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Los Angeles, CA, United States

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Past articles by Kelly:

Refrigerated Probiotics vs. Non Refrigerated: Are Shelf-Stable Probiotics Legit?

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6 Foods That Can Cause Diarrhea

Foods that cause diarrhea, including high-FODMAP foods, alcohol, spicy foods and fatty foods like fast food, might be the cause of your loose stools. → Read More

6 Cruciferous Vegetable Recipes That Help Fight Inflammation

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The Best and Worst Coffee Creamers, According to a Dietitian

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8 Low-Calorie Desserts to Buy (That Actually Taste Delicious)

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The 7 Healthiest Cooking Oils and 2 to Limit, According to a Dietitian

Find out the healthiest cooking oil to use, from olive oil to canola oil, along with the best oil brands. Then, read up on unhealthy oils, like palm, to avoid. → Read More

Struggling to Poop? Blend One of These 6 Smoothies for Constipation

These smoothies for constipation, such as the Oatmeal Smoothie and Digestive Smoothie, contain foods rich in fiber and digestive enzymes to help you poop. → Read More

5 Gut-Healthy Foods Your Diet Is Missing (and How to Enjoy Them)

Here are 5 surprising best foods for gut health your diet is missing — including pomegranates and sauerkraut — and the best recipes and brands to buy. → Read More

Nuts Can Help You Lose Weight — Unless You're Making These 5 Mistakes

Nuts can absolutely be good for weight loss, and they may even help you be more successful. But there are a few missteps to avoid, according to a dietitian. → Read More

The 7 Best Low-Calorie Protein Bars (That Actually Taste Good)

Try these best low-calorie protein bars picked by dietitians. Each healthy protein bar clocks in under 220 calories and keeps you fuller for longer. → Read More

8 Low-Carb Slow Cooker Recipes

These low-carb slow cooker recipes, from slow cooker vegetable lasagna to pulled barbecue chicken, require minimal prep time and pack 20 grams of carbs or less. → Read More

Eating Yogurt Is Good for Your Gut — Unless You're Making These 3 Mistakes

Keep these unhealthy yogurt ingredients and buying mistakes in mind the next time you shop for yogurt, as these culprits can negate the benefits of yogurt. → Read More

Struggling With Diarrhea? This 25-Cent Fridge Staple Might Help

Are eggs good for diarrhea? Eggs don't contain any fiber and they pack protein, which could help relieve diarrhea and its associated symptoms. → Read More

4 Reasons to Eat a Little More Fish

Consider the benefits of fish and how eating fish can help you get more nutrients, like protein and omega-3s, the next time you go to the grocery store. → Read More

Trying to Lose Weight? Here Are 4 Desserts to Enjoy, and 2 to Avoid

Don't try to quiet your sweet tooth — embrace it! Eating these four types of diet-friendly desserts can actually help you achieve your weight-loss goals. → Read More

Trying to Lose Weight? Here Are 5 Cheeses to Enjoy and 2 to Avoid

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The 6 Best Foods to Help You Poop

Add these foods that make you poop — from fruits to jalapenos — to your grocery list. These foods that help you poop could keep your bowel movements regular. → Read More