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Past articles by Rachel:

Flight attendants cringe when you order tea or coffee — and the reason is pretty gross

Business Insider - A flight attendant shared one particularly alarming fact about what you should and shouldn't order when the drinks cart comes down the aisle.. Read more at businessinsider.sg → Read More

The internet was baffled by video of a standing ovation for Sydney’s first iPhone 11 owner

Business Insider - "This is embarrassing for the entire human race," one Twitter user said about the video depicting Apple employees and a very happy iPhone owner.. Read more at businessinsider.sg → Read More

An ex-Amazon manager reveals 7 ways to spot a fake online

Business Insider - The biggest red flag for Amazon Prime Day scams is exactly what your high school English teacher would point to: bad grammar.. Read more at businessinsider.sg → Read More

American Airlines just ordered 50 new Airbus planes — and it’s a huge blow to Boeing

Business Insider - American Airlines is replacing some of its Boeing fleet with new Airbus jets. And other airlines are likely to follow.. Read more at businessinsider.sg → Read More

America’s obsession with trucks and SUVs is helping push car loan payments to a 10-year high

The keenness for big cars have boosted loan delinquencies to record highs. → Read More

An Amazon Air cargo jet crashed in Texas, presumably killing 3. Pilots have previously said fatigue and lack of experience is common in the company.

Business Insider - Pilots from Atlas Air, who contracts to Amazon among others, have told Business Insider that fatigue and lack of experience is common in the company.. Read more at businessinsider.sg → Read More

UPS CEO David Abney has finally admitted that he sees Amazon as a competitor

In an interview with Business Insider, UPS CEO David Abney changed some of his remarks on Amazon. → Read More

Ford’s shuttle-van company Chariot is shutting down this March

Ford is shutting down Chariot. Your Chariot no longer awaits. → Read More

Free returns are the new consumer expectation that’s gutting retailers

Business Insider - Customers are expecting free returns when they order online, but that's costly for retailers themselves.. Read more at businessinsider.sg → Read More

Months after lavishing raises and bonuses, FedEx is pushing an employee buyout program

An economic downturn in Europe has led FedEx to slash its profit outlook. → Read More

Juul to its employees: No more vaping at your desk

Juul will erect a tent outside of its San Francisco headquarters for vaping. → Read More

11 tips for introverts who are already freaking out about holiday party season

Introverts are coming up on perhaps one of the most dreaded times of the year: the holidays. We've created a holiday party survival guide for introverts. → Read More

13 things you should never wear to work in the winter

What to wear to work gets more complicated when it's frigid outdoors. Here's a list of styles and clothing items experts suggest avoiding in the office. → Read More

9 ways to write an irresistible email subject line no one will be able to ignore

Business Insider - A boring email subject line might mean your email will never be read. Use these simple tips to make sure your emails are opened and read.. Read more at businessinsider.sg → Read More

People in these 16 states are woefully unprepared for the next natural disaster

Fires, hurricanes, floods, tornados, and other natural disasters are becoming increasingly common in the US. But only three in ten American families have an emergency preparedness kit, while 42% of Americans say they're not at all prepared for disaster. → Read More

The 20 most flexible jobs for working parents

Working moms and working dads often need a more flexible work environment. But only one in 30 job postings tout their family-friendly or flexible work options. → Read More

The dramatically different morning routines of Americans at every income level

Rich, middle-class, and low-income Americans don't have the same morning routines. The super-rich are most likely to wake up before 6.a.m., get in a full workout each morning, and plan their daily schedules the night before. → Read More

You’re probably not a night owl — you just don’t know how to get to bed on time

Even if you're always tired in the mornings, you might still not be a night owl. Productivity expert Laura Vanderkam shared how to determine if you're a night owl or if you're just procrastinating going to bed. → Read More

Generation Z is already killing Facebook, and 6 more industries could be next

We already know Facebook is losing among Generation Z, which prefers Snapchat and Instagram. Marketing and retail experts pinpointed seven other sectors and businesses that are sure to struggle once these teens come of age. → Read More

13 things you should never wear to work in the summer

It can be hard to figure out what to wear to work in the summer. According to managers and fashion and etiquette experts, these summer fashion offenders will make your coworkers and boss cringe. → Read More