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Central, CA, United States

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Past articles by Graciela:

Breaking down some health myths that are actually true

Some of these old wife's tales have actually been proven by research! → Read More

Tickets on Sale for Latina Women's Conference in Fresno

Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is prepping for its annual Latina Women's Conference this summer. → Read More

LATINO LIFE: First Grad of Fresno County Public Library's Online High School

Getting a high school diploma can make a big difference in your job prospects. → Read More

Eight bizarre uses for banana peels

Bananas are the second most popular fruit in the world, but we could be throwing away the most important part. → Read More

Hiding spots where burglars look first

Over two million home burglaries are reported each year in the United States. → Read More

Say no to salt, yes to spices

There are some ways you can still enjoy the flavors in life, without overloading on sodium. → Read More

Late-night snacking: willpower or hormones?

Late-night cravings can wreck a healthy diet, messing with your mind and your waistline. → Read More

Simple solutions to help you sleep better

According to the American Sleep Association, at least 50 million US adults have a sleep disorder. → Read More

The war for weight loss

We all think we've heard and tried everything. You feel like you're running in circles! → Read More

How to make books as tantalizing as tech toys

Whether it is to a magical world, a fairytale castle, or a galaxy that is far, far away, books help kids use their imagination to travel to places they have never seen before. → Read More

Your Weekend

Have you made plans for the weekend yet? If not, we have a few ideas for your consideration. → Read More

Your Weekend

Have you made plans for the weekend yet? If not, we have a few ideas for your consideration. → Read More

Your weekend

Have you made plans for the weekend yet? If not, we have a few ideas for your consideration. → Read More

We Care Bear Project offers comfort to children in unbearable situations

Starting a nonprofit can be challenging but one 14-year old did not let obstacles get in the way. → Read More

The Intralace System gives women 'hope' about their hair

A British woman has created a hair loss prosthetic system that is non-invasive, easy to maintain, and described as "life-changing" by some of her clients. → Read More

Study says, chores = success

A study by the University of Minnesota found children who began chores when they were three and four grew up to be more successful academically, socially, and in their early careers. → Read More

Exercise that can stop the aging process in your cells

One type of exercise outperforms all others when it comes to stopping the aging process. We put weights, interval training, cycling, and weightlifting to the test. → Read More

Protecting your vision

The CDC reports that sleeping in contacts or using expired contact solution raises the risk of eye infection by five times or more. → Read More

Why everyone needs to draw a will

If you were to die tomorrow who would inherit your possessions? If you pass away without a spouse, without children and without a will, the state will determine what happens to your money, your home, your car, and your pets. If no relatives can be found, your financial legacy will go to the state. → Read More

Body without sugar

Ice cream, candy, doughnuts --we know too much sugar is bad, but it tastes so good! When you reduce sugar intake, big changes happen on the inside. → Read More