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Past articles by Mark:

Chuck Todd and the Demise of True Journalism

Chuck Todd received plaudits from his media peers for lambasting Republican Sen. Ron Johnson’s investigation of the FBI as “Fox News conspiracy propaganda stuff” during a hostile 10-minute... → Read More

24 Hours of Media Malpractice

In the Trump era, it increasingly appears that journalistic standards are on life support. Consider, if you will, what a day in the life of contemporary journalism now looks like. Late Tuesday... → Read More

Claire McCaskill and a MeToo Double Standard?

Claire McCaskill sat down for a freewheeling discussion with David Axelrod, a former journalist and later Democratic political consultant close to Barack Obama. Having lost her Missouri Senate seat... → Read More

CNN Can't Do The Mueller Report Math

Look at this chyron from CNN last night, passed on to me by an old colleague. Notice anything wrong? Check out the percentage. → Read More

Bernie Sanders Still Can't Explain How He's Paying For 'Medicare For All'

Sanders doesn't have a health care plan, so much as a branding strategy for one. Medicare is very popular, but it's already bankrupting the nation. → Read More

What Francis Knew

Conservatives pounce, the media fiddles. → Read More

The Neverending War on Jack Phillips

Colorado turns up the heat on America’s most controversial baker. → Read More

A New Battle for Masterpiece Cakeshop

Jack Phillips faces a new civil-rights complaint for refusing to bake a cake celebrating a gender transition. This time, though, he’s going on the offensive. → Read More

Want to Defend Civil Liberties? Don’t Look to the ACLU.

Wendy Kaminer is actively engaged in an unusual mission for a former board member of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU): warning the public that the ACLU has abandoned its commitment to defending free speech. Writing in the Wall Street Journal on June 20, Kaminer notes that a recent internal ACLU memo on “case-selection guidelines” explicitly says that the cases the organization takes up… → Read More

Why Masterpiece Cakeshop Is a Win for Religious Freedom

SCOTUS didn't touch the First Amendment issue, but Kennedy's decision smacked down anti-Christian hostility → Read More

How To Make Sense Of Trump's 'Capitalist Comeback'

In Andrew Puzder's new book, 'The Capitalist Comeback,' the CEO and Trump's former labor secretary nominee makes a compelling economic case. → Read More

The Sharp Sting of the Babylon Bee

Today’s church provides plenty of targets for the satirical publication. → Read More

The Federalist's 2017 Guide To Summer Reading

Looking for summer reading as you squeeze in one more trip to the beach or mountains this summer? Federalist writers offer their recommendations. → Read More

Sen. Ben Sasse's Plan To Save America, One Child At A Time

Sen. Ben Sasse has written an uncommonly thoughtful book about how to rescue future generations from the cultural dysfunction that threatens to engulf us. → Read More

Hillary Clinton Fails The Spousal Test For Political Honesty

Needlessly elaborate verbal trainwrecks designed to dodge accountability don’t foster trust between voters and politicians. Not that Hillary Clinton cares. → Read More

Silence Is Death: The Generational Case For Free Speech

Speak and live with an eye towards what truths you will leave championed when you die. Such as free speech. → Read More

Despite Endorsing Trump, Sarah Palin's PAC Fundraises Off Ted Cruz

Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for president in January, but in a clear sign that Trump isn't unifying the GOP, Sarah Palin's political action committee, SarahPAC, sent out a fundraising email today that doesn't mention Trump. Instead, the fundraising plea asks for money to help elect new conservatives in 2016 like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz: I find it hilarious that SarahPAC is sending me emails… → Read More

Paul Ryan Addresses the State of American Politics

Today, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan delivered an address on Capitol Hill to a bipartisan group of congressional interns. In the speech, Ryan calls on Americans not to become disheartened by the state of American politics and angry rhetoric. And he urges his fellow politicians not to give in to the politics of polarization, and to act in good faith and to try to inspire the American people… → Read More

The New Republic's Deplorable Partisan Reaction to Obama's Che Guevara Photo Op

President Obama is on his historic trip to Cuba right now, though it’s proving historic in ways that Obama didn't intend. Right before the president arrived, Cuban authorities took the liberty of arresting dozens of human rights protesters right before he arrived. Otherwise, being forced to confront the victims of the Communist regime might make things discomfiting for the president. In any… → Read More

Trump Says Violence at His Rallies Is Result of Patriotism

At Thursday's presidential debate, CNN's Jake Tapper asked Donald Trump about incidents of violence at his campaign events: TAPPER: Do you believe that you've done anything to create a tone where this kind of violence would be encouraged? TRUMP: I hope not. I truly hope not. I will say this. We have 25 (thousand), 30,000 people -- you've seen it yourself. People come with tremendous passion and… → Read More