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Past articles by Jack:

Elementary OS 7 is now available and it's the same old desktop goodness

The newly released seventh iteration of the popular Elementary OS is as impressive as you'd expect. → Read More

How to install Google One VPN on MacOS

Google has made the Google One VPN client available on the desktop for both MacOS and Windows. See how easy it is to use on a MacBook Pro. → Read More

What is Google Assistant Continued Conversation and how do you enable the feature?

Ever wanted to have a conversation with Google Assistant to find out more about a subject? For that, you'll need to enable Continued Conversation. Find out what that is and how to enable the feature. → Read More

How to create a Gmail Label from an existing email and why you should

If you're not using the Gmail label feature, you're missing out on an automated email tagging system that can make your inbox a bit easier to navigate and more efficient to use. → Read More

How to get notifications from Google Calendar so you never miss a meeting or event

Tired of missing meetings, events, and other items on your Google Calendar? Find out how to add notifications so you'll never forget again. → Read More

What is a MacOS Smart Folder and how do you create one?

Smart Folders allow you to specify a set of criteria for items to be contained in the folder, to make keeping track of files even easier on a Mac or MacBook. → Read More

How to password-protect a document with LibreOffice

If LibreOffice is your office suite of choice, and you need to protect a document with a password, you're in luck, as the feature is built in and simple to use. → Read More

How to make creating new documents in Linux easier with templates

The Linux desktop has a lot of tricks up its sleeve to help make your experience more efficient. One such trick lies in the Templates folder. Find out what this is for and how it's used. → Read More

What is a Gmail app password and how do you create one?

If third-party apps need to connect to your Gmail account, your regular Google account password may not be enough. Find out how to use the App Passwords feature and why. → Read More

How to keep the Android lock screen from displaying sensitive content

Concerned about prying eyes seeing sensitive messages on your Android phone's lock screen? Find out how to prevent that from happening. → Read More

How to allow specific users to bypass Do Not Disturb on Android

If you want certain people to be able to reach you even with your Android phone set to Do Not Disturb, it's much easier to set up than you think. → Read More

What is cron in Linux and how do you use it?

If you're looking to automate tasks in Linux, cron is the tool to use. Find out how it's done here. → Read More

What is cron and how do you use it?

If you're looking to automate tasks in Linux, cron is the tool to use. Find out how it's done here. → Read More

What are hidden files in Linux and how do you create them?

If you're looking to hide files from plain sight in Linux, it's much easier than you may think. → Read More

How to use Google Docs on Android to create MS Word files

If you work with Google Docs on the go and collaborate with Microsoft Word users, you'll want to enable Word document creation in Android's Google Docs app. → Read More

Want Deepin Desktop without privacy worries? Try ExTiX Linux

If you're looking for a Linux distribution that ships with the Deepin Desktop Environment, other than Deepin Linux, ExTiX might be the perfect alternative. → Read More

How to enable the Google One VPN on your Pixel device

Android 13 now includes a free VPN, thanks to Google One. Find out how and why you should enable it. → Read More

What is Android Clear calling and how do you enable it?

Do you find the noise during your phone calls on your Pixel 7 to be less than acceptable? If so, there's a new setting you can enable to dramatically improve that. → Read More

How to enable folder colors in Ubuntu-based Linux distributions

In a bid to make the Ubuntu default file manager easier to use, a new feature called Folder's Color can be installed. Now you can better tell what's what in your file manager. → Read More

What is OpenIndiana and why does it matter?

If you miss Solaris, you'll be glad to hear it's been revived as OpenIndiana. → Read More