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Past articles by Serge:

Am I Screwing Up My Toddler With My Overprotectiveness?

Everyone knows toddlers don't give a rat's ass. They will walk off the edge of a skyscraper right in front of your bulging eyes. If given even half a chance, any toddler would teeter on the precipice of 70 stories up, catch your unbelieving eye with the cutest horrified face in the history of the world, and then ... well, plunge. They're just that innocent. They're just that MFing dumb. As a dad… → Read More

A PSA for Parents-to-Be: Stop Buying So Much Sh*t!

I'm here to tell you what no one else told me the first time around → Read More

3 Ways Technology Is Totally Ruining My Kids' Life

It's easy to tell yourself that other parents are "doing it wrong" if their kids are spending too much time gazing at screens. Maybe you've tried to fight the good fight and managed to steer your kids away from the allure of modern technology, or maybe, like many others, you've given into the incessant begging. Either way, your day is probably coming. These games, these videos, these devices… → Read More

How to Actually Enjoy the Holidays With a Toddler

The magic of Christmas during the toddlers years only lasts so long → Read More

There's Nothing Harder Than Being an Impatient Person With a Toddler

I can't help it, it's just the way I've always been → Read More

3 Is the Age When Everything Changes Forever

The first two years of a child's life are always magic and beautiful and all that jazz. Everyone knows that. Babies are precious—rolling on the floor, sleeping on our chest, cooing at our idiotic attempts to baby talk at them when they're trying to force a poop out. Hell, even the relentless gauntlet of changing diapers takes on a peculiar air of poetry when it's our own tiny creation making all… → Read More

You Think Life Is Confusing? Try Being a Toddler

It's a wonder they survive us, not the other way around → Read More

You Won't Be a Toddler Much Longer (And I'm Really Gonna Miss That)

My son, Charlie, is closing in on 3 1/2 years old now. That means his toddler days are numbered. Age 3 is still a toddler, but 4? Not so much. You hit 4 and you're officially something else. A preschooler, maybe. Or just "a little kid." Either way, Charlie doesn't care much. He's on the fast track to be a "big kid," as he puts it. He's all into dressing himself (backward T-shirts every time) and… → Read More

To My Mom as She Battles Breast Cancer

This past summer, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been so quick to absorb everyone else's pain in addition to her own. → Read More

3 Reasons Toddler Boys Are Way More Impossible Than Toddler Girls

I've raised two toddlers—a boy and a girl—and I'm in the midst of raising another son who's three. That means that for the last eight years, I've almost always had a tyrannical tot on my hands. That's a lot of years spent running through the mad gauntlet of the toddler years. And a lot of years to mull over what I've now decided is a toddler truth. Now this "truth" isn't the case in every… → Read More

Why You Should Spend an Hour a Week Alone with Your Toddler

I know, it's harder than it sounds, but it's so, so necessary → Read More

The Truth About Having a Toddler Who Doesn't Like to Listen

It's not all doom and gloom, there's a major silver lining → Read More

Little Girl's Airport Tantrum Turns into an Epic 'Moana' Sing-Along

From kids fighting over what movie to watch to singing in harmony — what an airport experience! → Read More

I Can't Keep My Three Kids Clean — So I Stopped Trying

My kids are dirty all the time and I'm learning to stop obsessing over bath time and enjoy the hard-earned dirt they've earned from a life well lived. → Read More

The Moment I Realized My Kids Were Proud of Me

The night my kids joined me onstage with my band, Marah, I realized my that my kids are proud of me as a father and musician. → Read More

Sometimes We Forget, Kids Are Just Kids

Sometimes we catch a glimpse of our kids looking and acting older than they are and have to remind ourselves that they're still kids. → Read More

My Son Took $100 Without Asking (But His Reason Will Make You Smile)

My son took a large amount of money without asking for a very kind reason. Instead of being mad, his mother and I felt proud of his generous heart. → Read More

The Best Role Models for Our Daughters Are Right In Front of Our Eyes

My daughter Violet, 8, really likes this show on YouTube called "Daily Bumps". She isn't alone either, they have over 2 million subscribers. Still, at first it annoyed me. Why this show? Not much happens. There's no chase scenes or talking animals or people staring at video games while you watch them play (yes, that's a thing). "Daily Bumps" is simply a young family of four hanging around their… → Read More

I’ve Saved Every Single Pair of My Kids' Shoes

To me, they're more than just shoes; they're memories. → Read More

My 6-Year-Old Keeps Drawing Me — and It's the Greatest Gift I've Ever Known

He used to draw outdoor scenes and dinosaurs, but now my son has been drawing me and only me — and it is the most touching thing he's ever done for me. → Read More