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Recent articles by Bradley:

Hungry North Korean soldiers ‘terrorize civilians’

Kim Jong Un's deemphasis of the military at a time of widespread food shortages has left many serving and recently discharged soldiers hungry enough to → Read More

The Pope going to Pyongyang: for what?

Try this on for curious juxtaposition: South Korea’s top spook is “working for a possible visit by Pope Francis to North Korea.” An account by a Seoul-based Roman Catholic publica… → Read More

Credible reports of a North Korean food crisis

"People are dying," warns Jiro Ishimaru of the current situation in North Korea. "People are dying for lack of food and medicine." The founder and chief → Read More

The great federal-debt Ponzi scheme

The discrepancy between raging inflation and soggy Treasury bond yields remains a cognitive dissonance in financial markets. There’s a simple explanation → Read More

Kim not exaggerating the food shortage; it’s bad

Kim Jong-un last week said publicly that North Korea is experiencing food shortages. "The people's food situation is now getting tense," he told senior → Read More

Japanese journalism giant Takashi Tachibana dies

Takashi Tachibana, whom many fellow journalists would rank as the best of his era in Japan, has died in Tokyo at age 81 after a long illness, his family → Read More

Meet the new No. 2 in North Korea

A new official North Korean position has been added just a hair under the top on the personnel chart and whoever is tapped for it may be seen as second in → Read More

North Koreans blame China for their viral woes

In the United States, an upsurge in anti-Asian violence and hate speech has been blamed on loose talk emphasizing the apparent Wuhan, China, origin of → Read More

Has North Korea hit its lowest low, as Kim said?

In a new sign of what dire straits North Koreans find themselves in, Kim Jong Un, in a speech to ruling party cell secretaries this week, complained of → Read More

US border: time for East Asia-style ‘speed battle’?

Reading a recent Washington Post article about Central American refugees along the Mexican-US border I came to this paragraph: The influx has overwhelmed → Read More

How Texas exposed its grid to extreme weather

This article was first co-published by ProPublica and the Texas Tribune. In January 2014, power plants owned by the largest Texas electricity producer → Read More

North Korea gives new meaning to ‘Stop the Steal!’

"Following the 8th Korean Workers’ Party Congress that ended in mid-January, meetings are being held across the country to determine how to fulfill the → Read More

The Zen of waiting for US Georgia Senate results

So here I am, a Georgia expat in Tokyo. Trying to be productive while nervously awaiting the outcome of my home state's runoff elections, I've been busy → Read More

S Korea ban on balloon drops misses the mark

The South Korean National Assembly this week voted to abandon one front in the Korean peninsula’s bloodless information war: balloon launches from Southern territory. Meanwhile, North Korea, whose … → Read More

Electoral College gives ‘Hallelujah!’ new meaning

So Joe Biden got his 306 electoral votes on Monday, Hawaii having cast its ballots last because of its time zone. Donald Trump got his 232. The winner: → Read More

North Korea woes require more than a China vaccine

Kim Jong Un and others at the top of the Kim family regime in North Korea have received coronavirus vaccinations supplied by China, according to a → Read More

Expert questions North Korea gold smuggling report

A report by Seoul-based news organization Daily NK says North Korea's border city of Hyesan and the surrounding province have been “thrown into a state of → Read More

Suga has Japan on maximum alert as Covid cases soar

Japan is on “maximum alert” after logging a record number of daily coronavirus infections, the prime minister said Thursday, though no immediate restrictions are planned. More than 2,00… → Read More

Trump slashes troop levels in Iraq, Afghanistan

The US will slash troop numbers in Afghanistan and Iraq to their lowest levels in nearly 20 years of war after President Donald Trump pledged to end → Read More

Refusal to concede? Georgia’s been there, done that

Read today’s young whipper-snapper pundits on the topic of Trump’s refusal to concede to Joe Biden – amid widespread concerns the defeated president will → Read More