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Recent articles by Leonard:

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Dear white conservatives

King may be judged on the content of more than just one line from one speech → Read More

Pitts: GOP has zero interest in bipartisanship

It took Barack Obama four years to figure it out. → Read More

Battle for voting rights will never be won and done

The 15th Amendment guaranteed only that Black Americans would have to fight perpetually for the right to vote. → Read More

Pitts: Dear white conservatives

When you’re right, you’re right. And you are definitely right about that quote from... → Read More

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Dear white conservatives

When you’re right, you’re right. And you are definitely right about that quote from Martin Luther King.When he stood at the temple of Lincoln i → Read More

Leonard Pitts Jr.: He was the only one we had

Indeed, he bore upon himself the needs and aspirations of an entire people with singular grace and class. → Read More

When Sidney Poitier was Black America's only movie star

For Sidney Poitier, representing a people meant surrendering his own prerogatives as an individual → Read More

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Poitier was the only one we had

These days, we have Denzel Washington. We have Viola Davis, Kevin Hart and Jamie Foxx. We have Octavia Spencer, Regina King and Samuel L. Jackson. We have → Read More

Leonard Pitts Jr.: ‘What kind of nation are we going to be?’

President Biden’s speech on the first anniversary of the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol was cathartic. → Read More

Opinion: Haunted by Jan. 6, Biden seeks to revive nation of laws

Biden seeks to reaffirm aspirations Americans once took for granted. → Read More

Pitts: ‘What kind of nation are we going to be?’

Biden wasn’t having it. In Thursday’s speech, he cut through the diversionary bushwa... → Read More

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Jan. 6 insurrection a dress rehearsal for something far worse

It was an act of country love. → Read More

Opinion: Meet the patriots whose votes were really stolen

Capitol rioters claims of patriotism ring hollow compared to those of minorities who fought -- non-violently -- to secure their own voting rights. → Read More

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Amid school shootings, Red America decides to ‘protect’ children from books

We live in a world where students huddle under their desks in active-shooter drills, but conservatives are concerned that learning about race might make them uncomfortable. → Read More

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Sorry, Donald, not interested

Far from inspiring me to reach into my pocket, appeals for political donations leave me vaguely embarrassed for the people making them — and more convinced of the need for the overhaul of our system of campaign finance. → Read More

Pitts: Sorry, Donald, not interested

Raising money is an end unto itself, and to watch Trump con it out of people who should... → Read More

Leonard Pitts Jr.: The social covenant has shattered

Meaning the thousand unspoken understandings by which a society functions, the agreements to which we all sign on without a word being spoken. Some are encoded in law, others just encoded in us. Either way, they are rules -- "norms" might be a better word -- people usually obey even when they could get away without doing so. → Read More

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Smash-and-grab robberies a reflection of our times

Why would they do this?That question rises inevitably from a new wave of so-called flash-mob robberies, thieves by the dozens invading retail stores to sim → Read More

Opinion: Ahmaud Arbery verdict defies expectation that injustice will prevail

Arbery verdict brings hope, but bitter experience makes Black people wary that nation has put racial injustice behind it → Read More

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Recent exchanges of juvenile vitriol are from members of Congress

It’s like something out of middle school.Rep. Paul Gosar posts video of an asinine anime that depicts him violently murdering Rep. Alexandria Ocasio- → Read More