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Recent articles by Ashley:

Your Guide to Breast Cancer Signs, Treatment, and More

You can often spot your own breast cancer symptoms if you know what to look for. Here, learn the common symptoms of breast cancer, when you should start getting mammograms, treatment possibilities, and more. → Read More

Sleep Debt: What to Know About the Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep debt is a fancy term that essentially means you're regularly not getting as much rest as you need to. While there are ways to catch back up on the sleep you've lost, it's not as simple as just making up a few hours. Here, experts explain what sleep debt is and how to make up the gap. → Read More

Surgical Masks and Respirators: What's the Difference?

Surgical and respirator masks may look similar, but they serve different purposes when it comes to the spread or prevention of illness and infection. Here's what's different about them, and what they're both used for. → Read More

A Guide to Clinical Depression Symptoms and Treatment

There's a big difference between having the blues and being clinically depressed. The symptoms of depression persist for months at a time and can include appetite changes, decreased energy, loss of interest in hobbies, and more. Learn about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and more. → Read More

Anxiety Disorder 101: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Having occasional anxiety about daily events is different from having generalized anxiety disorder. Learn all about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment here. → Read More

Dermatillomania: What to Know About the Skin-Picking Disorder

Dermatillomania is a disorder that involves self-grooming behavior wherein people bite, pick, or scrape at the skin, nails, or hair. Here's how it's diagnosed and treated. → Read More

What Is a Uterine Transplant, and Who Can It Benefit?

In November of 2019, a woman gave birth via uterine transplant from a deceased donor for the second time. Here's everything you need to know about the procedure, who it can benefit, and more. → Read More

I planned to pay off my student loans before anything else, but a financial planner told me there's something more urgent: retirement

Since our student loans have low interest rates, a financial planner says we'd be better served putting extra money toward retirement savings instead. → Read More

Oscar Commentators Couldn't Stop Talking About Rebel Wilson's Weight

When Rebel Wilson walked down the 2020 Oscars red carpet in a stunning gold dress from Jason Wu, commentators couldn't stop talking about her — but they also couldn't stop talking about her recent weight loss for CATS, and the Internet was angry. → Read More

Types of Pneumonia: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prognosis

Pneumonia can sometimes present like a cold or the flu, but it's different in a few ways. Here's your guide pneumonia, from identifying the symptoms to getting the right treatment. → Read More

6 things you probably didn't realize your accountant can do for your small business

Since accounting is all about interpreting information about finances and operations, accountants can be a key part of your financial advising team. → Read More

Surgical Masks Won't Protect You Against the Coronavirus

To protect themselves against the coronavirus, many people are buying surgical masks that go over the mouth and nose. However, many infectious disease experts warn that this might not actually be that effective, and explain that common-sense measures like frequent handwashing might actually work much better. → Read More

How to hire professional help with your money, from a financial planner to an attorney

Depending on your financial situation, you might need professional help from financial planners, attorneys, brokers, or insurance agents. → Read More

Banks vs. credit unions: How to decide which one is right for you

Choosing between a bank and a credit union isn't just about finding a place to keep your money. It's about an ongoing relationship. → Read More

What it means to be rich, according to 9 financial planners who would know

For some people, wealth might mean the ability to buy whatever they want. For others, it might mean living without debt. → Read More

What Is the Coronavirus, and Are You at Risk of Catching It?

Since coronavirus symptoms can look a lot like flu and cold symptoms, it’s important to understand the difference — and to know when to talk to your medical provider. We spoke to three experts to learn more. → Read More

It might be tempting to borrow from your 401(k) to buy a house, but experts say it's almost always a bad move you'll regret

If you take your retirement savings out early, you'll not only pay taxes and fees on the withdrawal, but you'll miss out on future gains. → Read More

Australia's Bushfires Are Exacerbating Asthma Symptoms

As the bushfires in Australia continue burning, people are dealing with respiratory issues from the smoke. Here are symptoms to look out for, as well as treatments and recovery time. → Read More

Financial therapy isn't just for people struggling with money — it's for anyone who wants to understand how their thoughts affect their bank account

Financial therapy helps analyze what you believe about money and how those beliefs affect your behavior. → Read More

I met with a new financial planner, and I've already made 2 game-changing tweaks to the way I manage my money

My husband and I recently paid off our credit card debt and decided to meet with a financial planner to establish new spending and saving habits. → Read More