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Toronto, ON, Canada

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Recent articles by Conrad:

Conrad Black: J.K. Rowling deserves our thanks for cracking the woke consensus

Her views are completely unexceptionable, as are those of almost all feminists who do not go to extremes → Read More

Conrad Black: Banning guns won't reduce crime, but making bullets traceable will

While it is practically impossible to control the distribution of guns, it is possible to control the sale and movement of ammunition → Read More

Conrad Black: Defamatory charges against Jordan Peterson should be 'thrown out like a dead mouse'

This proceeding is a disgrace, an outrage and an affront to every thinking and civilized person in Canada → Read More

Conrad Black: A moral imperative for Trudeau Liberals to resign

Breadcrumb Trail Links * NP Comment Conrad Black: A moral imperative for Trudeau Liberals to resign Not fit to govern Prime Minister Justin Trudeau testifies at the Public Order Emergency Commission in Ottawa, on November 25, 2022. Photo by Patrick Doyle/Reuters Article content In 1973, after Pierre Trudeau had pulled in only two MPs ahead of Progressive Conservative Leader Robert Stanfield,… → Read More

Conrad Black: Setting the record straight for an unabashed Trump-hater

In the Toronto Star, Andrew Cohen, presumably inadvertently, exposed for readers a glimpse of the incurable pathology of Trump-hate → Read More

Conrad Black: Donald Trump’s control of Republican Party will be greater than ever after midterms.

The United States is on the edge of a seismic political shock in the midterm elections on Tuesday. The events that have produced the current disturbed… → Read More

Conrad Black: The Vatican's uncomfortable deal with China's atheistic regime

The issue in the renewal of the Vatican's understanding with the People's Republic of China is whether it facilitates the expansion of religious freedom and… → Read More

Conrad Black: A measure of dissent

The federal government has not only missed the policy bus; it has embarked on a dysfunctional policy leading away from where we should be aspiring to go:… → Read More

Conrad Black: Is this a return to global MADness?

We may be returning to a variant of the age of Mutual Assured Destruction → Read More

Conrad Black: Donald Trump will be a successful president again

Compared to his enemies, he is a candidate for Mount Rushmore → Read More

Conrad Black: Pierre Poilievre the man to raise Canada out of its infantile stupor

The first plausible sign of a more adult direction in public policy leadership for some years is coming from Poilievre → Read More

Conrad Black: 'The gradual civic suicide of a society of rights'

Contemporary threats to civil rights have the unusual characteristic of a civil right denied to the population by the indifference and insipidity of the… → Read More

Conrad Black: Fresh blood needed to forge a competitive Conservative party

Even if we had a government that deserved to be re-elected, it would still be desirable that the Conservatives chose a leader capable of being elected and… → Read More

Conrad Black: Bill 96 marks the beginning of the end of Canada

Quebec must not be allowed to spit in the face of the majority of its fellow citizens and oppress its English-language minority, while cheerfully pocketing… → Read More

Conrad Black: Canada not hopeless but desperate for leadership

This column is being composed as I return to Toronto on an Air Canada flight from Vancouver after a very convivial celebration by the Fraser Institute,… → Read More

Conrad Black: Doug Ford's leftward shift has created a vacuum for New Blue to fill

Of the realistic alternatives, the Progressive Conservatives remain the preferable choice, but a vote for New Blue would be a commendable and prescient gesture → Read More

Conrad Black: Poilievre has a real chance to break the Liberal status quo — and that has his enemies trembling

To the extent that Poilievre threatens some change to the comfortable Liberal status quo built on durable advantages in Quebec and urban Ontario, Poilievre… → Read More

Conrad Black: Canada's support for Ukraine shows we can be a powerful force for good

We should govern ourselves in an original and imaginative way that gives us evidently competitive progress in achieving a greater and more justly distributed… → Read More

Conrad Black: A D-Day-level assault on the intellectual and spiritual freedom of Canada's soldiers

The defence minister's peppy, multi-disciplinary and very opinionated advisory panel clearly wishes to disqualify Roman Catholics from serving as chaplains in… → Read More

Conrad Black: Let the baseless attacks against Poilievre begin!

There is no suggestion that anything in what Poilievre ever said bore any relationship to anyone's pigmentation or that he personally, or his campaign, are… → Read More