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Past articles by Greg:

Chin-Ups vs. Pull-Ups: Which Is a Better Back Exercise?

Pull-ups and chin-ups work your lats, but there are some pros and cons to each exercise. Learn whether you should do pull-ups vs. chin-ups for a stronger back. → Read More

How to Do Face Pulls for a Stronger Back and Shoulders

Face pulls work the muscles in your shoulders and upper back. Try these face pull alternatives you can do at home with bands to improve strength and posture. → Read More

How to Breathe When Lifting Weights

Learning how to breathe when lifting weights can give you the extra push you need and protect your back from injury. Here's how to breathe when lifting weights. → Read More

What's Better: Full-Body Workouts or Splitting Up Muscle Groups?

Should you do full-body workouts or splits, separating by muscle group? Ask yourself how often and how intensely you want to train and how much experience you have. → Read More

This Wall Sit Variation Strengthens Your Hips and Pelvic Floor at the Same Time

A banded wall sit with hip abduction strengthens your pelvic floor, deep core muscles and glutes. Learn how to do a banded wall sit with hip abduction. → Read More

5 Reasons You’re Not Building Muscle That Have Nothing to Do With Your Workouts

If you're working out regularly and not building muscle, take a look at your lifestyle. Here are some reasons you're having trouble packing on lean mass. → Read More

The 5 Best Supplements for Muscle Growth, According to Strength Coaches

The best supplements for muscle growth include whey, casein and creatine. Read ingredients labels carefully to buy the best muscle-building supplement for you. → Read More

Smith Machine Squats Aren't as Bad as Some Say — Here's Why Beginners and Bodybuilders Alike Should Give Them a Try

The Smith machine squat is one of the most controversial exercises. But it's not all bad. Learn how the Smith machine squat can help you build lower-body strength. → Read More

The 10 Best Bodybuilding Books, According to Trainers and Strength Coaches

Want to maximize your strength-training results? This guide can help you find the best bodybuilding books to complement your goals and your training style. → Read More

The Arnold Press Is the Upper-Body Exercise You Need for Strong, Capped Shoulders

What to build strong shoulders? Try the Arnold press, a shoulder press variation popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger for it's muscle-building abilities. → Read More

How to Do the Reverse Clamshell for Well-Rounded Glute Strength

The reverse clamshell exercise is a great mobility- and strength-building move that targets the important glute medius. Here's what to know and how to do it for the best benefits. → Read More

Standing Butt Kick Exercise: Benefits, Tips, Modifications and Variations

Doing butt kicks as part of a dynamic warm-up can make your sweat session better and more efficient and decrease your risk of injury. Here's how to do them. → Read More

90/90 Stretch: Hip Benefits, How to, Proper Form, Modifications

The 90/90 stretch is a simple body-weight move that targets tight hip flexors, abductors and adductors. The result: better hip mobility and less lower back pain. → Read More

How to Do the Windmill Exercise for Next-Level Core and Shoulder Strength

The windmill exercise is one of the best total-body exercises for your core, shoulders and glutes. Here's how to do the windmill exercise with a kb, db and more. → Read More

Barbell Squats: How to, Variations, Muscles Worked, Benefits

Barbell squats build your quads and glutes. And with good form, they can be great for your knees. Here's how to do the barbell squats for the biggest benefits. → Read More

The Pallof Press Is the Best Core Exercise You're Not Doing

The Pallof press is one of the best core exercises for improving ab strength and function. Plus, it doesn't stress your back or wrists like some other moves. → Read More

How to Do Dumbbell Squats for Strong, Sculpted Legs and Glutes

Dumbbell squats strengthen the legs, butt and core. Learn how to do them with perfect form. Plus, how to work your whole body with the best DB squat variations. → Read More

How to Do the Step-Up Exercise: Muscles Worked, Benefits, Tips, Variations

The step-up exercise works muscles including the glutes, quads and hamstrings, if you're doing it the right way. Here's how to do step-ups for the greatest gains. → Read More

How to Do the T-Spine Rotation to Stretch Your Back and Relieve Tight Shoulders

The T-spine rotation improves your middle- and upper-back mobility and posture. Learn about T-spine rotation benefits and how to do the T-spine twist. → Read More

How to Do the Shoulder Dislocates Exercise for Healthy, Pain-Free Shoulders

The shoulder dislocates exercise loosens up your rotator cuff muscles for overhead movements. Read about shoulder dislocates exercise benefits and how to do it. → Read More