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Recent articles by Ramesh:

The Democrats Are Taking Joe Manchin for a Ride

The senator wanted expedited permitting for energy projects. Instead, his colleagues are offering a grab bag of new taxes and spending and calling it inflation reduction. → Read More

The Pro-Life Defeat in Kansas

The result is bad news, but supporters of the abortion license are giddily overreading it. → Read More

Dobbs and Its Critics

Some noteworthy arguments against the Supreme Court decision — and why they’re wrong. → Read More

Ramesh Ponnuru: Democrats are scapegoating Biden for their own misjudgments

The bad news for Democrats is that Biden may not be up to the job. The worse news is they have deeper troubles. → Read More

Democrats Are Scapegoating Biden for Their Own Misjudgments

It’s easier to point fingers than to acknowledge that liberals should blame themselves for inflationary spending policies, unrealistic legislative goals and social-issue maximalism. → Read More

Looking for the Wrong Words on Abortion

Jill Filipovic’s unconvincing case against the term ‘unborn children.’ → Read More

Ramesh Ponnuru: America’s Constitution is conservative, like it or not – Twin Cities

The conservatism of our Constitution is why people on the right are more likely to call themselves “constitutional conservatives” than people on the left are to call themselves “c… → Read More

Pro-Lifers Should Hold Off on Seeking National Abortion Ban

Making a federal law a priority would divert conservatives’ attention from pressing political battles in the states. It would also divide them. → Read More

Ramesh Ponnuru: A conservative plan to strengthen families, post-Roe

The tide among Republicans may be turning. → Read More

A Conservative Plan to Strengthen Families, Post-Roe

A Republican bill would encourage parents to get married and to keep working. → Read More

Ramesh Ponnuru: The Republicans’ three-pronged strategy to win back the House – Twin Cities

The issues Republicans want to highlight — inflation, crime, and illegal immigration — all fit into a larger conservative story about government. → Read More

Ramesh Ponnuru: The Fed risks future pain if it fails to curb inflation today

When inflation expectations are subdued, on the other hand, the adjustment need not be so painful. That’s our relatively happy situation now. → Read More

Opinion: Background checks and assault weapon bans won’t work — focus on what will

Authorities need better ways to identify individuals who pose a serious threat of lethal... → Read More

Ramesh Ponnuru: The gun debate needs to break old patterns

There are three deep problems that all who share those sentiments have not been able to get past. → Read More

Ramesh Ponnuru: Republicans can extend their midterm inflation advantage

No matter what politicians in either party do, the cost of living is going to be front of mind for voters this fall. → Read More

Great Replacement Theory Is a Grand Delusion

Liberals have hoped and Republicans have feared that the politics of immigration would give Democrats the upper hand. Reality is proving different. → Read More

An Empty Threat to the Justices

Jennifer Rubin cites polls indicating majority support for term limits for the Supreme Court. But I think the justices are probably aware that the plain text of the Constitution grants them life tenure. → Read More

Ramesh Ponnuru: What’s not going to happen after Roe falls – Twin Cities

Roe may be on its way out. But social conservatives are still under political and institutional constraints that would keep them from undoing social liberalism across the board even if they wanted … → Read More

The Times Distorts Alito’s Draft Opinion

Professor Ziegler is presenting her own view as much more sophisticated and even-handed than Alito’s when it is in fact the very same view. → Read More

What’s Not Going to Happen After Roe Falls

Abortion isn't going to be banned nationally, and major Supreme Court precedents on contraception and gay rights are safe. → Read More