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Recent articles by Eric:

The Sycophants at Fox News

Brian Stelter’s book Hoax gets half the story about the toadies of cable news. → Read More

The ‘Abomination’ of a Convention Makes Clear the GOP Threat

Where does pundit savviness end and an invitation to fascism begin? → Read More

Believing ‘Wall Street Journal’ Op-Eds Can Be Deadly

The newspaper’s own reporters are challenging the Trumpian opinion section. → Read More

Not All Presidential Liars Are Created Equal

What are the dangers of allowing Trump to dominate US political culture? → Read More

In New York, Zionism and Liberalism Faced Off—and Liberalism Won

The Democratic primary between Eliot Engel and Jamaal Bowman signals a sea change for American Jews. → Read More

You Don’t Have to Publish Both Sides When One Side Is Fascism –

This post first appeared on The Trump administration and its Republican enablers are fighting a series of wars directed at targets inside the United States. A partial list would include immigrants, African Americans, Jews, poor people, middle-class people, people … Continue reading → Read More

You Don’t Have to Publish Both Sides When One Side Is Fascism

Elite media still hasn’t figured out how to cover the Trump presidency. → Read More

Trump’s New Press Secretary Fits Right In

Everywhere you look, the president has appointed people who undermine their job’s essential reason for being. → Read More

The Press Is Amplifying a Dangerous Know-Nothing Ideology

The anti-lockdown protests aren’t the first time the media has been swindled into cheerleading an extremist faux libertarianism. → Read More

Describing Trump Strains the Imagination

Accurately reporting on the White House requires the kind of language that journalists do not generally allow themselves. → Read More

Fox News Has Always Lied to Old People. This Time It May Kill Them.

The pandemic makes obvious what has long been true: Fox News is dangerous. → Read More

During a Pandemic, Trump’s ‘Bullshit’ Will Be Deadly

The president cannot recognize, much less deal with, reality. → Read More

The Modern GOP Is Built on Lies

In some ways Trump is more truthful than previous Republican presidents. → Read More

Confirmed: Elliott Abrams’s Defense of Mass Murder Was Based on Lies

The reporters who covered the El Mozote massacre were right all along. → Read More

‘The New York Times’ Is Enabling Republican Lies

Treating GOP falsehoods as a matter of taste endangers our democracy. → Read More

Trump’s Executive Order On Anti-Semitism Isn’t About Protecting Jews

Like so many “populists,” Trump sees considerable advantage in boosting Israel while playing to hometown anti-Jewish prejudices. → Read More

Why Is the Media So Obsessed With Michael Bloomberg?

The 77-year-old billionaire was a terrible mayor of New York City who only exacerbated inequality. → Read More

Letters From the December 2/9, 2019, Issue

The Truth About Lies In his Oct. 28/Nov. 4 column, “Cruel and Unusual,” Eric Alterman falters when condemning the August 6 New York Times headline “Trump Urges Unity vs. Racism.” Echoing widespread denunciations from progressives, Alterman suggests that “the paper was deceiving its readers on Trump’s behalf”—even though the headline was “literally true” as a description of Trump’s speech after… → Read More

Can Carbon Pricing Address Climate Justice?

The details of the Green New Deal have yet to be fleshed out, but its central aim is crystal clear: to usher in the clean-energy transition and at the same time deliver solid economic gains for the majority of Americans. Some have counterpoised the Green New Deal’s stress on public investment and regulation to the … → Read More

Why Facebook Is Soliciting Lies

From Mark Zuckerberg’s standpoint, it’s both profitable and good politics to invite the Trumpian right to be deceitful. → Read More