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Recent articles by Harvey:

Tips to get fit that anyone can do, fit into their schedule

Columnist Harvey Mackay's philosophy is exercise doesn't take time; it makes time. → Read More

Every GOAT has unending drive to be better

Columnist Harvey Mackay says if you're not moving forward and getting better, the competition will overtake you. → Read More

Don't get worked up over being overworked

Columnist Harvey Mackay says make sure your work hours are productive, meaningful. → Read More

Everyone can, should be a teacher

Columnist Harvey Mackay says teachers can inspire confidence, shape a person's life. → Read More

Thank U is a college from which we should never graduate

Columnist Harvey Mackay says if you are not grateful for what you have, it is doubtful you will be grateful for what you will get. → Read More

Kids' sports hold lessons for business

Columnist Harvey Mackay says victories go beyond the exploits on the ballfield. → Read More

Adversity can be a blessing

Overcoming adversity presents tremendous opportunity to demonstrate what you can accomplish if you are committed to achieving a goal. → Read More

Successful negotiations start with superior information

Whether you are the buyer or seller, skillful negotiating is an art that must be mastered. → Read More

Brick walls are there to stop the other people

If we try something and fail, is that a reason not to try it again later? → Read More

Feel bored and empty? COVID isolation fuels apathy

An "I don't care" attitude will strip life from the loftiest dreams. → Read More

Prioritizing your time should be a top priority

Do a quick audit of your day to consider whether you're working hard or smart. → Read More

A special thanks to my medical team during COVID battle

More than 30 nurses cared for this challenging patient, and every one was kind, caring and gracious. → Read More

Make helping for the holidays a yearlong habit

There's always a huge need for help, and even if you can't afford to donate cash, giving your time will be greatly appreciated. → Read More

Positive thoughts make positive outcomes

We often limit our horizons by focusing on just the dark spots. → Read More

You have to believe to achieve

Acheivers understand the world will not recognize them for what they could have done, should have done or would have done. → Read More

Look in unusual places for creative solutions

"Well, you love to cook," her mom said. "Why don't you look in a cookbook?" It was the stupidest idea she'd ever heard, but, desperate, the young girl followed her mother's advice. Then, flipping through the pages, it hit her: Why not write a recipe for what would make a good class secretary? Two cups of good handwriting, one cup of dependability and so on. Jan Bolick, now a management coach,… → Read More

The miracle of mindset

No matter what your occupation, you need to create a winning mindset. → Read More

Scamper your way to creative solutions

How? The ubiquitous "touch fastener" was invented about 60 years ago by a Swiss engineer named George de Mestral, who based his idea on his observation of the way burrs stuck to the fur of his hunting dogs after a walk in the woods. Many good ideas have been discovered because someone poked around in an outside industry or discipline and applied what they found to their own field. Dan Bricklin… → Read More

Follow the ABCs of risk-taking

Sometimes, the only people who can take risks successfully are the people who have nothing to lose. → Read More

Jewels learned on the diamond

No matter when the season begins, start business "spring training." → Read More