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Craig Settles

Oakland, CA, United States

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Past articles by Craig:

How to Secure Federal Broadband Grants (Contributed)

Federal funding will soon be available to local governments and nonprofits to expand broadband for telehealth and at-home learning in the wake of COVID-19, but competition will be steep. → Read More

Feds Fail to Fund Urban Telehealth Parity (Contributed)

As Congress prepares legislation for new broadband infrastructure projects, it is imperative there be parity between rural and urban programs. Everyone should benefit directly from these investments → Read More

Broadband Not Enough to Close Health-Care Gap (Contributed)

Federal funding for broadband intended to expand telehealth will go a long way toward getting more people the care they need, but communities must create strategies tailored to their needs to make the most of it. → Read More

Like Politics, All Broadband Policy Is Local (Contributed)

Federal and state policymakers continue to ignore, weaken and, in some instances, block local input and control of broadband. This needs to stop if the country is to ever have viable, affordable broadband for all. → Read More

Chattanooga Catches the Telehealth Bug

Chattanooga, Tenn.'s investment in community broadband allows the city to bring more than just fast Internet browsing to citizens. → Read More

MAST Units Offer 21st-Century Response to Disasters

Using a unit as a base station, roving mobile medical personnel could provide assistance in homes or community facilities. → Read More

Telemedicine Could Trump Economic Development for Driving Community Broadband

Health care and telemedicine delivery can make a strong financial business case that justifies community broadband investment, and makes it easier to raise money. → Read More

The One-Two Knockout Punch for Broadband — Co-ops Partner With Local Government

There is a strong case for local government partnering with co-ops to deliver broadband to under-connected areas, especially if the cities or counties own their public utilities. → Read More

Cities Take Proactive Approaches to Anti-Muni Broadband Legislators

Local elected leaders, administrators, public utility managers and community stakeholders are stepping up their advocacy game in response to recent legislative losses. → Read More

Cities Take Proactive Approaches to Anti-Muni Broadband Legislators

Local elected leaders, administrators, public utility managers and community stakeholders are stepping up their advocacy game in response to recent legislative losses. → Read More

Conservatives shift in public broadband fight. Advantage: consumers

“I am absolutely Republican, and absolutely pro-business,” stated State Senator Janice Bowling of Tennessee’s 16th District. “Yet if we don’t get high-speed internet into small towns and rural communities, there will be no businesses in those areas.” Getting high-speed internet access into more communities is influenced often by the politics of broadband. Could those politics… → Read More

POTUS gives public broadband huge lift. Game on

If you are totally fed up with your internet service provider, frustrated with high prices and lousy customer service and have lost all hope of becoming the next gigabit city, the time for change is today. The unveiling of the Obama Broadband Doctrine in Cedar Falls, Iowa […] → Read More

2015 New Year’s resolution: Remove public broadband handcuffs

Encouraged by Google and inspired by Kansas City and Chattanooga, there’s an almost daily parade of communities announcing plans to explore or move forward with building their own broadband networks. Unfortunately, laws in 20 states that restrict public networks to varying degrees hinder this surge. Several […] → Read More

It’s showtime in fight against state barriers to public broadband

One of the obstacles to more communities getting faster, better broadband is the collection of 20 states with legal restrictions on public-owned broadband networks. In 2015, we should expect to see many of these restrictions aggressively challenged because, frankly, communities are mad and aren’t going to […] → Read More

Success in public-owned broadband: It’s about Main St., not Wall St.

Public network failures are greatly exaggerated by critics who misinterpret what exactly community broadband success is. → Read More

If state barriers to broadband drop, what happens next?

Laws that prevent cities from operating their own broadband networks have a long history — but things are changing. → Read More

Mr. Wheeler, tear down these walls: The economic case for removing barriers to muni broadband

The FCC has been gently pushing for the end of state laws that make it difficult to build out municipal broadband networks. It should push harder. → Read More

The killer gigabit app? It's not what you think.

ISPs and naysayers will argue the consumers and businesses don’t yet need gigabit broadband because there’s nothing people can do with it yet. But that’s not the point. The speed is the app. → Read More

Can telemedicine help communities justify better broadband?

Telemedicine can encompass everything from robotic surgery to remote consultations with far-away doctors. But telemedicine needs super fast broadband, so communities are trying to provide it as a way to improve their economic health. → Read More