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Past articles by Michal:

4 unproductive thinking habits that suck your life dry

Lack of productivity starts in your mind, so if you can target those nasty thinking habits that are coming your way, you can do something about them. → Read More

What is the best time to wake up in the morning?

There is no universal “best time” to wake up. It’s a very individual matter. There are a few factors that will help you figure out your “wake up time.” → Read More

How do I prevent myself from repeating my mistakes?

If you aren’t aware of your mistake, it’s hard to draw a conclusion, isn’t it? Mindfulness sounds simple enough, but it’s difficult. → Read More

How to become more self driven?

Build them both to achieve your goals and habits which sole objective is to maintain your motivation. Habits spare your willpower and decision fatigue. → Read More

The top 3 bad habits to stop immediately

The small step: Start a tiny habit. Every time you complete your new habit you advance a bit. And you’re wasting a little less time on procrastination. → Read More

The best early morning habit for success

Almost 5 years later I have 15 books published and I’m every single morning I woke up to the fact that 20+ copies of them were sold yesterday. → Read More

The 2 best ways to quickly increase productivity

The biggest threat to your productivity is your psychology. We are odd creatures. We are scared of our dreams, especially the big ones. → Read More

The most creative way I’ve built a new habit

When I decided to transform my life, I came up with a habit that would help me with my relationships: talking to strangers. → Read More

How long does it take to regain a spark and motivation?

Whatever your primary discipline is, you should start also a habit of igniting and maintaining your motivation. You cannot just wait for it to appear. → Read More

5 significant lessons from my personal transformation

My morning ritual provided me with intentionality I very much needed. I got clarity about who I want to become and what I want to achieve in my life. → Read More

Do study habits of people who consistently get A’s differ from those who consistently get C’s?

I think the greatest differentiator between students who consistently get A’s and those who get C’s lies in the fact that they have ANY study habits at all. → Read More

How do I convince myself to change my habits?

Be around people who changed their habits, who convinced themselves to change those habits and you will become more like them. It’s a given. → Read More

The strangest way I ever improved myself

It was definitely strange and I definitely improved myself. I imprisoned words in my head and it triggered a cascade of changes. → Read More

6 of the best (and quick) methods to relieve stress

I do plenty things on everyday basis and many of them reduce my stress levels. I didn’t design those daily disciplines that way, it’s just a nice benefit. → Read More

Stop chasing techniques that will make you productive and motivated

In my opinion, you need to stop being delusional first. We are all experts in lying to ourselves, and you seem to be the real master of this art. → Read More

A few habits that will make you more confident

You need to become aware of your self-talk. It’s what you say to yourself that plays the crucial role in building/crushing your self-confidence. → Read More

4 simple & effective ways to conquer your fears

Your fears, almost always, are not real. When you face them, you rob them of all the power. Your chicken mind realizes the end of the world hasn’t happened. → Read More

3 simple habits to change your personality for good

Thus, to transform your personality, you need keystone habits – the habits that beget the creation of more good habits without much effort. → Read More

My biggest ‘I never thought of it in that way before!’ realization

I thought: “Is it really possible that success is so simple? → Read More

The best way to study self-discipline

For most people, self-discipline is a drudgery. ... If you approach self-confidence with that attitude, it’s fricking hard to develop it. → Read More