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Recent articles by Yasmin:

✦ The future of plant-based meat

Now that the novelty has worn off, will plant-based meat become a household staple? → Read More

How Pharmacists Are Dealing With the Surge of Shady Ivermectin Prescriptions

Pharmacists are under no obligation to fill a prescription that they think is unsafe, regardless of who prescribes it. → Read More

Can You Get Long COVID if You’re Vaccinated?

Early evidence suggests it’s possible—but that’s no reason to panic. → Read More

Inverse Daily: Put the Juul Down

A growing body of evidence suggests the potential harm of vaping electronic cigarettes has been underestimated. → Read More

Inverse Daily: The Problem With CBD

A new systematic research review from Mayo Clinic, one of the country’s leading medical centers, warns there’s still a lot to learn about CBD. The big takeaway from the review is that no one knows exactly how effective or safe CBD really is. Researchers argue that more research on humans is needed. → Read More

Inverse Daily: Amazon Wildfires Will Have Global Consequences

According to preliminary data collected by Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE), approximately 870 square miles of Amazonian forest was destroyed by human-made fires in July. This represents a 278-percent increase in the amount of forest destroyed during in the same period in 2018. → Read More

Inverse Daily: Will NASA Fall Behind in the New Space Race?

Who will be the next person to step on the moon? If a new competition comes to light, it could be an astronaut recruited by SpaceX or Blue Origin. A team of officials is reportedly pressing president Donald Trump to create a $2 billion prize to the first company able to establish a base on the moon. → Read More

Inverse Daily: An Anti-Burnout Pill May Now Be Possible

How do you stop burnout? New research suggests an anti-burnout pill is possible, but some scientists question whether it is ethical. Burnout is real, and as scientists recently explained in the journal Cell, it may have its origins in a group of “giving up” cells in the brain. → Read More

Inverse Daily: The Nebulous World of Dank Vapes

Around the country, people are being hospitalized for vaping-related injuries. Meanwhile, a shadow economy for black market vapes is thriving. The most popular brand is "Dank Vapes," which makes boxes that are vessels for cartridges that contain metals or pesticides. → Read More

Sunscreen Can Be Synthesized From Cashew Shells, but Don't Try This at Home

Cashew shells, a new study shows, contain the starting materials for a very powerful sunscreen. The compounds that can be synthesized from “cashew nut shell liquid,” the research suggests, not only absorb UV radiation but also are derived from organic waste instead of fossil fuels, unlike traditional sunscreens. → Read More

Inverse Daily: Discovery of Ancient Diamonds Reveals Glimpse of Early Earth

Thanks to some some “superdeep” diamonds in Brazil, we now have confirmation that there’s an ancient reservoir holding clues about the early evolution of our planet. → Read More

Inverse Daily: Microplastics Are Polluting More Than Just Our Water

New research shows how surprising quantities of microplastics are reaching the Arctic. → Read More

The Stereotype That Women Are Better Multitaskers Than Men Might Be a Lie

Are women really better at multitasking than men? Studies on the stereotype over the past few decades have struggled to find evidence that any gender-based divide actually exists. A new study from Aachen University in PLOS One is the latest to join the list. → Read More

Inverse Daily: Tardigrade Tragedy on the Moon

On April 11, the Israeli lander Beresheet crashed on the moon, spilling precious cargo that included a copy of the entire English-language Wikipedia, a sample from India’s sacred Bodhi tree, and several thousand dehydrated tardigrades. To some scientists, the implications are enormous. → Read More

Tardigrade Survival After Moon Crash Raises Concerns About Colonization

Should we care if we accidentally spill living beings on the moon? → Read More

Inverse Daily: The True Cost of Building a City on Mars, According to Elon Musk

According to Elon Musk, it could be the most expensive construction project in human history — and cost up to an eighth of the value of the entire global economy. → Read More

Inverse Daily: Is Intergalactic Internet Possible?

Hypergiant, a company better known for its A.I. software, has turned its attention to expanding the world’s largest computer network beyond the Earth. It may sound like a rather pointless endeavor — who lives on the moon? — but that could soon change. → Read More

Inverse Daily: Erectile Dysfunction May Have a Surprising Impact on Work

The study draws a link between ED and metrics of poor work performance, namely absenteeism (missing work) and presenteeism (showing up to work but not being able to do the job). ED is linked to a lot of other health issues, like hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. → Read More

Inverse Daily: 1 in Every 300 People Might Be Super Sleepers

Dr. Louis Ptacek of the University of California San Francisco, researches the genetics of circadian rhythm — the 24-hour cycles that govern a whole range of processes in the body. In 1999, Ptacek first learned of 29 people in three different families who had strange, naturally early rising habits. → Read More

Origin of Life: Study Suggests Only 2 Ingredients, Plus Heat, Were Needed

In a paper published Wednesday in ACS Central Science, a team of researchers from India simulate the violent state of the Earth as it was some 4 billion years ago, showing how some of the fundamental building blocks of RNA can be built using just water, hydrogen cyanide, and heat. → Read More