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Washington, DC, United States

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Recent articles by Ramesh:

Ponnuru: A Democrat’s brave but dumb idea to save Social Security

Give John Larson some credit. The Democratic representative from Connecticut has gone further than anyone in decades to make Social Security solvent. The program's actuaries estimate that legislation he's introduced, the Social Security 2100 Act, would extend solvency into the next century. The bill already has 210 Democratic co-sponsors in the House, more than any other recent proposal. Larson… → Read More

An Across-the-Board Expansion of Social Security Is a Terrible Idea

My column at Bloomberg Opinion argues that the bill doesn't make sense even on progressive terms. → Read More

Guest Commentary: Surprise! Here’s proof that Medicare for All is doomed

There's a high-profile debate over health care playing out in the presidential race, and a lower-profile one taking place in Congress. Several Democratic presidential candidates are telling us that they are going to provide health care that is free at the point of service to all comers. In little-noticed congressional mark-ups, members of both parties are demonstrating why these promises will… → Read More

What Do the 14 Most Popular Governors in the Country Have in Common?

The probability that the fourteen most popular governors would all be Republicans? I believe it's about 0.002 percent. → Read More

Congress Takes Up Surprise Medical Bills

My new Bloomberg Opinion column looks at the congressional debate over surprise medical bills, and what it portends for "Medicare for All." → Read More

A Eulogy No Judge Should Want

Slate’s obituary says he “fought tirelessly to build an America that lived up to his extraordinarily high standards.” If that’s really how he saw his job, it’s an indictment of him. → Read More

Ponnuru: Smart conservatives give nationalism a good name, and a bad one

"National conservatives" don't need to denounce all of Trump's words. But if nationalist sentiments need to be channeled constructively, it is fair to expect them to declare where they stand on his provocations. → Read More

The Democrats Have Outflanked LULAC

Democratic party proposals on immigration reform get some pushback from the League of United Latin American Citizens and others. → Read More

Reagan Doesn’t Haunt Pelosi and Schumer

What separates young Democrats like Ocasio-Cortez from the congressional Democratic leadership, Ryan Grim argues in the Washington Post, is that the latter are still scarred by Reagan’s defeat of the liberals of his day. → Read More

A Useful, If Inconvenient, Question for the Democrats

Ezra Klein thinks it’s ‘ridiculous’ to ask Democratic presidential candidates whether they want to abolish private health insurance. → Read More

Biden Hits His Rivals from the Right on Health Care

Biden took one position on health care that might not go over with the public: He wants to bring back the individual mandate. → Read More

On Nike’s Swiftness

Nike’s decision to disassociate itself from the Betsy Ross flag seems to me to break new ground. → Read More

Judy Shelton’s 180

Judy Shelton wants lower interest rates as fast as possible. → Read More

Mainstream Democratic Approach to Gun Policy Can't Achieve Much

Background checks and bans on “assault weapons” would do little to reduce rates of gun homicide, suicide, and injury even at their most successful. German Lopez at Vox argues progressives should set more ambitious goals. → Read More

Fareed Zakaria on Asylum

The Washington Post columnist has sensible and almost certainly doomed suggestions. → Read More

Gillibrand’s Single-Payer Dishonesty

Democratic presidential candidate senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York is also dissembling about her plans for private health insurance. → Read More

Harris vs. Biden

I wrote about the debate for Bloomberg Opinion. → Read More

The Democratic Straddle

At the New York Times, I write about how the Democrats are trying to avoid some unpopular left-wing positions without explicitly disavowing them. → Read More

Harris on the Economy

Most Americans, I hope, do not expect the next president to put food on their table. → Read More

Where Harris Stands on Health Care

Kamala Harris has from time to time been forthright about wanting to abolish private health insurance. Now she is spreading confusion about her stance. → Read More