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Past articles by Bill:

Not Enough Room in 2020 Primary for Sanders and Warren

Progressive populists pining for a leftist presidential nominee cannot be pleased with how the primary run-up is proceeding. Many thought that Joe Biden’s early lead was an illusion, propped up by... → Read More

The Case for Nancy Pelosi

More than 40 Democratic nominees for House seats, and another 11 Democratic incumbents, have publicly said they don’t want Rep. Nancy Pelosi to regain the speaker’s gavel if their party... → Read More

Is Ranked-Choice Voting Transforming Our Politics?

I like the idea of ranked-choice voting. It works like this: You can vote for multiple candidates in ranked order. After all the first-choice votes are tallied, whoever comes in last gets eliminated,... → Read More

Do Progressives Really Want to Follow Trump on Trade?

For the populist left, the one silver lining of Donald Trump’s election victory was the defeat of what had been a bipartisan “Washington consensus” supportive of unfettered... → Read More


Tax Reform Is Splitting the GOP. It’s Happened Before.

If Republicans think passing a tax bill will help their party, they should look to their own history. → Read More

Foreign Policy of Both Parties Is Changing Before Our Eyes

If you thought America had become hopelessly polarized along partisan lines, reactions to President Trump’s Syrian strikes would prove you wrong. Some prominent Democrats supported Trump for... → Read More

Meet the Man Who Really Owns Obamacare: Tom Price

“I think the losers are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, because now they own Obamacare, 100 percent own it,” said President (and part-time political pundit) Donald Trump, minutes after... → Read More

Republicans Will Regret Trashing CBO on Health Bill

Early this week, the Congressional Budget Office is expected to release its analysis of the House Republican health care bill. With all indications pointing to a bad score, Republican leaders are... → Read More


Is Democracy Doomed? We've Been Here Before.

For those worried about what a Donald Trump presidency will do to the fabric of democracy, new research from Harvard University’s Yascha Mounk and the University of Melbourne’s Roberto Stefan Foa will not soothe. As the New York Times reported last week, the two have created an “early warning system” to detect when democracies are at risk of descending into autocracy, and Mounk says that “the… → Read More

Does Hillary Clinton Need To Distance Herself From Obama?

GOP operative Ed Rogers says "this is shaping up to be a change election, and nothing about a Clinton candidacy offers change. → Read More

The Climate Battle Of 2016 Will Be Waged In The States

The EPA's Clean Power Plan is America's main tool for complying with the Paris agreement. → Read More

Obama Has Broken the Second-Term Curse

George W. → Read More

Boehner was a victim of unrealistic expectations

Until the conservative base can be more accepting of political and constitutional reality, the speaker’s chair is going to remain a hot seat. → Read More

Ted Cruz's planned parenthood strategy is going to backfire

Another year. Another looming deadline for funding the federal government. Another hot-button issue whipping conservatives into a froth. → Read More

Bush vs. Obama on the Economy, In 3 Simple Charts [UPDATED]

The back-to-back Bush and Obama administrations allow us to easily compare the effectiveness of liberal and conservative economic policies. → Read More

Congress Republicans Are In A Quandry Over Immigration

Republicans may damage the party's image if they work against Obama. → Read More

How this one Independent candidate from Kansas could end up ruling the Senate

If the Senate is split between Republicans and Democrats, the world could be Greg Orman's oyster → Read More

Why the GOP should tank the midterms

Really! → Read More

The GOP's ridiculous executive-authority hypocrisy

Congress would really like Obama to act on the border crisis — but only because they're afraid to → Read More

How Obama's immigration push could hand the House to Democrats

Everyone assumes that Republicans will easily hold the House in November. The dominant storyline among the chattering classes centers instead on the possibility that Republicans could seize control of the Senate from Democrats. But the rapidly escalating immigration face-off between President Barack Obama and House Republicans raises the possibility that Democrats could win back the House — even if… → Read More