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Past articles by Katie:

New iPhone Update Now Updates Your Sad, Buffering Existence Too

We at Apple HQ wanted to send you guys this little email about an exciting announcement for the newest iPhone update, which is coming soon. Basically — based on the hoards of personal information y… → Read More

There’s A Reason Why Some Of Us Feel Happier During Bad Weather

There’s a psychological explanation behind why thunderstorms are actually great for alleviating your anxiety. → Read More

A Series Of Last Dates

We set a deadline, which might’ve been the dumbest thing I’ve ever participated in. → Read More

I Can’t Go To Your Thing Tonight — Not Because I’m Practicing Self-Care — But Because I’m The Worst

Yeah, look, I know it’s a little confusing these days because evvvvverrrrrrryone is justifying Not Doing Things as a form of self-care, but I just want you to know that me flaking on these plans at… → Read More

Things To Do While You’re Stuck Inside (All Of Them Involve Crying)

Snowed in? Freezing temperatures? Terrible wind and rain? Here are some activities you can do while trapped inside your home — and break out the tissues, because all of them involve having a meltdo… → Read More

Not To Freak Anyone Out — But If This Photo Doesn’t Get 400 Likes, Instagram Is Allowed To Control Me

I don’t know why I made this deal with them. → Read More

‘Black Mirror’ Lite™: Episodes For People Who Enjoy Emotional Stability, But Feel Culturally Excluded

It’s that time of year again: Everyone you know is talking about Black Mirror. You break out in a cold sweat. You tried watching two episodes and couldn’t get over how depressing it was… → Read More

QUIZ: Can Putting On A Face Mask Fix This?

Self-care is putting on a sheet mask instead of confronting your inner demons, right? → Read More

Aesthetically Pleasing Movie Scenes That Always Make Me Hungry

Peak success to me would be being able to live out the “I Want Candy” scene from Marie Antoinette on a weekly basis. → Read More

I’m A Woman Who Has It All, Here’s How I Get It Done Every Day (I’m Dying Inside)

How do I do it, you ask? LADIES, please, it’s so easy! Just sell your soul and accept you’ll never be truly fulfilled. And drink lemon water. Someone help me, my mouth tastes like blood… → Read More

I Am Totally Sane And Definitely Not Setting Up My Expectations For New Year’s Eve To Be Way Too High

I’m stable. I’m staying grounded. BUT do you think if I bought a dress specifically for NYE, I’ll have more luck finding the love of my life? → Read More

QUIZ: Are You Finally Getting Sucked Into The Void Or Are You Just Really Hungover?

Sometimes it’s really hard to tell the difference. → Read More

I’m Just A Girl Who Built Her Entire Personality Around ‘Hating Small Talk,’ So You Should Date Me

I’m too deep to handle small talk. Ugh! Let’s talk about something REAL. What even IS weather? → Read More

Unconventional Ways We Measure Time

Counting out daily contact lenses for a trip. Making note of how many things you can do before your food delivery arrives. → Read More

The All-Time Best Bedrooms From Early 2000s Teen Movies

EVERYONE wanted to live in Mia Thermopolis’s crazy San Francisco loft. Or own Juno’s hamburger phone. → Read More

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl’s Christmas Wish List

Less sadness. But simultaneously, a little bit more sadness. And turtlenecks. → Read More

A Very Whatever Year

I’ve been told that I am an Extreme Person. → Read More

A Friendly Reminder That The Void Still Loves You

The Void is here for you, my sweet girl, and it is better than any man. Because it’s a manifestation of nothingness. → Read More

This Is Actually Just For Me

I think I’m supposed to feel fulfilled by bright pink sunsets and monumental confessions of love and grandiose gestures and stories with happy endings and books where all the characters live … → Read More

Here’s Your Holiday Gift Guide For The End Of The World

Ah, the holidays. The air is crisp, gifts are exchanged, and human civilization as we know it is barreling towards an impending apocalyptic doom. Someone pass the hot chocolate! → Read More