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Recent articles by David:

Adam Lambert is owning his queerness. How the 'American Idol' star conquers homophobia

Adam Lambert placed second on "American Idol" 14 years ago. More than a decade later, he's conquered a category all his own thanks to his queerness. → Read More

What is a 'delusionship'? That made-up relationship in your head, explained.

Psychologists aren't too concerned about "delusionships." Still, pay attention if you find yourself spending too much time in fantasy land. → Read More

Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan car chase details are still unknown. But the trauma is real.

Mental health professionals say even just thinking your worst fear is coming true is traumatic, and therapy can help cope in situations like these. → Read More

A GOP senator's 'vulgar and racist' comments and when words hurt

Experts say comments like Sen. John Kennedy's are a reflection of our current political era but people need to remember that words have consequences. → Read More

Is all the anger, fury really about transgender rights? Maybe not.

Is all this vitriol because a group of Americans actually hate trans people, or is it about the quest for political power? Experts say it's both. → Read More

What happens when a narcissist finds themselves in an abusive relationship?

Narcissists can actually harm each other more than non-narcissists. → Read More

After epic failure, Billy McFarland says he's planning another Fyre Festival. Why some can't wait.

Experts and fans say we can't look away because of schadenfreude – finding joy in others' hardships – and the ever-tantalizing appeal of a good story. → Read More

That Angela Bassett Oscars loss stung. Why we get so upset when our favorite stars are snubbed

Why do we invest so much in awards season? Chalk it up partially to our culture's obsession with celebrities. But don't let feelings consume you. → Read More

Meredith Grey (and Ellen Pompeo) has left ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy,' and it's about time

Meredith's (Ellen Pompeo) goodbye on "Grey's Anatomy" wasn't too deadly nor traumatic, but necessary for the show to continue for seasons (?) to come. → Read More

Is Megan Fox showing us how to soft launch a breakup? Maybe. Here's what we learned.

Soft launching a breakup, experts say, isn't necessarily a good or bad idea – it ultimately depends on what someone's intention is behind the post. → Read More

All the single ladies: Never been in a relationship? You're not alone.

Everyone's relationship journeys are different, according to therapists, so no need to stress if you've always been single. → Read More

Taylor Swift casts trans model in 'Lavender Haze' music video: 'Thank you for being an ally'

Taylor Swift released a music video for "Lavender Haze" on Friday, which included a groundbreaking co-star. → Read More

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern resigned. What that says about privilege, burnout.

Everyone feels "done" sometimes. That doesn't mean everyone is able to quit their full-time job like Jacinda Ardern – but maybe they should. → Read More

Is it time to stop saying 'aloha' and other culturally sensitive words out of context?

The use of certain words requires education, knowledge and the foresight to understand when they should – or shouldn't – come out of your mouth. → Read More

Dax Tejera, Grant Wahl, Stephen "tWitch" Boss and the trauma of a sudden death

Grief is different for everyone, experts say, and the trauma of a sudden death only compounds that grief. → Read More

Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker love PDA. Do you? And does your partner?

Experts recommend couples talk through their boundaries and honor each other's love languages regarding PDA. → Read More

Taylor Swift, John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal: When your ex dredges up your past relationship

What must John Mayer feel when Taylor Swift sings about him? Here's what should you do when an ex dredges up old relationship drama. → Read More

What to know about gender-affirming care for transgender and nonbinary communities

It's time to debunk common misconceptions and get educated before misinformation about gender-affirming care spreads too far and too wide. → Read More

Poignant moments at Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, from emotional royals to funeral wreath

The world watched as thousands gathered to attend Queen Elizabeth II's funeral on Monday at Westminster Abbey. Here's what you missed. → Read More

'Legally Blonde'-inspired queer rom-com novel 'Blaine for the Win' is a win for LGBTQ youth

Author Robbie Couch set out to loosely base his second YA novel, "Blaine for the Win," on "Legally Blonde." What, like it's hard, you might ask? → Read More