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Past articles by Joe:

Fitzgerald: Life in jail is enough compassion for cop killer

Call it coincidental if the suggestion of a deeper meaning makes you uncomfortable, but it seemed noteworthy that last week's commemoration of Yom HaShoah - - the national day of Holocaust remembrance - - crossed paths with coverage of efforts to free Alfred Trenkler, now serving a life sentence in Arizona. → Read More

Joe Fitzgerald: ‘We were no longer names, just numbers’

Did those shoolboys not fully grasp the horror of what “Auschwitz” represents, or are they merely products of a world that has shamelessly forgotten? → Read More

Joe Fitzgerald: Back off! Bill Belichick doesn’t owe you anything

For a town that likes to consider itself knowledgeable, discerning and generally gracious when it comes to appreciating the nuances of sports, we find ourselves in a very dark hour, as if our revelry over Tom Brady's magnificence could not be complete without gratuitously kicking Bill Belichick to the curb. → Read More

Country needs healing, not deeper divisions in Washington

Right now this nation is in urgent need of healing, of reconciliation, of reconnecting with what Abraham Lincoln, in his inaugural address, called "the better angels of our nature." → Read More

K.C. Jones, a beloved champion

At just the mention of KC Jones, the great Celtics player and coach who died yesterday at 88, delightful memories come to mind here. → Read More

Ringing the bell at Christmas inspires Paul Murphy year-round

The more he read the angrier he became, but instead of just turning the page Paul Murphy reached for his phone and called Salvation Army headquarters. → Read More

Joe Fitzgerald: Tommy Heinsohn was a giant off the court, too

Some people walk in the rain, an old bromide tells us, while others just get wet. That captures the essence of Tommy Heinsohn, the larger-than-life Celtic legend who died last week at 86. A Brontosaurus of a man at 6-foot-7 with a thunderous laugh that let everyone know he was in the room, Tommy could […] → Read More

Witness to history: On deck the day Japan surrendered to end WWII

He'd be 98 if he were still with us and the guessing here is that if only one memory remained to be savored by the late Don Gillis -- just one, though his cup overflowed with too many to be numbered -- it would have been what he witnessed 75 years ago today -- Sept. 2, 1945 -- as a 23-year-old New Bedford sailor assigned to the battleship Missouri. → Read More

Doctors on front lines of coronavirus fight pull out stops to help patients

They've become American icons, destined for places of honor when the history of these perilous times is recalled, but immunologists Tony Fauci and Deborah Birx, handpicked by the president to oversee our response to the coronavirus pandemic, are operating from the command center, not from the front lines. → Read More

Joe Biden’s struggles more worrisome than laughable

In times of crisis there's a need for comic relief, and these are surely the most critical times most of us have ever experienced, yet there's increasing reluctance here to continue scavenging for humor in the mortifying appearances of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. → Read More

President’s critics quick to assign blame, even in a crisis

Don't the perils now confronting us cry out for a oneness in our response, a unity, a new understanding of an old axiom teachers still display in elementary clsssrooms: "A problem shared is cut in half." Remember that? → Read More

Coronavirus toll includes support groups, where so many find strength

Even the Samaritans - - who mercifully counsel troubled strangers contemplating suicide - - have been forced into retreat, announcing that while their hotlines will still be monitored 24 hours a day, on-site visits have been suspended in response to the coronavirus pandemic. → Read More

Tom Brady-Bill Belichick pairing had precedence in Bill Russell-Red Auerbach

Someday, hopefully sooner than later, the Tom Brady story will matter a lot more than it does right now, and the focus then will be on who emerges from their separation most unscathed -- the greatest quarterback ever, or the most brilliant football coach of all time? → Read More

Americans have always stood together when tested, be it war or coronavirus

If what's happening in and to America right now had been authored by a Machiavellian script writer it might have been pooh-poohed as just a bit too much, having a deadly pandemic blow through Boston while Tom Brady's telling us goodbye, on St. Patrick's Day no less, relegating an ongoing presidential election to the back seat, making it momentarily irrelevant. → Read More

Fitzgerald: Scourge of coronavirus caught many by surprise

Was it cockiness, or arrogance, that made some of us slower than others in accepting the apocalyptic ramifications of Covid-19, more chillingly known as coronavirus? → Read More

Nation would be served best by pulling together in fight against coronavirus

If your mind was at all open you'd have had to agree with Vice President Mike Pence when he spoke at Friday's White House press conference, surrounded by his boss and titans from the corporate world -- WalMart, Walgreen's, Target, CVS -- suggesting the occasion should be an inspiration for all of America. → Read More

Fitzgerald: Biden's record on policy, and behavior, cause for concern

Wherever Democratic party leaders meet to make decisions and call the shots, there must be high anxiety this morning. → Read More

Elizabeth Warren gave it her all, but now it’s time to be a spectator

This one’s for Liz Warren, though, considering the source, she’ll probably regard it with contempt. Fair enough. She was no favorite here, where she’d still be getting pilloried if she hadn’t left the presidential race. It was time to go and she knew it. Her campaign was like a bottle of ginger ale that had […] → Read More

Fear spreads faster than the common cold … or coronavirus

We've been here before, haven't we? And the good news is we're still here. → Read More

Fitzgerald: If Warren's not worried about a loss at home, she should be

It may be just another stop for every other candidate on the tedious road to Washington, with relatively small potatoes to offer, but for Liz Warren tomorrow's Massachusetts portion of Super Tuesday has to have her nervous as a cat, aware that rejection here would be more ominous than it would be anywhere else. → Read More