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Past articles by Jessica:

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To become rich, you need to be picky about what you read. Author of "Rich Habits" Tom Corley shares the kind of books successful people read. → Read More

What it's like in the death zone of Everest, K2, and other mountains

The "Death Zone" is a region near the top of world's tallest mountains that earns the name because humans aren't meant to survive there. → Read More

Bad spending habits that rich people always avoid

After studying hundreds of people both rich and poor, an expert says these are the bad spending habits that rich people always avoid. → Read More

Stop using champagne flutes — this is the best way to drink champagne

Bubble physicist, Helen Czerski, reveals why you should care about the glass you are drinking your champagne from. → Read More

The one thing most self-made millionaires do when they first wake up

Morning is when self-made millionaires create a lot of their wealth. They invest in themselves by reading, brainstorming, and meditating. → Read More

What it takes to be a PGA Tour caddie

PGA Tour caddies can sometimes make large amounts of money, but they have no built-in retirement plan or healthcare coverage. → Read More

Elon Musk's multibillion-dollar Starship rocket could one day take people to the moon and Mars

Elon Musk's company SpaceX is working on a multibillion-dollar rocket called the "Starship" that could one day take people to the moon and Mars. → Read More

Why Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are in an epic feud that's lasted years

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are in an epic feud that's been raging for years. But it wasn't always the case. Here's how things got so out of hand. → Read More

Watch Jeff Bezos reveal Blue Origin's detailed plan for colonizing space

Jeff Bezos wants to colonize space. But he knows there's a lot of work to be done before that happens. Here are his detailed plans to succeed. → Read More

What really happens when lightning strikes a plane — and the clever features that reduce the risk of damage

Over 7,000 US planes are struck by lighting every year. But chances of danger are low because planes are engineered to withstand lightning strikes. → Read More

What to eat the day before and day after a marathon

Before a marathon, thousands of runners prep to conquer the 26.2 miles of streets. Here's what you should eat before and after a big run. → Read More

Watch SpaceX launch Falcon Heavy, the world's most powerful rocket, for $150 million

SpaceX launched its Falcon Heavy for the second time. It's the first commercial launch of many to come, according to its $500-$750 million manifest. → Read More

Here's how astronomers took the first image of a black hole that's located 55 million light years away

The Event Horizon Telescope took the first image of a supermassive black hole, which is located 55 million light years away in the Messier 87 galaxy. → Read More

The science behind why your phone shuts down when it's cold outside

If you've ever had your phone suddenly die on a cold, winter day — you're not alone. Here's why your phone stops working when it gets cold out. → Read More

The polar vortex striking the US will cause temperatures to plummet up to 40 degrees colder than normal

A polar vortex, a pocket of frigid air from the Arctic, is bringing some extremely cold weather to the US. → Read More

China just made history by being the first to ever land on the far side of the moon

function receiveMessage(event) { console.log(; Android.fullscreen(; } window.addEventListener("message", receiveMessage, → Read More

China just made history by being the first to ever land on the far side of the moon

* For the first time in history, humans have landed a spacecraft on the far side of the moon. * The China National Space Administration sent its Chang’e 4 to the deepest, oldest place on the moon, the South Pole-Aitken basin. * The mission will study how the moon formed as well as how plants and animals grow in the moon’s low-gravity. For the first time in history, a space mission has touched… → Read More

Why it's so difficult to land a spacecraft on Mars

* NASA’sInSight probe is scheduled to touch down on Mars today, but it’s easier said than done – only 40% of Mars landings have been successful. * Mars’ atmosphere is 100 times thinner than Earth’s making it extremely difficult to land on Mars. * To date, only three space agencies have tried to land on Mars and none of them have a perfect record. Following is the transcript of the video. Landing… → Read More

Why it's so difficult to land a spacecraft on Mars

Over the last 50 years, spacecraft have landed on over half a dozen worlds. But nowhere has proven more treacherous than the Red Planet — Mars. → Read More

Why Japan is landing hopping robots on an asteroid

Japan has landed two hopping robots onto asteroid Ryugu as part of the Hayabusa2 mission. It’s Japan’s second mission to an asteroid, where it plans to return some samples of Ryugu to Earth by the early 2020s. So that scientists can study the samples with more sophisticated instruments and hopefuly uncover some of the biggest scientific mysteries of all. Following is a transcript of the video.… → Read More