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Recent articles by Ramesh:

Navarro’s Faith-Based Case for Tariffs

Our economy is strong but its strength has come in spite of Trump’s tariffs rather than because of them. → Read More

The GAO’s Report

We have an abuse of power that also appears to have broken the law. Whether it warrants the president’s removal is a question of judgment. The GAO can’t (and doesn’t try to) settle that question either way. → Read More

About Warren’s Aunt Bee

If you would prefer Aunt Bee to commercial day care, you're not getting any help from Elizabeth Warren's plan. → Read More

Putting the Arguments against Roe Together

The unworkability argument is thus related to the underlying constitutional argument, while it also buttresses it. → Read More

The Democrats Are Out of Touch on the Economy

The economy's condition is helping President Trump's campaign. Democrats can't do a lot about that fact, but denying reality seems like a good way to compound the problem. → Read More

Medical Progress and Its Enemies

Good to know that there are no costs to keeping new treatments off the market, or at least none worth pausing to think about. → Read More

On Hoping for a Recession

Rooting for a recession is pointless as well as wrong. → Read More

How Solid a Precedent Is Roe, Anyway?

In a brief to the Supreme Court, more than 200 members of Congress suggest that it take up that question. → Read More

How Not to Argue with Bill Barr

Katherine Stewart and Caroline Fredrickson have written an attack on Barr for the New York Times that seems to me a model of how not to engage in political debate. The op-ed is not persuasive, and gives almost no sense of an obligation to try to be. → Read More

Buttigieg’s Mandate Is Unneeded

We’ve now had a couple of years with the pre-existing ban and without the individual mandate, and it doesn’t look like the sky is falling. → Read More

Democrats Are Flailing on the Economy

My latest Bloomberg Opinion column looks at what the Democratic presidential candidates had to say about the economy at last week’s debate. → Read More

Tocqueville’s Fears about Impeachment

Tocqueville’s argument is different from, and incompatible with, the argument that Trump defenders are making. → Read More

Everybody Knows Biden Is Toast. Except Voters.

He’s bombing in debates, struggling to raise money and past his prime. The polls show that Democrats are fine with that. → Read More

Buttigieg on ‘Assault Weapons’

Pete Buttigieg had a pretty good night, but one of his arguments against Beto O’Rourke was clearly wrong. → Read More

School Choice: Beyond Test Scores

John Coons thinks his fellow advocates of school choice are overemphasizing its effects on test scores. → Read More

The Senate’s Obligations

The Senate has no constitutional obligation to hold a trial on removal of POTUS, but it does appear to have an obligation to do so under its current rules. → Read More

A Family Quarrel

A new proposal for supporting families is inferior to building on the successful policies we already have. → Read More

Story Time with David Brooks

A thought experiment in his latest column. → Read More

Hard of Hearing

The Democratic congressmen and witnesses did not dispute any points I made, instead choosing to reiterate their own as though I had not said anything. → Read More

Hillary Clinton Revisits 2016

The 2016 election seems to have inspired exactly as much introspection and self-awareness in the losing candidate as one might have expected. → Read More