Western imperialist

Moi’s political legacy was cemented when he made a bold decision to hand over power (not like Julius Kambarage Nyerere to his party) to the Opposition in 2002. Moi was genuinely tired → Read More

Trump, Netanyahu driven into closer embrace as crisis surrounds

In 1948, to avoid a final settlement standoff, the Americans vetoed the situation of the Israeli capital of the homeland in Jerusalem, a situation that created Tel Aviv → Read More

The next big idea: Africa learns about Europe again

Britain is making a big leap for opportunities to jump into Africa but Africa has been drying up on its own for years → Read More

Man has waged war on forests to brink of wiping them out

Natural forest cover in Uganda currently at 1.6 per cent is likely to fall to half that by end of decade. Energy costs are already subtly felt → Read More

Uganda in 2020: What will be the big news?

Parliament recently purported for example to ban UPDF’s operations to halt illegal fishing on Lake Victoria → Read More

Cabinet reshuffle catches political class off-guard

n the reshuffle, the President seems to emphasise he was still counting on the south-west (central) belt for a majority of his vote tally in 2021 → Read More

Uganda needs to chart a focused new oil strategy

There are still failed efforts to end the Tullow Oil farmdown tax dispute over an assessment for capital gains tax in connection with a proposed sale of interests to CNOOC and Total → Read More

Anti-corruption drive: Tough times ahead

Even though trading at discount before repo is normal, the court held that the balance lost at maturity met the ingredients of the offence → Read More

What’s the cause of all this Uganda-Rwanda anxiety?

Against this backdrop, there is an ongoing simmering tension between Uganda and Rwanda. Border closures, cross border incidents, breach of protocol, etc → Read More

US Ambassador’s tour of duty comes to an end

First, she established some form of independence from the host country. Her predecessor, who was serving his last tour, was far closer to the country’s leadership → Read More

Weak regulation of chemicals bringing deaths to our doorsteps

Very few tomato farmers that flood our markets every season can grow without excessive application of pesticides → Read More

Climate change forces drastic lifestyle changes

The Pakistanis are fleeing to vegetables, for example, as they can no longer afford meat → Read More

Wilson Tsekooko (1942-2019), Justice of the Supreme Court

In Justice Tsekooko’s time, the court famously a few times struck down abuse of parliamentary powers using the tyranny of numbers → Read More

Milton Obote, Ben Kiwanuka and Uganda’s independence

Setting aside Obote for a minute, one must compare him with Ben Kiwanuka whose DP was in certain respects cheated out of power in 1962 → Read More

China roars in Africa as Europe’s power wanes

From a dearth of resources, industry and a general state of underdevelopment, China is now the world’s second largest economy → Read More

Brexit: UK Supreme Court ruling has huge implications

The Brexit appeal was historical as it was addressed by another three members of the House of Lords a point which was repeated in court → Read More

God and Mugabe: Another look at Zimbabwe’s legend

Mugabe’s long ascent to power, first as freedom fighter and later political prisoner for 11 years, followed a familiar path that was used by the British to soften up his friend, rival and sometimes nemesis Nelson Mandela, only that the old man Mandela did far more time 27 years in total, almost his entire adult life. Mugabe was not the chosen hero of Zimbabwe’s independence. → Read More

Resolving Kagezi murder: Major breakthrough as killings increase

Like many high profile murders, initial reports normally point to a triangle of work and business, money and personal relationships gone bad. → Read More

Bank of Uganda raises questions about its future

Crane Bank was big, but not a systemic risk to the broader economy → Read More

African courts grapple with reality of electoral rule

Instant media has also reduced deliberation time for government to make many decisions, including covering its tracks when caught off-guard → Read More