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Recent articles by Leonard:

If anyone knows the power of a free and vibrant press, it’s Jeffrey Epstein

Nearly 1,800 newspapers in the US have closed since 2004, including the Vindicator in Ohio. However, stories like the Miami Herald’s Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking series help newspapers prove their true value. → Read More

‘I am reading more books by women — intentionally’

People do not have to be actively sexist, racist, homophobic to to unintentionally act as if they are. We must do more than think good thoughts → Read More

Leonard Pitts Jr.: People shouldn’t be surprised

I had no intention of telling this story here.This is the Fourth of July weekend, and I thought I might talk about the meaning of freedom in the age of Tru → Read More

Police thought I murdered my wife — and they didn’t kill me. People are surprised by that

Police in Bowie, MD responded to the home of Leonard Pitts after a hoax call said the Miami Herald’s columnist murdered his wife. It’s called ‘swatting’ — where officers are sent to the door of an unsuspecting person. → Read More

Pitts: LGBTQ pride on 50th anniversary of Stonewall uprising

Leonard Pitts Jr.: "Straight" has never needed "pride," because straight has never needed to defend itself. → Read More

On Pride Month, it is well and good that LGBTQ people are “proud”

As Pride Months go, this one is particularly auspicious as it marks the 50th anniversary of the June 28, 1969 Stonewall Uprising, the Lexington and Concord of the gay rights movement. → Read More

Leonard Pitts Jr.: What would you give to save your world?

Elmo Cook knew nothing about it.He’d heard the sirens in the middle of the night alerting all of Abilene that something had happened, but when he tri → Read More

Central Park 5 series will break your heart — and make you mad

You’ll watch “When They See Us,” director Ava DuVernay’s new Netflix miniseries, in appalled disbelief and open-mouthed horror. → Read More

By Leonard Pitts Jr.: House is always too quiet when she’s gone

I had been looking forward to the quiet.The house in which we raised six children was finally empty, save for a stray Millennial or two. The SpongeBob Squa → Read More

Leonard Pitts: In letting fake Pelosi video stand, Facebook shows its true colors

“With great power, there must also come great responsibility.” → Read More

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Mike Pence was right

Mike Pence was right. At least, inadvertently, he was.In a commencement address at Liberty University, the Christian evangelical college in Virginia, the v → Read More

Republican lawmakers in Alabama are partying like its 1859

And note, please, that the state now barging so brazenly into women’s uteruses is the same one that has banned the sale of sex toys since 1998. → Read More

Leonard Pitts Jr.: People are dying for nothing

“You don’t have to be the hero.”That, John Castillo told NBC News Wednesday, is something he had advised his 18-year-old son, Kendrick. I → Read More

Admit it, all lives don’t matter, do they?

Tammy Jackson allegedly gives birth alone in her Broward County jail cell. Internal Affairs is investigating. Maybe heads will roll, but that will not resolve — nor even address — the thing that makes this feel like such an epic betrayal. → Read More

Trump lies, and most of the media let him get away with it

If any other man told half as many as the 10,000 untruths that President Trump reportedly has told, the media would call him a liar. They wouldn’t hesitate. Yet here, they do. → Read More

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Don’t evangelicals ever get tired of being wrong?

At least Judas got 30 pieces of silver. Franklin Graham got a tax cut and the promise of a border wall.Some may consider it unfair, likening the tragic vil → Read More

So I am done being wishy-washy. Impeach him. Now

Debate around impeaching President Trump has been centered around what’s pragmatic, but after the release of Robert Mueller’s redacted report on election interference by Russia, there’s a moral imperative now. → Read More

Pitts: Intolerance has no greater champion than Trump

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Donald Trump is leading a lynch mob against U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, who is Muslim. → Read More

Face it, Repubs, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is way smarter than you guys

Not to treat her like the Second Coming, but AOC’s passion, her preparedness and her pugnacity are a master class on the power of light and air. → Read More

Are we 'better than this', America? Outrage over Rep. Ilhan Omar is just our latest test.

Rather than tamp down the extremism, President Donald Trump ramped up the mob mentality reaction to Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Muslim congresswoman whose words have become a weapon in the hands of intolerance. → Read More